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Who’s in There, Anyway?

By Sarah Biermann

The human psyche is a complex, fascinating and sometimes, confusing thing.  The true Self is the natural leader of your inner world and is a very good leader.  It is mature, compassionate, loving and curious.  Unfortunately, it is surrounded by a crowd of hurt parts from the past, as well as the protector parts that do their best to keep you from feeling the negative emotions in the hurt part.  Other parts are trying to protect you from potentially painful actions.

Example: Your father would hit you if your raised your voice.  A part of you makes sure that you keep your voice low so you don’t get hit.  Since the protector was created when you were a child, it is not as sophisticated as an adult and you end up being afraid to express anger with anyone.

Your unconscious mind holds beliefs and emotions that the conscious mind is not aware of or able to control or change.  Most of these beliefs were developed or learned in childhood, often a hurtful, powerless time of life.  Since the unconscious mind communicates through images, emotions and physical sensations, you must use that language to understand and “talk” to it.  The unconscious inner parts are just like any other entity.  They seek to be seen, heard and understood.  To “get gotten”.  Below is a fictional representation of how the inner parts operate and what you can do to help them to heal from the past traumas, function as adults and be an asset instead of a liability.

When Susie was a little girl she was harshly teased by schoolmates.  Her family had moved from across the country and Susie had a distinct and different accent.  The other kids would mock her every time she talked.  She felt humiliated and powerless to change the situation.  She developed a strategy of being generally quiet and making sure she would never “stand out”.

As an adult she occasionally needs to give a verbal presentation to a group of people as part of her job.  For days in advance she is anxious to the point of distraction.  During her presentation, she is  panicky, in a cold sweat, stuttering and blushing.  Afterward she “beats herself up” for being unable to do something “so simple”.  The experiences are traumatizing AND it is negatively affecting her job.  She knew she had to do something to change this.

During her session, she told me she had always been shy and anxious around people, but she didn’t remember most of two or three years of her childhood.  She was also embarrassed to tell me about the problem.  Her inner world was inhabited by a seven-year-old girl who was sitting on the floor, arms wrapped around her legs, face tucked down and rocking slowly.  Standing over her was a scowling woman, hands on hips and intently on the look-out for strangers.  It was her job to guard the girl and make sure the girl stayed quiet, especially in front of others.  There was another part that was very angry with the girl and berated her, “Stand up!  Talk to me.  Why do you alway hide?  You are so stupid… just talk!”

Susie was aware of this critical, judgmental part.  The critic showed herself rather frequently.  The guard part prevented Susie from accessing the girl.  Susie was not even aware of the guard or the girl.  Both the critic and the guard needed to be listened to and be “gotten” before they trusted Susie’s Self enough to let her approach the girl.  Talking to them from a non-judgmental and truly curious place allowed them to express their opinions and how they felt. When she was given permission (never try to force this, they will just fight back harder), Susie sat down next to the girl.  The girl was apprehensive about talking, but Susie’s Self was not at all judgmental or pressuring her, and was truly curious.

One thing I love about this process is that the hidden part can hold the memories of the events that caused you the problem.  Once you contact the hidden part, you get the memories back.  Susie was quite surprised when she suddenly remembered the lost years.

“How could I have forgotten all that?”

Susie felt a surge of love for the girl.  It was the critic part that was angry at her.  Susie told the girl that she loved her, that it wasn’t her fault and that she loved her accent.  Both Susie and the girl cried tears of joy as Susie hugged the girl.  Then came some giggles.

The last step is to bring the, now unstuck, part into the here and now.  She wasn’t really in the past, but she believed that she was.  Over the next few weeks, Susie spent time with the girl, reinforcing her safety and lovability.

The guard and the critic changed too.

The next time Susie had to make a presentation, she was a little nervous, but could  assure the girl that her Self would protect the girl.  She also had her supportive, new nanny (the transformed guard) to be with her.  At one point the, much gentler, critic came out.  Susie’s Self listened to her concerns without judgment, and helped her to understand that criticizing was not actually helping and was, instead, making it harder.

