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I hope you will join me for this powerful event!
Date: Sunday December 21, 2008
Time: 2 -3 p.m. Pacific Time World Clock
Price: $29.00

On December 21st a portal is opening that is bringing in a powerful Wave of Light of a higher frequency then we have ever experienced before. This wave is going to boost us up another step on the Ascension Ladder. You will experience a clearer connection with your multi-dimensional self. You are much more than the individual soul. You are truly an Infinite Being with many collective parts or aspects. This wave is opening a path for you to remember who you are as an Infinite Being. You could also call this part your Greater Self, Oversoul, True Self or Master Aspect.

This Wave of Light will be shining onto some shadow energies from millions of years ago. Saint Germain said that it will be experienced as waves. Sometimes we’ll be gloriously reveling in the profound awareness of our multi-dimensional selves and sometimes we’ll be feeling the negative energies from those experiences.

Listen to what Saint Germain said about the Wave of Light.

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