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Right now Mercury  is retrograde (having an apparent backward motion) in Sagittarius until November 26th when it will station direct at 18° Scorpio and then move forward again.

When Mercury is retrograde we are supported with rethinking and reexamining at our thoughts and beliefs.

I have been working with a new frequency that is amazingly powerful at bringing limiting beliefs to the surface and clearing them. I am calling it Frequency Flow.

On November 11th I taught an online workshop using ImagiCreation’s Frequency Flow.

From Diana F. “Dearest Sarah,
Thank you so much for the powerful Belief Relief Teleseminar. 
Your frequency flow is one of a kind amazing totally 5th-dimensional tool! It instantly blew me away during the seminar!
And results of clearing didn’t wait long at all! I was amazed to see the changes in the areas of my life I worked on as soon as the very next day!
My gratitude and deep bow to you for the work you do!”

Available now is the mp3 recording of the Belief Relief Teleseminar as well as the following individual Frequency Flow Processes:

  1. General – whatever you choose to clear
  2. Ancestral DNA
  3. Spiritual Beliefs
  4. Value of Spiritual vs. Physical
  5. Physical Appearance
  6. Relationships

Here’s the link: http://imagi-creation.com/schedule-of-events-2/belief-relief-teleseminar/

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ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar is starting in about 45 minutes. I am going to talk about the energies affecting us as we approach the 12/21/12 date. There will be an assessment happening on that day that will define our potentials afterwards, in the New Energy. So it is important to know what is needed to assure us of the most expansive, satisfying and joyful potentials.

I will also talk about doubt, which is a limitation program that is coming up for so many right now. Doubt is the last thing to block us from the freedom we seek.

This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and suggest a topic for discussion. I am always happy to create processes for clearing the old and manifesting the new, especially with Saint Germain’s brilliant assistance. If you are not able to participate during the call, you may write your questions and suggestions into the Question Box ahead of time.

I hope that you can join us!


ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar:

Date: November 10, 2012

Time: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time


Here’s the link:
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The Breaking Free from the Earth Game Teleseminar audio recording is now available.

This is a super powerful teleseminar. I was working with a huge group of Beings to clear as much old limitations as possible and to bring in the New Energy. I think we kicked a few butts (in a good way)!

“I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar on Sunday….I think I was teary eyed through the entire thing….not sure why, but it seemed to resonate with me so much….can’t explain even to myself. I suppose I really needed to hear what you had to say. Thanks again for a wonderful seminar. It was perfect….I love your style of work.” Janet Keith

Click here to learn more.

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ImagiCreation’s Emotional Freedom Program
(not EFT)
Part One of ImagiCreation Facilitator Training
Also a stand-alone Program if you are not interested in becoming an ImagiCreation Facilitator.

Back by popular demand!

Days: Saturdays
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time
(Same as San Francisco, World Clock)
Dates: May 28, 2011
June 25, 2011
July 23, 2011
August 20, 2011

I think Diana says it best:

“Hi Sarah, I would like to express my gratitude for the great and incredibly effective sessions on emotional work I had with you.

Here is a small testimonial which I would like to write for everybody who is on the Path to Enlightenment. We all know we have shadow energies within us, and most of the times we spend our positive energy trying to suppress them and pretending we are above all of that, without realizing how badly this approach affects all areas of our lives. For the past 10 years I was individually working on releasing my shadow energies such as fear, and most importantly – shame (which disguised itself skilfully under various masks). However the effect was minor and I was making slow progress, until I came across Sarah Biermann’s articles, and subsequently website, and sessions. The results of her work with me were /still are amazing! Sarah’s techniques are on the cutting-edge of Emotional Spiritual Healing and they are so effective, that one would be surprised by the speed with which the old patterns / problems and shadow energies disperse and new and Divine begins to unfold. It affected my entire life from relationship with people to financial issues within the matter of days! Overall I am now a very Happy Expanding Shameless Being on incredible life journey which would be (and used to be) bumpier and pricklier if I had not had these emotional freedom sessions with Sarah.

