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Happy Valentines Day!

The New Year is finally getting moving! The momentum of each new year doesn’t really get going until the Chinese New Year – which was February 4th this year. We had the added limitation this year of Jupiter (the energy of expanding to the vastest horizon) being retrograde (internalized) until January 30th. And our expectations were higher than ever before after December 21st. But now we can truly begin to manifest our desires.
This year is the year of LOVE (and not just on Valentine’s Day). There are new potentials opening for us that can be really exciting and energizing but could also be exhausting. The challenge is to keep the balance between giving and receiving. If we give too much then we feel resentful. It is especially important this year to fill ourselves up first and to be willing to receive. Most of us have been givers and have not received enough of historically. You all know where you have given too much too. This unbalance can not continue. This year especially we are being supported in being able to find that balance. Those places where there is an imbalance will become blatantly obvious.
2013 is a 6 year. I especially relate to this because my Life Path Number in numerology is a 6. In Chinese Astrology this is  the year of the Water Snake. The Snake is also number 6. In Tarot the 6th card is the Lovers. There is a lot of 6 energy this year and that means a lot of love!
Some words associated with 6 are; responsibility, family, balance, marriage/ divorce, love/romance, service and beauty.
The spiritual essence of 6 is the power of love as a transformational force.
Image of Love
It is already happening. Our hearts are transforming and they are initiating the transformation of our endocrine systems and our bodies. I’ve seen it in everyone I have worked with, both in individual sessions and for the Daily Energetic Support. I love it!
Two 30-minute Sessions for $49.00 each ($98.00 total).

Four 30-minutes Sessions for 45.00 each ($180.00 total).


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I knew that I wanted to have a webinar on 12/12/12 but every time I started to design the class I was not content. Though it was definitely not flowing, I wrote what I thought I would do, but it didn’t feel right, even after re-re-re-writing it, so I didn’t share it with you. Then I had a dream…

I’m in a house with a group of people. They come to me one by one. I look into their eyes and “see” two things. The best way I can describe it is that there is a beautiful, innocent soul timidly looking at me from behind a box of “crap”. The box holds all the hurts, limitations and judgments the soul carries from lifetimes on Earth. They are afraid that if I see what’s in the box that I will reject them. But I don’t. I see that there is a box, but I know that it is not who they really are. I see the soul, and it is so precious that I fall in love in a moment. Then I touch the person’s forehead I feel a flow come through me and I say, “May you be blessed.” And the box melts away leaving only the blessed and beloved soul.

This happened over and over in my dream. When I woke up I could still feel that state from which I was able to bless the people. I went around and blessed my houseplants. I walked by a mirror on the door to my bedroom and caught my reflection. I looked into my eyes, saw past any self judgment to my own precious soul. With tears in my eyes, I touched my own forehead and said, “May you be blessed.” I felt a wash of cool energy flow down my body and felt peaceful, safe, balanced and excited. It was blissful! And I knew that this is what is happen with all of us. This is what the Transformation really is.

My friend suggested that I create the webinar to share this experience with you. And then the words just flowed!

I apologize for giving you such short notice. I hope that you can join us!


Learn more here…

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You are invited to listen to the audio recorded June 23, 2012.

I spoke a bit about the “Cosmic Wind at our backs”, what the universe is supporting now. We talked about some wonderful magical experiences we’ve had and can have in the future. There were many interesting questions about parallel realities, different dimensions, E.T.s and more. There was practice using our extra senses and had a wonderful swim with the dolphins.

Click here to listen to or download the mp3.

Or copy and paste: http://imagi-creation.com/schedule-of-events-2/monthly-free-teleseminar-live/

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Whoo Hoo! What a wild ride! Did you get hit with the crazy anxiety the last few days? I sure did  as did my son and lots of other people. Two days ago I was literally shaking and I couldn’t stop.

Since I couldn’t relax, I just went with it and shook away.

This morning I felt clearer and when I asked “What’s up?” here’s what I got. We are in a similar energetic place or frequency as we were just before the end of Atlantis, when we failed to “ascend”. Bad things happened. Atlantis sank and we had too start over again. On some level we recognize and remember this experience and it’s bringing up lots of stuff, especially fear and anxiety, as well as the desire to do whatever we need to do to make sure that we will succeed to make the evolutionary jump this time. And it is a jump, not just a step or shuffle. It’s a leap, a leap of faith. It takes a lot of courage to make this leap to place we have never been before and we can’t even see it in front of us!

No wonder it’s been so intense. But, rest assured, if you are reading this, you will succeed this time.

And it isn’t going to be like this forever. It’s a period of rapid change (and you know how we are about that), but it will ease up. Don’t worry. Eschew doubt (And obsification, ha-ha! That is one of my favorite bumper stickers “Eschew Obsification”, right after “Don’t Believe Everything That You Believe”).

We need to lighten up, dropping the sand-filled bags so our hot-air balloon can rise up. The sandbags contain low frequency, heavy emotions and limiting belief systems and programming. We also need to lighten up by not taking it all so seriously. I keep reminding myself that “this” won’t last forever. (I wonder why the word is “won’t” not “willn’t?)

What’s really great now is that we can just let go of the sandbags. “Look out below!” We no longer have to untangle the rope and untie it from our ankles. We don’t have to open the bag and make sure that it is just sand and not something that we might need, like a picnic lunch. We can even toss over that annoying curmudgeon who keeps saying, “No, no! Don’t drop that bag! Something bad could happen! We might not be able to get back down!”