The presentation wasn’t “perfect”, but there wasn’t the traumatic emotional “bomb” like before and Susie was confident that it would only get easier.

The human psyche is indeed a fascinating and complex thing, but it doesn’t have to be confusing.  Even though the whole process was “all in Susie’s head”, just imagination, it made a huge difference in her out world.  The other benefit isß she understands her inner world and has tools to navigate therein, making it easier to transform any other inner parts if and when they show up.

Valentine’s Day Special Offer – One-hour Individual Session only $92.00!

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As the veils thin and the limitations of the Old Earth Game dissolve we are experiencing repeated expansions in our empathic abilities.  The most recent bump-up that happened the last month October 2014) was a doozy. I know of many people around the world, who have this mysterious “virus” that brings a sore throat and inability to speak. Losing the voice so we have to find a different way to communicate, kind of like rebooting after installing a new operating system on your computer.

Some people this bump-up of empathic abilities involves experiencing a parallel blend.  A parallel blends can leave you feeling weird, a little unfocused, dizzy or wobbly for a few days. You might even wake up and not know where and even who you are.  When you have a parallel blend your soul focuses more energy and attention on a specific reality. This recent parallel blend focuses on a reality that allows more empathy, intimacy and inter-dimensional communication. I will share more information about parallels during the webinar.

If you are thinking, “I already feel too much.  Why would I want to be MORE empathic?”  There is a very good reason!  Empathy is required for intimacy.  So many have been alone, focusing on the self and are hungry to connect with like-minded, like-spirited people.  It is time to move to the next level of connection and intimacy, in whatever way you are ready for, without activating any old programs.

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In response to the empathic expansion and multiple requests I created a new webinar – Empath Education – to help everyone be able to experience intimacy and empathy without getting overwhelmed or taking on outside energies.

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Get ready for some “timely” changes!

Something interesting happened yesterday during the opening of ImagiCreation’s Daily Energetic Support when I called in all the Beings who are here to support each individual in the group and the planet as a whole in going through the Transformation. We were joined by these big Beings who called themselves the Timekeepers. We have done so much work, cleared so many limitations etc., that we are able to literally expand our senses, perceptions and awareness’. The Timekeepers told me that the higher dimensional energies we have access to now are initiating changes in our bodies and specifically brains that will allow us to have “more flexiblity with time”. It made me think of my Mayan dream when I somehow “piggybacked” onto another lifetime.
They showed me the way we can pop into potential moments of our future lives during our pre-life planning sessions. When I asked about past/forward? was told, “past, forward and other”. Wow!
It seems that we won’t start to experience “flexible time” until we are ready. I just got goose bumps, literally! I’m excited!

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December 21, 2012 has finally come and gone and we are still here! As I expected… Read more here.

I did have a very cool experience today.

Though it was rather dark in the San Francisco Bay Area, I don’t think it counts as the first day of three days of darkness. The sky was covered by a heavy curtain of grey clouds delivering rain all day. At sunset there was a break in the rain and I went down to the bay to watch the lights come on in San Francisco. I met an adorable six-month-old Belgian Sheepdog and the friendly woman walking with him. Then I stood at the point with the bay lapping just about two feet away, enjoying the view.

Then the sky opened above me! The dark, low clouds cleared above me and I saw beautiful, fluffy white clouds above backed by a deep blue sky. Then the half circle moon appeared. It was magical.

The “opening to the cosmos” stayed above me as I watched another magical event, the lights coming on, one by one, on the Bay Bridge and the sky-scrapers of San Francisco across the bay.

Like a lot of you, I find it easy to love and appreciate the beauty of nature, but find it less easy to feel that way for a lot of humanity and it’s creations. At that moment though, I changed. I saw and felt the same about nature and man, and I knew there is not really a separation.

The beauty above me and the beauty across the bay were equally gorgeous and magical.