I recommend this course to everyone who is tired of vicious circle of troubles and mood/fortune swings, and really wants to break through to live full, happy and creative life! With love and light.” Diana Falby

Learn more…

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I queried people about the big transformation that we are going through. It has been called ascension, but I (and evidently others) don’t like that word. It has too many religious associations and makes me think of going up (no duh) out of our bodies. I remember my Dad was always waiting for Ashtar to “beam him up” out of this crummy physical reality. I have included the suggestions at the end of this article.

To me the transformational process isn’t about getting away from physical reality, it’s about embracing it fully at the same time being aware of our non-physical Infinite Being self. We are becoming multi-dimensional.

So I asked people what words they think describe the process. I also asked about what they have experienced and what they expected in the future. I got a lot of responses about descriptive words (quotes are at the end of this article) and many accounts about experiences, but no one told me what they expect. Perhaps no one has any expectations, or it could be that no one felt “qualified” to express their opinions. Either way, I guess it’s up to me to share what I expect will happen over the next few years.

Some of the words that describe the transformation are:

* Remembering
* Love
* Awakening
* Transformation
* Being
* Limitless
* Metamorphosis
* Multi-dimensional
* Unity / Oneness / Being at One
* Sovereignty
* Freedom

To me it’s been about remembering that I am a multi-dimensional Limitless Being who is sovereign and at the same time at one with the Universe. My Limitless Being Self is inherently loved and lovable, valued and valuable, and there is nothing I have to do to earn love, as it is my natural state. At the same time, I am living in a physical reality that is still affected by the rules of the Old Reality. So my life might not look “perfect” from the point of view of physical reality, but that doesn’t affect the “perfection” of my Limitless Being. It is also about breaking free from the rules, belief systems and programming of the Old Reality.

* Polarity: Left Brain / Right Brain Separation
* Polarity: Higher / Lower, Good / Bad etc,
* No Choice (vs. being able to choose what you desire and change your choice if it no longer serves you)
* Susceptibility (vs. Sovereignty)
* Struggle and Effort (“You must work to live.”)
* Learning through limitation (vs. learning through inspiration)
* Emotional Roller Coaster Program (related to Susceptibility, energy stealing and drama)
* Karma (ensures a variety of experiences)
* Service Agreements and Vows

All of these things are part of the Earth Game in the Old Energy. We are in the process of releasing all of those limiting programs. We are also letting go of our definitions of self, such as being a healer, an intellectual, a nice person, etc. Some of the definitions are easy to release such as being the perpetual care-giver (exhausting!) or being less smart or unattractive. Other definitions are a little harder to release. These are the things that we have loved about ourselves and the things that have made us feel valuable in the past like being a good daughter or son.

One of the definitions that I cleared was being a good mother. I always knew I was going to have children. When I was about 16 years old, I had a dream in which I was at my 84th birthday party. I was surrounded by my children and grandchildren. I knew that I had broken/healed the patterns of dis-function and abuse in my family and started a new health, loving pattern that would be passed down through the generations that followed me. I felt like it was my sacred work to be a good mother.

When my youngest was five years old, I divorced her father. Though he had spent very little time with her up until this point, he insisted on having her half time. She hated going to his house. I would literally have to drag her, sobbing to his front door. When she came back to my house, she would cry and tell me how much she hated her dad and would be very clingy. Being a good mother, I would give her lots of attention, mirror her when she cried so she could discharge all that emotion. And, of course, I never said anything bad about her dad. While I missed her when she was gone, I dreaded her return because it meant sometimes hours of devoting myself to her exclusively. I thought I had to do this to be a good mother.

