Equinox Webinar Sunday!

The exact day and time is Monday at 7:29 p.m. Pacific Time but we can be ready to use the transformational energies that are coming with this splendid Equinox!
Date: Sunday September 21, 2014
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Same time zone as San Francisco. To see your time zone go to the World Clock. )
Cost: $22.00
The mp3 recording is included in the price.

I didn’t know why, but I started feeling excited and hopeful about this Equinox ( exact on September 22nd at 7:29 p.m. Pacific Time). I do know that many people (clients, friends and family) have been focusing on creating a more balanced life. The Equinox is, of course the day when we have exactly the same amount of daytime as night, so it is balanced. This Equinox the Sun is entering Libra which is all about balance, especially in relationships. Libra is represented by the balancing scales.
I started to see a theme develop…

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The time is right to take that step through the door that leads to your spiritual growth and wonderful potentials!

Are you ready?  I would love to help you to do this!  I love my work – the ability to help others is enormously satisfying!

Let’s do this!  Here’s where you can learn more: http://imagi-creation.com/one-to-one/

This webinar is really fun! We were joined by St. Germain, Archangels Michael and Rafael and everybody’s Greater Selves and Soul Family to create and receive a powerful transmission of self-love, self-worth and self-trust. We programmed a crystal and/or water with the frequencies and I can tell you drinking that water was fabulous. I could feel the tingles expanding to transform all the water in my body.

One person wrote, “I just listened to it! I felt the tingles at my back with Michael, and yummy water. Helpful info shared, thank you!”

Another partipant wrote, “That was lovely, cleared some stuff and not only that but awesome soul group I have we have!!! Whoo hoo,,Sarah, you Rock, thanks bunches and you too Jolene? is it? Thank you as well to St, G, :-)) ” (Joleen is a good friend who has been “running the board” for me recently.)

You can listen to or download the mp3 here: http://imagi-creation.com/recorded-webinars/monthly-free-webinar-august-2014/

To forgive is to let go of blame and release the negative feelings from within yourself.  Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself more than to the other (unless the one you need to forgive is yourself – then it is a double gift!)  This doesn’t mean that you forget.  You remember, but the memory is no longer charged with hurt, anger or resentment.

Example:  My father was passive aggressive and very athletic.  Over and over he would promise to be kind (to hold the bike, to hit the tennis ball gently, etc.) and every time I would end up hurt and scared while he laughed or feigned innocence, “I thought you could hit the ball. ” or “I thought you could turn the bike” (he laughed from 20 feet away since he had let go of the bike and I crashed into a fence ).  When I was seven he convinced me to sit in his lap as he was driving on the freeway so I could hold the steering wheel.  Yes, I was scared, especially when he drew closer and closer to the car in front of us.  As always, I ended in frightened and humiliated tears,  “Daddy, why are you getting so close?!”  He laughed and replied,” I wanted to see if you would change into the other lane.”  That was my dad.

I had lots of therapy, even a few sessions with my father, and chose to forgive him because I still loved him.  I never allowed him a minute alone with my children, however.  That is not quite accurate.  When my first born was just old enough to sit up we played a game sitting on the grass rolling a big soft ball back and forth.  My dad took a turn and gently rolled the ball, over and over.  The telephone rang in my house.  I could see through the window from where the phone was attached to the wall, so I took a couple of steps into the house, grabbed the phone and turned to see my father toss the ball firmly into my sons face, knocking him over and leaving him in tears.  “Sorry” he said, “I thought he would catch it.”

My father had some really wonderful parts to his personality.  He had a wicked sense of humor, could barbecue like a pro and was a great dancer.  I had more than just forgiveness for him, I had compassion and love too.

Compassion is going beyond the point of view that someone did something bad, but you are willing to let it go.  True compassion is beyond the polarity of good and bad to the place of understanding that people are not “perfect”.  It is not possible to be perfect.  I know why my dad acted like he did.  I know enough of his childhood horrors to realize that he was being the best person he could be.  I know he tried to be a better man his whole life.  So really, there was nothing to forgive.  I also trusted my father.  I trusted that he would be himself and would do something mean any time I turned my back. So I never let him alone with my children.


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Check it out before 10 p.m. Pacific Time:  http://imagi-creation.com/transformation-series/

Could you use a laugh?  I promise at least a giggle from these photos.


My favorite:

Dog chasing ball underwater

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There are seven modules and almost fourteen hours of powerful transformational clearings and processes.

This first module is about the physical body. Release the Old Energy Templates and install and activate the New Energy Templates.

After July 22nd the price goes up.  I currently have two rose quartz crystals left for the next two people who purchase the Series.


Seven Modules:

1) July 22: Physical Body – Specific Systems including the Endocrine System, Digestion, Brain and Nerves,Immune System, Individual Organs, etc..

2) July 29: Core Distortions – Personality, Emotional and Mental Patterns

3) August 5: Self Love, Self Worth, Self Trust: Releasing Doubt and Fear, Staying conscious and in the now.

4) August 12: Relationships/Partnerships – Masculine/Feminine Energies – Sex

5) August 19: Appropriate Energy Exchange -Money, Security, Receiving, Affluence

6) August 26: Connection with the Gaia/Earth and the Beings Who Live Here: – Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms, Fairies and Other “Unseen” Beings on/in our Planet – Stewardship of Earth

7) September 2: Connection with Beings Who Live Off Planet: Your Greater Self, Other Aspects of Self, Star Families, Celestial Entities and Source

Learn more here: http://imagi-creation.com/transformation-series/