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I connected with my inner wisdom and asked, “What is the overlying energy of the year 2010?” The answer I got was “Authenticity and Authority”. It is a year to express and truly be our Authentic Selves and to reclaim our authority, the right to follow our own knowing and make choices based on that.

2010 is a Universal 3 year. The 3 energy is creative, imaginative, expressive and enthusiastic. The 3 must have an outlet (or 2 or 3 outlets) for this energy or it can be distracted, scattered, confused or depressed. The 3 must live in joy in order to create and to inspire others. It is a time to live life to the fullest and express your authentic self. The 3 is similar to Gemini. It is playful, creative and expressive.

2010 also carries the energies of the numbers 1 and 2, both magnified by the zeros.

The 1 energy is about new beginnings, sovereignty and leadership. You can relate it to Aries in astrology. The 1 demands that we claim our authority, to trust in our inner knowing and to claim the right to determine the course of our lives.

The energy of the number 2 is soft, gentle and patient. It is quite different from the 1 energy. It likes to work with others and values cooperation. You can relate it to the Libra energy. It values deep and intimate relationships.

So the year 2010 will be a balancing of our desire for independence with our need for connection with others. As I wrote in a previous article, “How can I create community when I can’t stand being around other people?” The reason it has been difficult to be around people is that we have not been able to be our authentic selves when we are with them. This is the year where we answer that question. It will be easier to be more social in general.

Any relationship that requires that you are anything other than your Authentic Self will be challenged. Any work or project that you do that is not fun and creative for you will be challenged. We are being called on to step up and step out, to remember who we are and to share ourselves with the world.

What does it mean to be your Authentic Self? Some of us have only been able to be our authentic selves when we are alone. Some of us have had a few places or people with whom we could be authentic. Perhaps you aren’t even sure if you know who your authentic self is. You are more grand and yet more simple than you would expect. You are much more than an ordinary human. You Authentic Self existed long before we began the Earth Experience. You are wise, loving and powerful. It’s time you started to really feel it! The mind wants to “figure it out”, define and label. You will not find your authentic self that way. It can only be felt and known.

This year will require that we step out of polarity. And that is the gift of the number 3!

In the image below the line at the bottom represents polarity. The possible meaning of each pole could be:

Good and bad
Right and wrong
Light and dark
Independence and connection/partnership
Kindness and cruelty
Do and be
Pursue and withdraw

This year we are being challenged to rise above any polarized beliefs and embrace the whole as being simply experience. Become the “third point of light” created from the integration of polarity. Feel the pulse of the sacred trinity flowing within you. Express your Authentic Self with creativity.

2010: The Year of Authenticity and Authority Teleseminar Recording.

Comments from participants:

“It was great! Thanks for the seminar! i had goose skin all the way through! I tried to type questions few times, before I finished you answered. 🙂 truly amazing! And sense of the community was unquestionably strong, and loving” Diana in Peterburough, UK

“Thank you Sarah. I really know my Authentic Self now. I had so many openings and awarenesses. I feel like a different person.”
Susan in Viborg, Denmark

“The teleseminar was fun and I had a few aha’s and many gifts in it for me.” Terri in Kansas City

“The experience of yesterday was incredibly intense and joyous.
Many many thanks for being the Magnificent Facilitator!”
Mayte in Belgium

During this teleseminar we will:

Clear the belief systems and definitions of self that have limited your ability to be all that you truly are.
Go through several guided processes to reclaim your authority in your life.
Connect with your Authentic Self and express your true spiritual gifts and manifest them creatively.
Visit with St. Germain and receive his magical elixirs!

2010: The Year of Authenticity and Authority Teleseminar Recording.


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