I traded sessions with another facilitator and we did some work on my “good mother” rules. In a past life I had been a bad mother, leaving my children in the care of my sister while pursued my own interests. When I went back it was too late. They had all died. At the end of that life, I swore that I would never do that again, that I would always be a good mother from now on. During the session I was able to release the guilt, shame, grief and self-judgment about that experience. You could say that I forgave myself. And I un-created the decision that I made at the end of that life. This gave me the option now of being a bad mother, if I chose. This doesn’t mean that I had to be a bad mother, just that I now had choice.

The next day my daughter returned from her stay with her father. I dutifully gave her lots of attention, playing “Barbies” with her. I never played with dolls when I was a girl and I really don’t enjoy it. After and hour, I told her that I needed a break. She started to cry saying, “I hardly ever get to be with you and when I do, you won’t even play with me.” Previously, this would have triggered my guilt and I would have played longer even though I really did not want to. This time was different. I looked at her and said, “You’re really good at that.” Not with anger or sarcasm, but with a sudden awareness of her great skills as a manipulator. She looked away for a moment then looked back at me, grinning, and said, “I always have been.” Our relationship changed for the better at that moment. I wasn’t doing things that I resented because I though I should in order to be a good mother. My relationships with all three of my children improved after that. We started having more fun since I wasn’t always trying to do things “right” and get them to do things “right”.

So I guess the bottom line is that we are in the process of releasing polarity, good/bad, right/wrong etc. When we do that then we automatically let go of judgment, which allows us to feel lovable and valuable, exactly as we are right now, regardless of the “out picture”. And because we are still in the transition period, when the Old Reality is overlapping the New Reality, we are pretty much guaranteed that the out picture will not be perfect. Think about it, if you were successful within the Old Reality rules, why would you give them up? There comes a time when you say, “Forget it! This shit isn’t working for me! So I’m not going to try anymore to fit in, be a good mother, a responsible son or have a great credit rating.” The rules of society and what other people say about you don’t matter anymore. That’s freedom!

Another part of the transition that I see happening is letting go of the judgment of physical reality and especially our bodies. Most religions and New Age teachings will tell you that we must learn to transcend the desires of our bodies, especially the things related to the lower chakras. Non-physical (spiritual) reality is better than physical reality. After all, we “fell from grace” and ended up here. It’s like we are being punished by having bodies. The Earth experience is unique. There is nowhere else that we can have the intensity of experience that we get here. When I look at other places of incarnation, they look kind of pastel colored. It might be easier and more peaceful there but it’s not as exciting. The Earth is full of bright, vivid colors; the bold primary colors and gorgeous jewel tones.

If you think about it, we receive cosmic energy and information from the Universal Center, through the Galactic Center, through Sirius to our Sun and then to the Earth Center. What if our cosmic wisdom came in via our feet and root chakras (which are closer to the Earth) rather than through the crown chakra? If that were true then instead of going up and out of our bodies to connect with spiritual wisdom, we would connect more with the Earth and actually be more in our bodies. Try it out some time.

As we continue on our path to Love/Unity/Limitlessness/Awakening we will see more of the old systems breaking down. There will be changes to the planet and some people will be leaving. The old systems; financial, government, religion, education etc. will continue to fall apart. There will be up-swings and down-swings. As an example, let’s look at the USA and the election of President Obama. His election was possible because the USA had shifted from being predominantly at the Young Soul level to being predominantly Mature Soul level. At the Young Soul level the focus is on mastering physical reality. These are the CEO’s, the one’s who have all the things that mark you as being a success in the Old Reality, high-end home(s), fancy car, Italian suits etc. The Young Soul person doesn’t have emotional wisdom or empathy. They see the world as “me” and “not me”.

At the Mature Soul level the heart chakra opens and the entity (individual human or country) learns about emotions and empathy. The Mature Soul’s view is “me” and “other me’s”. Bush is a Young Soul and Obama is a Mature Soul.