Man (even those who choose the old energy) and all our creations are part of the same planetary consciousness as nature and Creator sees us all as beautiful.

I felt a small, previously hidden judgment of humans and my own human “failures” slip away and disappear on the breeze.

The moment I got in my car, the rain began again, in earnest.


As we enter the new era, there are potentials opening that haven’t been available before. I am truly excited to be here now and to experience this transformation. We all have put a huge amount of love and effort to get us to this point. In many incarnations and especially in this lifetime. And it hasn’t always (mostly) been easy. So many of us are physically alone because we’ve spread ourselves around the planet to balance the energy. We’re surrounded by people who don’t understand what’s really happening here and they certainly don’t understand us! But it’s worth it… We’re able to unite via telephone and internet and of course, energetically. Our efforts have made it possible to manifest potentials previously only dreamed of. By uniting our energies and supporting each other we are able to manifest even more.

You are invited to join us for a community gathering via the internet to create our reality in 2013 and beyond.

Visioning 2013 and Beyond Webinar

Date: December 22, 2012
Time: 12:22 – 1:22 Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco. Check the World Clock for your time locally.)
Cost: $ 22:12 (I couldn’t resist!)

Learn more here…

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2012 is a transformational year. You already knew that! That means letting go of old stuff and opening to new experiences. The eclipses in May and other astrological energies have been supporting the process of transforming anything in the realm of Gemini, which is all about thinking, communicating and beliefs. The Solar Eclipse on May 20th was at the very beginning of Gemini. The Cosmic energy coming from the Galactic Center to our Sun and ultimately to Earth was interrupted by the moon. It’s like we had a new mental operating system installed and the Eclipse was the rebooting of the system. Since then the cosmic wind at our backs is blowing away belief systems like crazy. We are being forced to look at our thoughts and beliefs, see them for what they are, ONLY BELIEFS, not truths, and let them go. Out with the old and in with the new.

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I enjoy exploring the energetics and original meanings of words. (You can find more words in the category “Language”.)

Recently I’ve been thinking about the difference between the words decide and choose. To me decide feels much more heavy, significant and final. So I decided to do a little research in the dictionary about their origins. Here’s what I found.

Old English: ceosan “choose, taste, try”; akin to Greek geúesthai “to enjoy” and Latin gustāre “ to taste, relish”

Late 14c., from Old French: decider, from L. decidere “to decide,” lit. “to cut off,” from de- “off” + cædere “to cut, to kill”

Decide shares the same etymological root with “homicide”! Definitely a heavier energy than the origins of choose, “to taste, to enjoy”!

Read the rest of the article here.


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Floating on the Aries Wind

By Sarah Biermann
May, 2011

Earth Changes in the Physical Year of 2011

It’s pretty obvious that we are having lots of physical changes, both to the planet and to our bodies. We’ve made so many shifts; spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and now the physical is catching up. The earth is now spinning on a new axis and is in a higher frequency. In March we actually shifted into a new dimension. This shift was punctuated by the earth changes including the earthquakes, pole shift and climate changes.

New Dimension

The different dimensions are simply different levels of consciousness. We humans have labeled them with numbers in an effort to understand them, but those numbers are overly simplistic and not accurate. For instance, we say that we are living in a three-dimensional world, however it’s really four dimensions, since nothing can exist in three dimensions without time (the fourth dimension). A physical object must manifest for a duration of time in order for us to perceive it.

Each person has their own level of consciousness, therefore their own dimension. That’s why it is possible to live in physical proximity to others and at the same time be only in your own energy. This is why the Extra Terrestrials are for the most part invisible to us. They are at a frequency that is invisible to most humans. They do sometimes lower their frequencies (change dimensions) in order to be visible.

I had an interesting experience of being invisible myself. A friend and I went to a have dinner after a weekend seminar. We were pretty early and there were only a few table seated; however the waiter totally ignored us. He walked right past our table, literally a foot away from us, over and over. Then I realized that he couldn’t see us! The next time he walked by I waved my hand and deliberately made myself visible. He jumped like a rabbit exclaiming, “Oh, I didn’t see you!”

