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ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar Recording is now available.

I spoke a little about the astrological influences and where we are in the Transformation.Uranus and Pluto are big players in the cosmic game for a while to come.

Also, the physical changes in our bodies, especially the brain and heart. And some processes to ease the amazing “upgrades” that are happening now.

There were some great questions about.

  • Feeling stuck, hopeless, afraid and without enthusiasm.
  • How to disconnect from people (especially energy suckers) who are working really hard to stay attached.
  • How to work with parallel realities.
  • Do we get cosmic confirmation in the form of symbols to let us know that we are doing it right?

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ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar in this Saturday, July 9th.

I’ll be talking about the Mother Earth, asteroids, abundance and anxiety. As always, this is a great time to ask questions.

DATE: Saturday, July 9, 2011
TIME: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco, World Clock)
LISTENING METHOD: Phone or Web Simulcast or Skype
WEBINAR PAGE (and phone information):

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You may submit questions on the webinar page in advance, during the teleseminar or over the phone.

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“Hi Sarah, I would like to express my gratitude for the great and incredibly effective sessions on emotional work I had with you.

Here is a small testimonial which I would like to write for everybody who is on the Path to Enlightenment. We all know we have shadow energies within us, and most of the times we spend our positive energy trying to suppress them and pretending we are above all of that, without realizing how badly this approach affects all areas of our lives. For the past 10 years I was individually working on releasing my shadow energies such as fear, and most importantly – shame (which disguised itself skilfully under various masks). However the effect was minor and I was making slow progress, until I came across Sarah Biermann’s articles, and subsequently website, and sessions. The results of her work with me were /still are amazing! Sarah’s techniques are on the cutting-edge of Emotional Spiritual Healing and they are so effective, that one would be surprised by the speed with which the old patterns / problems and shadow energies disperse and new and Divine begins to unfold. It affected my entire life from relationship with people to financial issues within the matter of days! Overall I am now a very Happy Expanding Shameless Being on incredible life journey which would be (and used to be) bumpier and pricklier if I had not had these emotional freedom sessions with Sarah.

I recommend this course to everyone who is tired of vicious circle of troubles and mood/fortune swings, and really wants to break through to live full, happy and creative life! With love and light.” Diana Falby

As more and more waves of light flow in to our planet, more of the shadow energies are being illuminated, exposing old, stuck emotions. Unless you know how to deal with this, you can be thrown off your path. This is why it is imperative for Lightworkers to clear your emotional residue, be aware of what is and isn’t yours and develop excellent emotional skills.

I invite you to join me in the Emotional Freedom Program. You will learn:

* How to know when you are being passes emotions from others and how to clear them.
* How to language about emotions in a way that keeps you from being overwhelmed and lost in identification with the emotion.
* How to “mirror” other people (family, friends, clients) so that they can release emotion in a way that doesn’t hurt you.
* How to clear the emotional content of your “story” so that it doesn’t control you anymore.
* How the thoughts and emotions relate. How to end that continuous loop that keeps you trapped and unfulfilled.
* At the end of this program you will be have the skills to handle emotional experiences while still maintaining your stable and safe center. You will have gained unshakable emotional composure, knowing that whatever happens on earth is only a transitory dream projected in time and space by ourselves. We only need to take it seriously in so far as it adds to our experience.

Learn more here.

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Emotional Freedom Program
A Four-Month Course

The people I work with are quite good metaphysicians. They are spiritually savvy, empathic, loving and wise and powerful creators… until they get wacked by some intense emotional event, when family, friends or co-workers behave in unkind (or even cruel) ways, or when someone gets angry or makes them feel bad or less than.You probably know what I’m talking about.

So many people have asked me to teach a course on emotions and specifically shame. Most people aren’t really aware of how much shame (as well as fear of shame and anger about shame) can control their lives.  Shame is rampant throughout society, passed from person to person, hidden below the surface.

Once you really know shame and know how to deal with it when someone passes you shame, then nothing and no-one can control you again.

That’s freedom!
Click here to learn more…

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