Whenever a soul moves from one soul level to another it is going into an unknown area and will experience uncertainty and fear. When under stress the soul will revert to the previous soul age strategies and ways of thinking for a period of time. But the push to embrace the new level eventually leads them to embracing and living the new soul level perspectives once again. This is what has happened in the USA. And this pattern of moving forward and then back again for a period of time will happen for each of us individually as well as for the world as a whole.

I see it as a parallel split and the people who don’t want to be on the New Earth Parallel will be leaving. They will have a reality that suits their level of awareness and desired experiences. We will have a reality that suits our level of awareness and desired experiences. It isn’t going to happen over night. You won’t wake up on December 22, 2012 to a completely different world. We have chosen to make this transition be as gentle as possible. From the human perspective it can seem really slow, but Saint Germain tells me that we are going really fast! They didn’t expect us to be able to get to where we are this quickly. He suggested that we relax a bit! We will “get there” guaranteed. We need to give our bodies time to handle the higher frequencies. We are receiving pulses of these frequencies and then given some time to adjust and transform physically. These pulses are happening faster, coming in as frequently as a few days. Just a year or two ago we could only handle the pulses about every month or two.

The hardest part of living in these transition times is that we know that there is a New Reality and we know how amazing and fun it can be. At the same time we are still living somewhat in the Old Reality as the two are still overlapped. As the two realities pull apart it gets easier to manifest what we desire here. At the same time, the “power players” in the Old Reality are more and more threatened. They are trying to hold on to their power and to hold on to us. Ultimately, they can not succeed, but they will try to hook you back into the fear and shame based reality that gives them their power. This is happening on a macro level and a micro level. Those people in your life who have been feeding on your energy will do their best to get you to continue feeding them. They will try to make you feel bad and to doubt yourself. I would say that the more that they tell you that you are doing it wrong, the more you are actually doing it right!

There are new, wonderful technologies that will soon be released that will totally change the planet. Cars that run on water or non-toxic alcohol based on sea-purifying kelp, old tires and medical waste that are processed without any toxicity into organic fertilizer, turbines that harvest the ocean tides to produce enough energy for huge cities, and much more.

Another thing I see happening in the near future is irrefutable evidence of Extra Terrestrials. We are being prepared for this in many ways. Look at how many movies and TV programs about ETs. I heard that the US Government is funding the show called The Event about ETs already living on Earth and pretending to be humans. And the president on the show is African American. Obama has been briefed about the ETs that our government has been working with for decades. Disclosure is imminent.

Before we are able to manifest changes in physical reality, we must make the inner transformation. The challenging part is to be able to maintain our sense of self-love and inherent value until the physical catches up with the spiritual. So be kind to yourself and be patient. Your success is guaranteed!

Below some of are the suggestions I received for defining and naming this transformation:

Freedom of the Being, Limitless Being
Being Divine

For me, the transformation process is about learning to stop resisting. If we resist our emotions, then they are controlling our perceptions making us blind to what is. And I believe that we create so many attachments so that we can hide from our emotions.

I recently felt my transformation was like learning the rules of the game of life, and once you learn the rules, the game becomes obvious and easy. But now it seems like there is really only one rule and that is to release resistance.

The word I like for what is happening is ‘Awakening’ (to our true self) Awakening is opening me to self compassion, self acceptance, self love, honoring self no matter what outer landscape would like me to believe (illusion).


I’m reading it as two words actually: A scension. Meaning: a continuous act of sensing with my senses… like a word game that scension is a noun of the verb “sensing.”

I like it this way because that’s what my own “Ascension” journey was and still is all about. Coming back to my senses to the awarenesses and opening those up – which initially is sometimes quite painful – letting myself be alive once again versus being analytical and “intelligent” but numb… “I’m not dumb I’m just numb”… hehe

ONENESS is the word I feel covers the process – before our energies were scattered all around…now we are inviting all aspects back, leaving nothing behind.

It’s about becoming a TOTALLY DIFFERENT BEING in a process as natural as a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Metamorphosis. It’s a transformation.
Butterfly transformation?
Morph? Morphing?
Cocoon stage?
Multi-dimensional living?
Multi-dimensional perception?

