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The Star Families Webinar is awesome! Many people told me that they didn’t remember a lot of it, especially the last 15 minutes when our Star Families took over the show. We were taken on quite a trip that was way beyond third-dimensional comprehension. They gave each person personalized tools and delivered a fantastic download that will continue to be activated for some time. I barely held it together myself to finish the call. I don’t mean I was crying or anything, just that my “head” was way expanded and getting my focus back to “human” took effort.

From the Council of Beings:

“It is time to remember who you really are. It’s as simple and as complex as that. Yes, you are human (now) and yes you have been other than human before. We are here… waiting for you to release the conditioning of “human” so that we may communicate and connect with you again. You set it up so that there would be a time, greatly anticipated, when we could do this. The time is now. We are so excited! We love you and want to welcome you back to your family.

For you this might be startling, because you have chosen to forget who you really are. It is a grand game and we respect you for – actually suffering – through the human experience in order to be major players in the game. You agreed to pretend to be small, to be bad or wrong, at least to not “fit in” with the knowing that at some point you would remember who you are and be as awesome as you really are.”

Learn more here.

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If you would like:
To have better connection with your Guides?
To be consistently aware of, and receive supportive energy and information from your Greater Self?
To be able to communicate with the Extra Terrestrials now and when they make themselves known on a global scale?
To be able to work with the teams of Angels who are here (and ever closer to our reality) so receive their aid for your creations?
To “chat” with the Ascended Masters like St. Germain, Kuthumi, Jeshua (Jesus), Mother Mary, Buddha etc.?
To commune with the Nature Spirits and Un-seen Being which share this planet?
To access the archetypal energies of the Gods and Goddesses?

You are invited to join us for the Interdimensional Communication and Channeling Program which starts Saturday October 1st.

Click here learn more and register for the program.

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Star Families: Other Places of Soul Incarnation Teleseminar

Date: March 12, 2011
Time: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco World Clock )
Cost: $33.00

* You may participate through the internet or via telephone.
* The audio recording is included and will be available to download shortly after the class.
* Course materials will be emailed in .pdf and .doc formats with the call-in information.
* I will share lots of information about the Star Families and you will be able to ask questions.
* I will also lead you on a guided trip to visit your Star Family to open or strengthen your communication with them. Sounds like fun!

I thought about teaching this material before and decided against it. It didn’t feel like it was something that was really important for people. During individual sessions I always go with what presents itself and this information just didn’t come up that frequently. Since then things have changed. People are ready to remember where they came from and to embrace more of their true, infinite nature. When I talk to someone about their Star Family it is a transformational and empowering experience. It’s like they are finally getting “gotten” (heard and understood) for who they are and what they have experienced. There is a big release and often tears, deep sighs and/or laughter.

When you know a person’s Star Family you have a key to understanding their core personality. Now you know why they act like they do.

Recently I was given information that first contact is coming soon and we will be connecting again with the Extra Terrestrials (our Star Families). This is a big shift in consciousness. But, like I said before, now we are ready to reclaim our true nature as Infinite Beings who with galactic experience instead of just the “humans” have been pretending to be.

Now we are ready to reclaim our membership in the Galactic Community! And I am so excited about sharing this information with you.

NOTE: Please don’t wait until the last moment to register for this class as I have course materials that I suggest you print out before the teleseminar begins.

Click here to register.

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