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Experience ImagiCreation for yourself! Only $15.00 (Free shipping in the USA!)

In this powerful meditation I guide you into the Expanded “Wave” State. This is what Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor experienced when she had a stroke. (See her presentation at the TED Conference here.) You have the same benefit without damaging your brain!

In ImagiCreation work we go into this expanded state and work directly with the unconscious/right brain “language”. Your mind presents symbols or pictures, which represent vast amounts of information and experience. Working this way allows you to shift and clear huge amounts of old “stuff” that would take months to years to clear if we worked with the logical mind.

Track 1. Introduction
A Quantum look at reality.

Track 2. Tools of ImagiCreation
The Golden Mesh

The Un-create Wormhole

Track 3. Expanding Your Being Guided Meditation

Bonus Track. Using the Golden Mesh
Remove and Un-create limitations.

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