The Transition

soul retrieval

From my perception and experience, it is the reintegration of our Stellar Celestial Consciousness within our human form – We are shown that we are love – and love is ALL – Love is enough – If you embody this vibe, it really does not matter what you do with your self as your energy transforms everyone and everything around without “Doing Anything”
I like the word Fusion as it definitely represents the process I went through-

Harmonious Enlightenment… the blending and sharing of light and sound

5th Dimensional Inner alignment. We are each born with an Original Soul Song….just waiting to be sung. Our soul song travels with us from lifetime to lifetime. Only thing is, the CD gets scratched every lifetime. As mothers we carry an extra burden and have to be repaired as we fragment our selves through child-birth and de-faultive re-incarnation. Our scattered ‘selves’ feel the same we do. So when you change your thinking, so do they. It is a miracle in the making.

Metamorphosis. I think that fits perfectly. It does sort of feel like we are turning from caterpillars into butterflies, don’t you think?

What always has resonated deep within me is GOING HOME’! And the return to ONENESS!

I think that ascension is not “acute” anymore, because we are not just going “upwards” like when you ascend. We are becoming our true-shelves and in order to do that we are going upwards, downwards, inwards, towards, realwards, dreamwards… You know that English is not my mother language so I think you can play with words or wards better than me.
I think this is about evolving and becoming true-self, integrating all our parts and letting go what a-part us

I’ve used the term “Awake”. As in I was asleep before I became aware of Energy and my Healing Talent, then I Awoke from separation into Unity, Oneness.
When I began to make the distinction of Religious vs Spiritual. Religion will have someone (priest, rabbi, minister, etc) installed to tell you what to think, what to do and tell you how you MUST believe, and of course pay them to do so. Spirituality cuts out that middle man and you go right to the Source. . . and Learn your own Truth.

Perhaps the Grand Awakening Humanity.

Becoming whole or
Becoming at one

I have been connecting more with the phrase “Rising Sun.” It is the time of the Rising Sun–us. And it we who are being called to be the Rising Sun.

The Sovereign Sun resides both within and outside of us. Now it is time for our solar plexus Sovereign Sun to rise up to greet the THE Sovereign Sun which is, of course, none other than our greater selves in oneness with the universal creative force.

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In my experience, the key to releasing limiting belief systems, patterns, programs etc. is clearing the core emotional content attached to them. The bottom line is that you can’t clear the limitation unless you are willing to feel the emotions.

I was recently working with Carolyn, a fun, creative woman who has been on her spiritual path for all of her 72 years on the planet. She was baffled though, that no matter what she did, she is still had this weird block. Since childhood, anytime she was asked to draw or paint she would go into a panic. It was frightening and painful and embarrassing. Though she was creative in other areas; cooking and dancing and having created three children, she was absolutely stuck when it came art.

The trick with emotions is that you have to feel them to release them. I say, “Feeling is healing.” I asked Carolyn to really go into the fear and the pain and the embarrassment (shame). “This is torture!” she said. It was not fun, but she stayed with it, “running the juice”. Once the level of intensity was lowered enough through the process of staying with the feelings, then we could find the point of creation of this block.

In a past life she was an artist, a man living in Europe during the time when the Catholic Church controlled all art. She – I should say he – was a rebel, short, slightly round fellow with a good amount of arrogance. And he didn’t like being told what he could or couldn’t do by the Church. He thought that he could get away with sneaking in anti-church messages into his paintings. He did not get away with it. He was imprisoned and tortured. Carolyn stayed with the feelings, remembering how it felt to have her/his fingernails pulled out and eventually wishing he could die to end the suffering.

I asked her, “If you made some decision at the end of that life, what would it be?” She answered, “I will never do that again!” And she was still limited by that decision in this life. From this place she was able to un-create that decision and clear the limitation.

