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Just to let you know that my Monthly Free Webinar recording is available. This is a very full webinar. Many great questions (and answers) about doubt, depression and pain. I also spoke about duality, ego and unconscious mind and what it means to be “fully conscious”. There are several processes related to this information and to connect left brain with right brain and the head with the heart.

Most important, I think, was the information about the core wound, how and why it is created, how to recognize it and how to not only heal it, but to make it so it doesn’t exist anymore.

A lot of energy work and information! So much that we went about ten minutes long.

From Germainium: “Your core wound is a heavy thing that anchors you to the limitations of this reality. You can not be free of the other limitations until you are free of your core wound. Where ever you feel like the victim, even if your spiritually correct self “understands” why this happened, is the lock and the key to great freedom. It is my greatest pleasure to help you to open that door!”

Here’s the link to the webinar: http://imagi-creation.com/schedule-of-events-2/monthly-free-webinar-live/

I hope that you enjoy it!

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There are a lot of emotional things coming up now, doubt, grief and depression especially. Why? The Cosmic Tides are supporting us in clearing our core wound(s).

Read more about this here: Doubt is Just a Program

And please join me for my Monthly Free Webinar on Sunday, Sept. 15th. St. Germain will be joining us to transform our core wound experiences and to be free of more limiting programs. He is very excited to talk about the fun stuff like levitating and transportation.
I hope you can join us live, but if not, the free recording will be available.

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When you are feeling anxious or depressed a quick way to feel better is to take a walk. This is not a power walk to get your heart rate up, but a comfortable stroll. Get out in nature as much as possible, somewhere with trees is best. Keep your attention on your body and your senses. Really notice the plants, flowers, birds etc. that are around you. Feel your breath moving in and out, deeply into your belly. Stay in the now moment and relax. Your body can not hold fear if you are relaxed.

And as you walk LOOK UP. I’m not sure why this works but it does and really well. Look up at the branches of the trees, at the birds and clouds in the sky. You don’t have to walk long, at least 10 minutes though, until you feel better.

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