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I enjoy exploring the energetics and original meanings of words. (You can find more words in the category “Language”.)

Recently I’ve been thinking about the difference between the words decide and choose. To me decide feels much more heavy, significant and final. So I decided to do a little research in the dictionary about their origins. Here’s what I found.

Old English: ceosan “choose, taste, try”; akin to Greek geúesthai “to enjoy” and Latin gustāre “ to taste, relish”

Late 14c., from Old French: decider, from L. decidere “to decide,” lit. “to cut off,” from de- “off” + cædere “to cut, to kill”

Decide shares the same etymological root with “homicide”! Definitely a heavier energy than the origins of choose, “to taste, to enjoy”!

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August’s Monthly Free Teleseminar is now available to listen online or to download.

Current energies and opportunities, regaining the original, empowered feminine and masculine, how to communicate with the Angels, Ascended Masters and ETs and a guided meditation led by Isis and Ahrazu/Osiris.

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By Sarah Biermann and Ahrazu/Osiris

The 090909 was a true ending and completion. This is the point where the old reality and the new reality split. The earth is actually separating into two different dimensional realities. I have been asked if you will suddenly wake up one morning and find that all the people who didn’t choose ascension will no longer be on the planet. That’s a nice fantasy, but it is not the way it will happen. Instead there will be a period of time when both realities exist on the planet. The ones who have chosen to stay in the old fear-based, duality reality will continue to experience drama/trauma and suffering. Gradually, over time, they will be leaving Earth, so there will be events that will take many human lives. The Earth has chosen to ascend and they simply can’t stay here. The old energy human body is unable to exist in the frequencies of the new reality. A new planet is being prepared for them, where they can continue their evolution as they chose. There is no judgment about this choice.

For many of you this is difficult for some of the people you have loved dearly are not going to be joining you in the new reality… yet. Eventually, when they are finished with polarity and all the fascinating opportunities for experience that provides, they too will choose to ascend. It is inevitable. Eventually, you will be together again. It’s a good thing that you are an infinite being!

The Equinox on September 22nd marks the beginning of the new reality. This can be an emotional time. You are saying goodbye to something that has been yours for a long time. And you are finally entering into that which you have desired and dreamed of for so long. There can be tears of sadness at saying goodbye, and tears of relief and joy that you have made it back home again.

If you imagine the ladder of ascension where those on the top rungs are pulling up, suddenly the ladder has broken, releasing the lower rungs. The top part has correspondingly popped up. As with anytime there is a significant raising of your frequency, anything that is within your energetic system that does not match the new frequency must be released. The secret here is to let it go. If old, negative thoughts or feelings surface, do not judge yourself or wonder why you are thinking or feeling this stuff again. Simply feel it and know that it is on its way out.

In the new reality your creations will begin to be manifested more quickly and easily. The time has come to bring your dreams into reality. What is it that you have so wanted to do or create when the time was right? Take a first step in that direction. Keep your focus on what you are creating and bringing in to the new reality.

During the time when there are dual realities happening on Earth, you do not have to be affected by the old reality. There will be natural disasters, murders and epidemics, but they won’t happen to you. It will require true compassion to see others suffer and to honor their path without getting hooked into it. You must stay connected to your Greater Self and remember to observe events from that perspective.

Here is an example: Recently a large number of whales beached themselves. Good intentioned humans rushed to the scene to try to save the whales, pushing them back into the water. However the whales simply swam back up onto the beach. When looked at from one perspective, this was a horrible, sad event. The poor whales, affected by the Extremely Low Frequency transmissions were confused and beached themselves.

But when you view this event from an expanded perspective it is different. Humans have been functioning under the programming that you have to work to live. Generally speaking your lives have been dominated by work, effort and struggle. Whales and dolphins have carried the energy of play, pleasure and joy for the planet. Now that you are clearing the work and struggle program and allowing yourselves to have joy and play, the dolphins and whales no longer have to hold that energy for the planet. They are now able to move on to their next evolutionary step. So rather than feeling sad and guilty, you can honor their paths and acknowledge your own shift in consciousness.

As the two realities move farther apart, you will not be influenced by the old reality as much. Many of you do not watch the news so you are not consciously, mentally engaging in that reality. However, the negative emotional waves of fear, anger and hopelessness that are running rampant in mass consciousness have still been affecting you. Over the next few years you will be feeling this less and less so it will be easier to maintain a sense of peace.