It’s a time of letting go, but it’s also a time for creating. Since we’ve never been here before, there’s no map to lead the way. We have to / get to create something new! It’s time to play in your imagination. It’s such a valuable tool and so much fun. I’m getting that this time between the Super Moon on May 6th and the Total Eclipse on May 20th/21st is a turning point, a time when we can initiate a new choice or manifestation. Remember that we created the template for the New Earth, and it’s an absolutely fabulous place. The “consciousness gravity” is so light there. Nobody is carrying sand bags! There’s no judgment and everything is conscious. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that we are aware over the consciousness of everything. Every time you use your imagination to that beautiful place in nature and you enjoy yourself there, your are helping to manifest that potential right here.


I really looking forward to the Releasing the Old and Manifesting the New Teleseminar this Saturday. I am going to be using the two guided meditations a lot. It’s so much easier when someone is guiding you then when you have to remember what to do while you’re doing it. And we’ll have the added bonus of the support of St. Germain, Ahrazu/Osiris, Isis and others. Yummy stuff!


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We’re doing it again! Every month ImagiCreation hosts a free teleseminar. This is a chance for you to ask questions, get information about the current energies on the planet and connect with your Spiritual Family.

If you are feeling the build-up toward the Eclipse on May 20th then you will want to join us.

Here’s some more information:

There’s a complete Solar Eclipse on May 20 (May 21 in Europe).  Solar Eclipses are extraordinary New Moons, indicating not just the start of a new lunar month but of a whole new life phase. The Eclipse will be an especially important event for anyone with planets located near the transition from Taurus to Gemini, Scorpio to Sagittarius,  Leo to Virgo and Aquarius to Pisces. Oh, lucky me… This eclipse is positioned exactly on my Natal Sun (where the Sun was at the moment I was born). And my Sun is part of a Grand Square with my Natal Moon in Sagittarius, Pluto in Virgo and Chiron at the end of Aquarius and Jupiter at the end of Scorpio. This certainly caught my attention!

So I checked in with St. Germaine and asked, “What do I need to know about this eclipse?” The picture I got was of Superman out in space looking at the Earth with his X-ray vision. The rays were looking deeply into the center of the planet. This meant that the planet is being bombarded with a frequency that will penetrate to a deeper level than we have ever had before. Though the image was physical, going into the planet, I got that it also meant that it will affect us in a deep way. It’s like when the hippie says, “That’s deep, man!”

There’s a myth that Zeus released one eagle from the east and another from the west to find the center of the world. They flew until they collided above Delphi. Delphi is where the famous oracles breathed the “breath of Apollo” (thought to be gas from deep inside the mountain) and accessed the wisdom of the Gods. So the center of the Earth is the place of “higher” wisdom. One of the things that we are experiencing in this stage of our transformation/awakening process is opening up to higher dimensions. This wave of energy is definitely multi-dimensional or from a higher dimension.

This inflow was initiated by the Super Moon and is kicking into gear right now. I had some very meaningful and transformative dreams last night. What was interesting about the dreams (I will not bore you by writing them all out) was that they seemed really simple. It was just regular stuff, but it felt different, and when I woke up I felt different, in a good way.

Of course, when you shine a light into a place that has been in the dark for a long time, you will flush out some old stuff that was hidden there. I can tell you that I have had some “larger than usual” emotional releases in the last few days. There was a lot of hopelessness, sadness and grief. So you can expect some shaking up, and likely to be in a literal way also. There could be some earthquakes and individually you could be off balance.

With the eclipse being in Gemini, pay attention to anything that has to do with communication, listening, and speaking. It is square to Neptune which can be very visionary and, but the shadow side of Neptune confusion and fooling ourselves.  I asked for suggestions on how to use these energies in the best way and avoid the more challenging potentials. First of all, St. Germaine suggested that we don’t try so hard. Be willing to let things go. Don’t get caught up in drama (always good advice) and, of course, breathe.

I have more suggestions but I don’t want to type any more (it’s dinner time and I’m hungry) plus I will be sharing this information in ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar is this Saturday, May 12th. We’ll also be doing some processes and guided meditations and answering your questions.

I hope that you can join us live but if the time doesn’t work for you, the recording will be available immediately after.

Here’s the link to the teleseminar: http://imagi-creation.com/schedule-of-events-2/monthly-free-teleseminar-live/

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ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar Recording is now available.

I spoke a little about the astrological influences and where we are in the Transformation.Uranus and Pluto are big players in the cosmic game for a while to come.

Also, the physical changes in our bodies, especially the brain and heart. And some processes to ease the amazing “upgrades” that are happening now.

There were some great questions about.

  • Feeling stuck, hopeless, afraid and without enthusiasm.
  • How to disconnect from people (especially energy suckers) who are working really hard to stay attached.
  • How to work with parallel realities.
  • Do we get cosmic confirmation in the form of symbols to let us know that we are doing it right?

Click here to listen or download.

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August’s Monthly Free Teleseminar is now available to listen online or to download.

Current energies and opportunities, regaining the original, empowered feminine and masculine, how to communicate with the Angels, Ascended Masters and ETs and a guided meditation led by Isis and Ahrazu/Osiris.

Click here to access the teleseminar recording.

Or copy and paste:


I hope that you enjoy it!

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