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A shy rose

A shy rose. Richard sent me this image.

Paper Birch Tree

Kathryn in Scotland sent me this image.

“In my woodland I have this wonderful tree:Betula papyrifera, the paper bark birch.  Its bark peels off, and when the morning sun shines through the peeling bark, it looks like it’s on fire – dazzling!”

View west from Scotland

Also from Kathryn – Looking west toward Iona Island

“This is the blue view from my window –
blue sky, blue islands, blue sea. Heavenly blue!”

Pink Rose

Another pink rose. I love roses.

Breckenridge Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado

Trees at the Audobon Center in Saucilito

Trees at the Audobon Center in Stinson, California (with a little Photoshop)

Purple Pansies

Purple Pansies – They have such happy faces!Pink Rose

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I have a small water garden on my deck. I have planted iris, lilies and papyrus in it and there is an crocodile watching from a rock on the edge. It’s my mini Nile River.

Water Flower

Water Flower close up

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Spring has definitely come to Marin!
While it has been rather intense energetically, my garden has been a place of peace and safety.

I took these photos yesterday morning.



Tomato Flowers

Tomato Flowers




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