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Purple spiral fractalI had a wonderful time talking with Lance AKA The Zany Mystic on his radio show called Zany Mystic’s Fireside Chat.

Here’s how Lance described the program: Guest Sarah Biermann, renowned intuitive counselor and healer, takes the listeners on a guided journey outside the confines of this 3D density, beyond the gravitational pulls, worries and fears. We meet up with Ascended Masters, angels, devas, fairies and elementals, then open a portal into a meeting with our own Oversoul to just “be” our expanded Selves.

When we return, Sarah shares some fascinating stories about her crystal and indigo children, which open the doors to new possibilities for us all.

You can download the audio here. http://cosmicpenguin.com/Zany/

Have Fun!


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This is a wonderful interview of Dr. Bruce Lipton that aired on Pam Oslie’s radio show.

How our consciousness creates our biology, not the DNA.

To listen to when I guested on Pam’s radio show click here.We discussed physics, right brain/left brain and the Wave…

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I’m going to be on two radio shows this month!

On April 16th at 4 PM PDT I am a guest, with Richard Olson, on Pam Oslie’s and Kat’s show on KZSP Talk Radio in Santa Barbara.

We will be discussing the Psychic – Intuitive abilities and even doing some processes to awaken your abilities.

Richard Olson is a Medical Intuitive.

Pam is a psychic and author and lecturer.

This promises to be an interesting and fun show!

Go to Pam’s website auracolors.com to listen live through the internet.

On April 22nd at 8 AM PDT I will be co-hosting Seeing Beyond with Sarah McCroskey. Seeing Beyond is broadcast on KEST AM 1450 in San Francisco.

The topic of this show is Mastery and the upcoming free Global Initiation.

Sarah McCroskey is a Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner and Teacher.

Both shows will be archived on my website on the Audio Recording page.

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