It is essential that you connect with others who have chosen the new reality to help you to stay in your expanded perception when so many around you are living in fear and suffering.

Call to Community

Can you feel it? The call to community? The desire for a place where there are others like you, where you can be yourself and others actually see and understand you? You are not alone. Awakened humans all over the planet are feeling this. You have dreamed about this and now the plan is being activated. And there is a plan, it is happening.

When you made the choice to take the path of ascension rather than destruction it allowed for some wonderful potentials to be activated. One of these potentials is the drawing together of like-minded people to support each other in community. At first you will find each other mainly through the internet. But eventually there will be physical places where you will gather and live.

Imagine living amongst others like yourself, people who are empathic and loving, people who share you interests and honor you for who you really are. Can you imagine a place where it is the norm to work with crystals and other subtle energies, where all the wild and crazy stuff that you do is understood and respected? Can you imagine schools that help children to use their natural gifts rather than labeling them as having developmental disorders? Can you imagine a life that when you wake up in the morning you feel excited about how much fun you are going to have that day? And you wake up like that every day? This day is coming. It is guaranteed.

Outside the Veils of Illusion there is a lot of action happening. Beings from over a dozen different star systems are preparing to make open contact and to participate fully in creating the new reality. Literally millions of advanced beings are here to help. You are not alone.

And know that you are always loved,

Sarah and Ahrazu

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The recording of the Abundance University Teleseminar is now available on my website for only $10.00.

This was a very powerful and transformational event.

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From Ahrazu/Osiris:

“The change that we are experiencing now is different from what has happened before. We are shifting into another dimension, from a Matrix of duality and polarity to one of expansion and oneness. We are moving from a reality based on fear and scarcity to a reality based on love and abundance. The New Energy is not simply an improvement of the Old Energy. We can’t just take the old systems and tweak them. Instead, the old paradigm and the institutions that are based on that have to be dissolved. Then we have space to create the new paradigm based on love.”

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The New Earth is a real place, though it is in a different dimension from this Earth. It is not a physical planet. It was created as a template for the New Energy. You have probably visited it in your sleep. And you can go there via Shamanic Journeying.

I woke up early one morning and decided to take a trip to the New Earth. I started out awake, but drifted into that in between zone, not awake, but not asleep. This is what happened.


I went to the New Earth this morning. Awaiting me was a small dark woman. She offered to take me on a tour. Cool!

I thought she was like a Sherpa, someone who knows the land but was simple minded. As I thought that she caught my eye, deliberately, and I saw that she was very wise and conscious. “Remember, everyone is conscious here.” I heard.

We approached some camels. I must admit, I don’t have a lot of respect for camels. I went along anyway, approaching the kneeling camel thinking “stupid beast”. Then it looked me in the eye and I saw wisdom and consciousness. “Remember, everyone here is conscious.” Wow!

I asked the camel for permission to mount and the camel dipped his head just a bit. I climbed aboard thinking how great it is that they kneel down for us (unlike a horse). I felt great appreciation for this camel and camels in general.

I certainly was bumping into my beliefs and prejudices.

We traveled through lush jungle, my guide and her camel leading the way. The trees were varied. Some were tall with large, shiny leaves in various hues of green. Smaller trees were nestled in between, some in green and others in contrasting variegation of green mixed with yellow, white or pink. The air was rich with the scent of plant life, that smell that I can only describe as “green”. I also caught the earthy smell of the fertile soil and frequent waft of sweet or spicy perfume from the tropical flowers.

We continued in silence for a while. That’s to say, we weren’t speaking, for it was hardly silent. I could hear the rhythmic whooshing of the wind dancing in the upper branches. It was just a gentle breeze down on the trail. Birds were singing and rustling about. I was surrounded by the Song of Nature. I took a deep breath and relaxed into the beauty of this place.

I asked my guide where we were going. She glanced back, with a small smile and said, “To see the Line in the Temple.” Though I wanted to ask what that meant, I knew I would get no more information. So, we continued on in silence. Every time I would try to figure out what that cryptic remark could mean, I got that I should wait and see.

We came to a place where the path began to drop. Below, in a small valley, I beheld an awesome sight. A pyramid! It appeared to be about 250 feet high, made of smooth pale stone. It seemed to be floating in an ocean of green, the tops of densely packed but low trees shifting in the breeze. And there, a path, leading up to the side of the pyramid.

