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With the world, and us, changing so rapidly now, it is even more important that we don’t “go unconscious” and function from habit.  Old ways of being and doing are too small for how big we are getting.

With any change, whether it is perceived as positive or negative, causes stress.  It is stressful because we have to stay conscious.  We can’t rely on the usual way.

When I was 21 I traveled through Europe with my sister and mother for 6 weeks.  We mostly camped (as opposed to staying in high end hotels that cater to Americans).  Every day, every moment was something new, something that I had little or no memories or habits to follow.

The day after I got home I needed to get groceries.  I had a moment of “Oh God!  Where is a store here?  What language do I need to use?”  My stress level skyrocketed.  Then I realized that I knew exactly where to go and could “just talk”!  Easy peasy.  It was such a relief!  The stress disappeared in an instant.

The transformational adventure we are on now is not just to another country and language.  We are going to a New Earth and we don’t need to learn a different a language, we are inventing a whole new way to communicate even beyond the spoken word.   Add to that that we are creating new bodies and everything that goes with our bodies, like food etc.  Talk about stressful!

I have heard, and said to myself, “Why can’t I do this better/faster?  Why is to hard now when I used to be confident?”   (Not to mention how easy it seems for those people who are not going on this adventure.)  When you realize just how much we are doing, it is impressive that we are still here, still shining our light and breaking through limitations to create freedom.

If you are experiencing change (whether it feel positive or negative) please join me for my Conscious Change Webinar – Starting soon!


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