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We are approaching the 08:08:08 Gateway (on August 8th). There are some powerful potentials coming in on this gateway.

My friend Julia Griffin and I were talking about how to shift the current anxiety and worry about our planet, specifically the economy. We invite you to join us for a free Global Abundance Event!

Would you be interested in affecting positive change for the World Economy?

On August 8th at 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time
you are invited to participate with people around the world to change our reality! All that’s required is that you spend three to eight minutes focusing on Abundance! We will create a powerful wave of abundance energy and expand it throughout reality.

Please tell everyone you know about this event, more participants means more transformation!

Some of the key words for this Gateway are:


Email me at Sarah@limitless-one.com with “Global Abundance Event” in the subject and I’ll send you information about how to create a powerful wave of abundance around the planet.

Before the Global Event, I am hosting a one-hour teleseminar on the subjects of Mastery, Manifestation and Abundance.

We will start by clearing limiting beliefs, implants and agreements. Then we will invite the Masters and Angels to join us to create/receive more abundance in your life and for the world. We will also create a powerful MACRO to support your ability to manifest your dreams in physical reality and to live in your Mastery in daily life.

We will stay connected via telephone for the Global Economy Event.

Click here to register for the teleseminar.

Read Ahrazu/Osiris channel related to this event.


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