The air seemed to sparkle with excitement as we approached the pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid wall appeared to continue down into the earth. I wondered how much of the pyramid was underground.

My guide stopped and motioned to a set of stairs going down next to the side of the pyramid. Oh boy! My wonderful camel once again kneeled down and I dismounted. I stroked its neck in gratitude and perhaps to delay entering the pyramid. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I glanced at my guide who smiled gently and nodded her head. Time to go…

The steps went down about 7 feet, and then turned to the right, into the pyramid. At the portal there stood an old man in a white robe. He gave me an appraising look. It felt like he looked all the way into me. It was just a moment, but it felt like forever. Would I pass muster?

Then he simply turned and led the way into the stone tunnel within the pyramid. I guess I passed! The tunnel was wide enough for only one person at a time to pass comfortably. It was dimly lit, yet I could not find the source of the light. As I wondered about that mystery I felt a touch from the man’s mind. Amused, he told me, “If we can cut these stones with the power of our minds, why could we not make them glow? The New Earth is full of magic!”

We made a few turns and then the tunnel began to descend. At the end it opened to a chamber, brighter than the tunnel. The chamber was about 30 feet wide, 25 feet deep and 20 feet high. It sizzled with energy. And then I saw him, Ahrazu (Osiris)! He was seated on a throne, on top of a stone dais. I felt a wave of love from him and for him. We smiled. With a gesture of his hand he offered me the empty throne beside him. Somehow it didn’t feel right for me to be sitting on Isis’s throne. I didn’t feel worthy.

We were communicating without words, but since I must use them here, I will write as if we were speaking.

Ahrazu was a bit sad that I didn’t feel worthy (yet?). He asked me where I would like to sit. The platform had three large steps on every side. “Could we sit on the steps?” I asked. “Of course,” he answered.

So I sat next to him on the steps, feeling so much pleasure and an odd combination of awe and familiarity. But of course, I do know him well, as my soul is an aspect or fragment of him. You could say that Ahrazu is my Oversoul. When I first started channeling him, he told me that Osiris is not really an accurate name for him, just one of many names he was called by various cultures spanning many times and places. He said the name Ahrazu most closely matches his energy.

I smiled at him, “This is so cool!”

He asked me if I wanted to see the Line of the Temple.

I wondered what could be so special about a line. He gestured with his hand and said, “Have a look.”

There stood a line of priests and priestesses, extended far into the distance. It was like there were two realities overlapping. I could see the stone wall of the chamber about 15 feet in front of me, and the opening to the tunnel through which I’d entered. And at the same time, I could see this line of people standing on a plain of grass. I knew then that these were my past incarnations and they were here to share with me their wisdom. Wow! Now I knew what was so special about the Line of the Temple. It’s my line.

“Would you like to begin?” asked Ahrazu.

“Yes” I answered, standing up.

The closest man approached me carrying a plain, square pillow with a small gold box on top. We looked at each other for another moment that felt like forever. What was I supposed to do?

“Is the box for me?” I asked.


So I took it. He stood there holding the pillow. Hmmm, what to do? Then I realized that I was making everything too serious. Grinning at the Wise Man, I took the pillow, tossed it on a step and said, “Let’s sit down. You can have the pillow.” Ahrazu stepped back and observed. Curiosity took over and I opened the box. Inside was nothing I could really see. It was super bright with invisible light. It seemed to be about the size of a coin. When I looked into it I felt that odd shift in dimensions, as if it were a wormhole or tunnel to other realities.

“What is it and what do I do with it?” I asked.

“You don’t’ need to know what it is and your mind couldn’t understand it anyway. Over time you will know what you need to know as it activates things within you. And you know what to do with it.”

And suddenly, I did know. I placed it in my heart. I felt clear, as if a layer of doubt had been removed, and peaceful and relaxed.

Ahrazu asked if I would like more now. I looked at the Line of the Temple. How exciting! All these amazing people. All the wisdom available to me. I do tend to be impatient, but somehow, with the doubt removed, it didn’t’ seem so important to do it now. I guess that the impatience I felt was the doubt telling me that it wasn’t real or that I didn’t deserve it.

I smiled at Ahrazu, “There’s plenty of time” I said, “I’ll be back.”

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