I asked her to imagine again that she needed to do some art. It no longer brought up any panic. It seemed easy. “I think I’ll get some paper and charcoal and do some drawing” she said.

This is why I believe that the Emotional Freedom Program is the most powerful thing that I teach.

Learn more about the Imagi-Creation’s Emotional Freedom Online Program.

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As more and more waves of light flow in to our planet, more of the shadow energies are being illuminated, exposing old, stuck emotions. Unless you know how to deal with this, you can be thrown off your path. This is why it is imperative for Lightworkers to clear your emotional residue, be aware of what is and isn’t yours and develop excellent emotional skills.

In the time ahead it is vitally important that we can receive guidance from our Greater Selves and Spirit.

But, when you are in high emotion it is not possible to connect with Spirit or your Greater Self.

How many times have you been upset, sad, afraid or lonely and called upon Spirit and got nothing?

I invite you to join me in the Emotional Freedom Program.

Starts tomorrow – February 13, 2010!

Please don’t wait to the last minute to register as I will be sending you course material for the class.

Learn more and register here.

You will learn:

* How to know when you are being passes emotions from others and how to clear them.
* How to language about emotions in a way that keeps you from being overwhelmed and lost in identification with the emotion.
* How to “mirror” other people (family, friends, clients) so that they can release emotion in a way that doesn’t hurt you.
* How to clear the emotional content of your “story” so that it doesn’t control you anymore.
* How the thoughts and emotions relate. How to end that continuous loop that keeps you trapped and unfulfilled.
* At the end of this program you will be have the skills to handle emotional experiences while still maintaining your stable and safe center. You will have gained unshakable emotional composure, knowing that whatever happens on earth is only a transitory dream projected in time and space by ourselves. We only need to take it seriously in so far as it adds to our experience.

Each month will include:

* One-hour group teleconference call with Sarah: Clearings and processes and techniques.

>>>These seminars will be recorded and available for free download

if you are unable to attend live, or want to listen again.<<<

Teleseminar Dates: Saturdays at 1 p.m. Pacific Time World Clock

1. February 13, 2010
2. March 13, 2010
3. April 10, 2010
4. May 8, 2010

* Personal coaching call(s) Individual phone session(s) with Sarah. One, two or four sessions over four months, see below for Level One/Level Two/Level Three program cost.

* Course materials: Instructions, processes/techniques and support materials.

* Email Support: To answer any questions that may come up.

* Discounts on additional sessions during the course: Your additional sessions, if desired, are only $99 per hour (Save $26.00 each).

I have done my best to make this program affordable because I feel this information is desperately needed by Lightworkers to survive and thrive in the emotionally intense Transition Times.

The Emotional Freedom Program is Part One of ImagiCreation Practitioner Training.

But it is also a stand-alone class.

In the time ahead it is vitally important that we can receive guidance from our Greater Selves and Spirit.

But, when you are in high emotion it is not possible to connect with Spirit or your Greater Self.

How many times have you been upset, sad, afraid or lonely and called upon Spirit and got nothing?

This is a four month program that starts at only $45 a month, including a one-hour personal session!

Starts tomorrow – February 13, 2010!

Please don’t wait to the last minute to register as I will be sending you course material for the class.

Learn more and register here.

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Emotional Freedom Program
A Four-Month Course

The people I work with are quite good metaphysicians. They are spiritually savvy, empathic, loving and wise and powerful creators… until they get wacked by some intense emotional event, when family, friends or co-workers behave in unkind (or even cruel) ways, or when someone gets angry or makes them feel bad or less than.You probably know what I’m talking about.

So many people have asked me to teach a course on emotions and specifically shame. Most people aren’t really aware of how much shame (as well as fear of shame and anger about shame) can control their lives.  Shame is rampant throughout society, passed from person to person, hidden below the surface.

Once you really know shame and know how to deal with it when someone passes you shame, then nothing and no-one can control you again.

That’s freedom!
Click here to learn more…

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