Note: When driving, I always set the intention that I (or at least my car) is visible.

Turning up the Heat

The New Dimension is a higher frequency. This is experienced in many ways. Time is speeding up, our empathic abilities are increasing and we have more awareness of higher dimensions. Our bodies are going through an alchemical transmutation from being carbon based to being silicon (crystal) based. This rise in frequency is translated into heat and inflammation. For most of us our normal body temperature has been lower than the medical normal of 98.6°F/37°C, but now that temperature is higher. Inflammation causes many symptoms including aches and pains, digestive problems and so much more.

The Aries Wind

In the beginning of February, Jupiter moved into the sign of Aries, opening the door for a lot of his friends to join him for the action packed Aries Party. As I write this (on May 1) there are currently six celestial bodies dancing it up in Aries; Jupiter, Mars, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Uranus. Aries is masculine, playful, physical, active and hot (ruled by the Red Planet, Mars). In the patriarchy Mars has been interpreted as war related, but it’s more about aggressive play and action. Think of a couple or rams butting their heads together. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is also about new beginnings and focusing on the self.

When we are under stress or in pain we tend to get still, to stop moving and breathe shallowly. But we need to do the opposite. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” But this doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to exercise in the old way. The movement is subtle; it’s about moving energy through your body. The amount and intensity of the energy downloads that are coming to the planet are increasing constantly. So many of us have been “energy holders” for a long time, but now it’s too much to hold. We must be “energy movers”.

The Central Chakra

One of the shifts happening now is the Solar Plexus (third) Chakra and the Heart (fourth) Chakra are combining to make one Central Chakra. I’ve noticed this phenomenon in myself and many others. Too me this represents the upgrade (new cycle starting in Aries) to love and power. Love is transmuting from conditional, with all the energy-stealing programs, to unconditional, with each of us being sovereign. Power is shifting from “power over” to personal authority, when you trust your own knowing and can not be manipulated by others. This is a profound and much need shift in consciousness, taking us into an new dimension!

The ImagiCreation Breath

Imagine and feel the breath coming into your Central Chakra from all directions and all dimensions. Simultaneously the breath is expanding out in all directions and all dimensions. You can imagine the air contracting in from outside into your lungs. At the same time the oxygen is being pumped (expanded) out in your blood. Then the carbon dioxide is being contracted in from your body to the lungs and simultaneously expanded out into the air.

Imagine and feel the breath and your body as being made of waves of light. With each breath expand your wave farther and farther out, going bigger than the planet, bigger than the solar system, bigger than the galaxy to include the whole universe. At the same time you have access to all the energy and information in the whole universe. This is way too much to hold, but you can continually move it.

I have found that if I am feeling stressed or in pain that doing the ImagiCreation Breath immediately makes me feel better.

How Does Your Body Like to Move?

1. Start with the ImagiCreation Breath.
2. Using your imagination and your feeling sense, create a morphic field* in front of you. This field contains all the energy and information of how your body wishes to move now. Don’t try to figure this out with your mind. Ask your body and your Greater Self to create this field, breathe and allow…
3. When it feels complete, step into the field and open yourself to feel the energies there. Relax your knees, hips and shoulders and follow the impulses that you feel. Breathe and wait. At first you might feel very little and could think that you are making it up. That’s the mind interfering. Imagine taking your mind out of your head and place it somewhere for temporary storage.
4. This energy feels like a little push. People often notice a movement in their hips first. It could be a sway or a circle. Follow the energy, stay with the movement as long as it feels good. The movement can be very small. This is a learning process, with practice you will feel the energy more strongly.
5. Stay in tune with your body. It will let you know when it wants to change the movement and when it is finished. Take another body inventory. I expect that you are feeling better, more relaxed, less pain.

