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August’s Monthly Free Teleseminar is now available to listen online or to download.

Current energies and opportunities, regaining the original, empowered feminine and masculine, how to communicate with the Angels, Ascended Masters and ETs and a guided meditation led by Isis and Ahrazu/Osiris.

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We survived a particularly intense Mercury Retrograde. I had whole pages of my website just disappear! I also experienced completions with my first love and my first husband, two souls with whom I have shared many lifetimes and a lot of love. Though it is sad to say goodbye, it is also necessary.

I’ve written and spoken about community lately and so many of you have expressed you own increasing desire for this. We’ve spent a lot of the last few years needing lots of alone time. Many people I’ve spoken with have said that sometimes they don’t even want to leave their bedrooms! (I have so been there!) Going out in public places has been challenging and uncomfortable. Being away from people and in nature feels so good, peaceful and relaxing.

So how the hell are we going to create these communities when we can barely stand being around people? It feels like a big case of PMS to me. I want to be with others, but I really can’t deal with their crap. And I know that I’m not alone in this. I’ve noticed that drivers are really tightly wound, impatient, cutting in and out of traffic and honking their horns. Earlier today a man driving a new Bentley sports car (at about $200,000) zoomed past the line of cars waiting to turn right and cut in at the front. I wanted to kill the bastard! Yep, I’m feeling it…

Here’s what’s going on in the sky. We have a full moon in Aries coming exact in just a few hours. This means that the Moon is in Aries (“I do what I want, don’t tell me what to do.”) and the Sun is Libra (“What is the nature of partnership and relationship?”). The Sun and the Moon are opposite each other, creating a push/pull affect. The energy coming from the Sun is through the lens of relationship while the Moon is telling us that the way to be safe is by being alone. It’s a preparation for moving into a period where we want to be around people again.

There are other players in this month’s sky dance. On October 7th, Mercury is going to be in close conjunction with Saturn. Early in the morning over North America, Mercury and Saturn will appear in the sky only 0.3 degrees apart. After being retrograde, looking at the past and completing old business, Mercury is aligning with Saturn to determine the new rules for communication.

Shortly after that on October 9th, Mercury steps into Libra (with the new rules) making communication and compromise easier.

Then on October 12th Jupiter turns direct in team-oriented Aquarius, where it will rejoin compassionate Chiron and spiritual Neptune in December, inviting us to rediscover a sense of community and collective creativity. Jupiter is all about expansion and growth. When it is in retrograde motion (like it has been since June 15th) then the emphasis is on inner growth. Once Jupiter is moving forward again it is easier to expand and create in the outer world.

The next day, October 13th, Venus cuddles up in close conjunction with Saturn. Venus and Saturn will appear only a half-degree apart in the early morning sky. Venus carries the sweet energy of beauty, pleasure and cooperation. Venus (Queen of Luxury) and Saturn (King of the Rules) kind of rub off on each other as they dance. Venus’s energy is limited at the same time Saturn “loosens up” a bit.

With this adjustment completed, Venus dances off into Libra the next day, October 14. She is at home and comfortable in Libra, bringing smoother interactions with others and a gracious appreciation of beauty.

On the 16th Mars (the masculine, active energy) marches into Leo, which is all about radical self-love and confidence. We are more able to step out into the world and make things happen.

And finally we have a New Moon in Libra October 17 at about 10 p.m. Pacific Time. The Moon and the Sun are joined by Mercury and Venus in Libra. They are in a supportive trine with expansive Jupiter and spiritual Neptune in Aquarius, the sign of cosmic consciousness and connection. That’s a lot of action happening in Libra!

From the Shamanic Astrology viewpoint, the Libra mystery school and training includes a key concept that relationship itself is THE highest spiritual path to God. The essence of Libra is that you discover more about yourself and who you are, through the eyes of other people with whom you are bonded. Libra asks, “What is the nature of relationship and partnership? What is non-hierarchical, conscious equal partnership?” The call to community that so many of us have been feeling was an anticipation of this time when we have so much cosmic energy supporting us to connect with each other.

During a new moon it is an excellent time to set intentions for what you want to create. But don’t worry about it if you forget, or think you might not be doing it right. I recently got a comforting message from Ahrazu that I would like to share with you all.

There have been many things written that tell you how important it is to “do things right” over the next few years in order to position yourself (clear limitations and stay aligned with your divine service) so that you will be where you need to be when the big change comes.

This is not necessary, because the end result, the transformation into the New Reality is guaranteed. Worrying and efforting to be better are part of the Old Reality. Remember the ancient programming that you need to “work to live” and that there is a reward for “good” behavior? There is an underlying fear that if you don’t do it right now, then you will be left behind.

The New Reality is not about doing it “right’! It is about freedom. Freedom from pretending to be a “simple human” and needing to have lessons etc. to achieve a level of clarity or “goodness” that qualifies you to go to the New Reality. All those beliefs are based in the Old Reality.

In his last life (in which he ascended) my friend Ascended Master Kuthumi was a successful philosopher at Oxford University. He was quite enmeshed in that very mental pursuit. Then it all fell apart. He had a total mental breakdown. For two years he barely got out of bed. During that time, he realized that all the stuff that we strive for, all the ways that we try to do it right do not matter. It was the time of his ascension.

Another friend, Ascended Master Tobias spent that last years of his ascending life in jail. He had been a devout Jew for many lifetimes (like me). While he was in jail he lost all faith, his only consolidation was a white bird, who spoke to him through the tiny jail cell window. His life as a devout and righteous Jew fell apart. From there he remembered his true nature and broke free from the Earth Programming.

Any place that you have fear or anxiety that you need to “do it right”, make yourself better, or “really kick into service” can be released now. We tell you, “It is already done!”

Take a moment and imagine that your future, your bright future is assured. It doesn’t depend on eating the right foods, doing the right exercise or thinking only positive thoughts. All of that is based on polarity, right and wrong. What is important now is to know that regardless of the out picture, regardless of what the Old Reality presents (body stuff, money stuff, relationship stuff), you know that you are an Infinite Being of beauty and light, and there is nothing, nothing, that can change that. You will know what you need to know, when you need to know it. All is in divine timing.

Think back to some event in your past that really upset you. It could be the end of a relationship, financial or legal struggles, or health issues. Think back to something that has resolved itself. About 90 percent of what you fret over on a daily basis will resolve itself. Let it go. Let go of perfection. Let go of “trying to do it right”.

Once again, I say, and please listen and feel this, “It is already done!”

And you are always loved,


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