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The time is right to take that step through the door that leads to your spiritual growth and wonderful potentials!

Are you ready?  I would love to help you to do this!  I love my work – the ability to help others is enormously satisfying!

Let’s do this!  Here’s where you can learn more: http://imagi-creation.com/one-to-one/


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Check it out before 10 p.m. Pacific Time:  http://imagi-creation.com/transformation-series/

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There are seven modules and almost fourteen hours of powerful transformational clearings and processes.

This first module is about the physical body. Release the Old Energy Templates and install and activate the New Energy Templates.

After July 22nd the price goes up.  I currently have two rose quartz crystals left for the next two people who purchase the Series.


Seven Modules:

1) July 22: Physical Body – Specific Systems including the Endocrine System, Digestion, Brain and Nerves,Immune System, Individual Organs, etc..

2) July 29: Core Distortions – Personality, Emotional and Mental Patterns

3) August 5: Self Love, Self Worth, Self Trust: Releasing Doubt and Fear, Staying conscious and in the now.

4) August 12: Relationships/Partnerships – Masculine/Feminine Energies – Sex

5) August 19: Appropriate Energy Exchange -Money, Security, Receiving, Affluence

6) August 26: Connection with the Gaia/Earth and the Beings Who Live Here: – Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms, Fairies and Other “Unseen” Beings on/in our Planet – Stewardship of Earth

7) September 2: Connection with Beings Who Live Off Planet: Your Greater Self, Other Aspects of Self, Star Families, Celestial Entities and Source

Learn more here: http://imagi-creation.com/transformation-series/

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I love May for many reasons. Spring is in full bloom, figuratively and literally, and I LOVE flowers! Also, we celebrate Mother’s Day in May.

Clematis in my yard

Clematis in my yard

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there, if you are literally a mother and/or are participating in conception, birth and nurturing of the New Earth.

In May I also celebrate my birthday, on the 22nd. As I do every year, I would like to give you gifts. I truly appreciate knowing that my my spiritual family members (you guys) are here on the planet with me. So many people feel isolated and lonely, having, at best one or two and often zero friends who “get it” and “get them”. Every time I receive an email like, “Thanks for the article. It helped me to understand what’s been happening.” I know there is another one of us out there and I feel the love that comes with the words. I feel a wonderful connection, like I’m not here alone. Thanks for being there for me!

I love to laugh and appreciate humor of all kinds so I invite you to send me your favorite jokes, cartoons or YouTube videos. The five that give me the best “ha, ha, ha” will receive a free half-hour session. 

My second gift is to offer you a free one-hour session with every one-hour session that you buy.


  • Its OK with me if you get together with a friend and share.
  • You may purchase session(s) as gifts.
  • You may order up to three 2 for 1’s.
  • Sessions are good for one year. They are non refundable.
  • Sessions are via telephone or Skype.
  • Appointments will be made via email.
  • Offer expires May 22, 2012 at 2:22 p.m. Pacific Time.
When you order, I will email you in response and will ask you everything that I need to get you and your loved ones booked as easily and quickly as possible.

I look forward to speaking with each of you and those whom you gift these sessions.  My gratitude to all of you who share this amazing and sometimes challenging transformational experience called life!

Click here to learn more about sessions and to get your 2 for 1.

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