It isn’t necessary to do the movement for a specific length of time. I suggest that you take a few minutes several times during the day and have some movement, especially if you are sitting in front of a desk all day. And you can do this while sitting at your desk. The most important part to move is your spinal column. Your body uses movement to release stuck energy. Some days your body will like to do a soft fluid motion. At other times you could end up looking like an aborigine doing a war dance!

When you are following the energy the movement is easy, there is no need for will power or force. You could find yourself, like I have, with the heart pumping (no need to count BPM) and your body all hot and sweaty, without feeling like you tried to exercise. When you are following your body’s desired movement it feels good and easy. This type of work out is a much more efficient way to stay in shape because you are working with your body, instead of creating more stress and possibly pain by forcing it to work out.

When you choose to go for a walk or run or go to the gym, check with your body before and during the work out. Not only will it feel easier to do the movement, but you will “get more bang for your buck” too. Your body wants to come to balance and be healthy and it knows how to do this! All that is required is that you are willing to listen to your body.

The Magic of Water

One of the simplest ways to cool down the heat and inflammation in our bodies is by using water, specifically feminine water.

Water has two basic aspects, masculine and feminine.

Masculine water is active, warm, sunny, bubbly and airy and acidic. Imagine a river rapid with the water bouncing on and around the rocks. The sun is shining brightly on the water. It is noisy and exciting.

Feminine water is still, cool, dark, dense and alkaline. Imagine an underground river, running slowly, smoothly and quietly through mineral rich granite and sandstone. This water is saturated with minerals and buoyant.

To sooth and cool the excessive Aries heat and tension, imagine yourself floating in a gently pool beside this underground river. The water is absolutely pristine. You are in a large cavern that is subtly lit by phosphorescent algae. As you float in the pool, set the intention that your body receives whatever minerals that it needs to support its current process of transformation. You can also ask that anything that it does not need be removed and will flow away down the river.

You can also program your drinking, cooking and bathing water with this feminine water energy, and program it into a quartz crystal and place the crystal in the water. Using your imagination, go to the underground pool and really feel the delicious, supporting energies of the water. Build up that feeling in your Central Chakra and then flow it into the water.

A small amount of water will transmute a lot of water. You can pour some programmed water down the pipes to help purify the sewers or pour it into a river, bay or ocean, setting the intention that it transmutes the whole water system.

Expanding your Skull

The last technique that I have found helpful is expanding the skull. I don’t know if our brains are physically getting bigger, or if there is just so much more of the brain that is being used, but it can feel mighty tight in there sometimes! To relieve the pressure, expand the skull.

1. Start with the ImagiCreation Breath
2. Imagine and feel that your brain and skull are made of waves of light.
3. With a big exhale, imagine and feel the waves of light in your skull expand out.
4. Repeat until your head feels more comfortable. You might want to roll your head around gently to loosen the bones at the top of your spine.

When Is This Going to Stop?!

The physical transformations will continue throughout this year. Mars is moving out of Aries into feminine, calm Taurus on May 11th and that should ease the pressure a bit.

Also, nature (including our bodies) is adaptable. For a few years we’ve been having unusual weather, early spring-like weather followed by a return of winter and lots of cold weather and rain. The plants in my garden were really confused and didn’t grow well. This year, even though the odd weather was more pronounced than before, everything is flourishing! The plants have adapted to the new weather pattern.

Have you noticed that we don’t hear about whales beaching themselves so much anymore? The new generation has adapted to the altered magnetic fields. And I read that there is a huge increase in the amount of salmons up around Alaska (which was being strictly controlled due to over fishing). Like my plants, the whales and the salmon, we too will adapt.

*A morphic field is a field of energy and information that underlies the form and behavior of morphic units**. Morphic fields contain a kind of cumulative memory and tend to become increasingly habitual.

**A morphic unit is a unit of form or organization, such as an atom, molecule, crystal, cell, plant, animal, pattern of instinctive behavior, social group, element of culture, ecosystem, planet, planetary system, or galaxy.

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