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The energies that continue to flow from 11:11:11 Portal activate the three master numbers, 11, 22 and 33.

11 – The Spiritual Messenger; inspirational, spiritual teacher, channel, intuitive, peacemaker.

22 – The Master Builder; organizer, visionary leader, the ability to perceive something in the spiritual or cosmic realm and make it manifest on Earth.

33 – Master of Healing through Love: The Christ Seed, sensitive, loving, altruistic, protective.

As we move closer to the 2012 date, the higher frequencies (like the qualities of mastery) are flowing into the planet. This is like shining a light into a filthy room that has been closed for years (or centuries or millennia!). Now we can see that smelly, nasty stuff once again. All the hidden things that reside in the lower frequencies of fear, shame and greed are being exposed.

There is a Global Splash-Out flooding the planet. We are living in a dual reality, the Old Energy and the New Energy overlapping. According to Saint Germain it is absolutely necessary to stay conscious during these times in order to avoid being pulled back into the negative experiences within the Old Reality. We are being challenged more than ever as the Old Energy tries to suck us back in.

You are a master and it is time for you to claim it!

During this teleseminar you will:

Clear any remaining limitations; the very things that could be triggered by the Global Splash-Out.

Learn tools to maintain your frequency and stay focused on the New Reality.

Travel to Saint Germain’s cabin and join in the party with Kuthumi, Isis, Ahrazu and other Ascended Masters and Angels.

Remember who you truly are and connect with your spiritual gifts.

Bring in the highest frequencies and anchor them in your body.

And receive your unique gift from Saint Germain!

The recording of this teleseminar is available here.

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We are approaching the 08:08:08 Gateway (on August 8th). There are some powerful potentials coming in on this gateway.

My friend Julia Griffin and I were talking about how to shift the current anxiety and worry about our planet, specifically the economy. We invite you to join us for a free Global Abundance Event!

Would you be interested in affecting positive change for the World Economy?

On August 8th at 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time
you are invited to participate with people around the world to change our reality! All that’s required is that you spend three to eight minutes focusing on Abundance! We will create a powerful wave of abundance energy and expand it throughout reality.

Please tell everyone you know about this event, more participants means more transformation!

Some of the key words for this Gateway are:


Email me at Sarah@limitless-one.com with “Global Abundance Event” in the subject and I’ll send you information about how to create a powerful wave of abundance around the planet.

Before the Global Event, I am hosting a one-hour teleseminar on the subjects of Mastery, Manifestation and Abundance.

We will start by clearing limiting beliefs, implants and agreements. Then we will invite the Masters and Angels to join us to create/receive more abundance in your life and for the world. We will also create a powerful MACRO to support your ability to manifest your dreams in physical reality and to live in your Mastery in daily life.

We will stay connected via telephone for the Global Economy Event.

Click here to register for the teleseminar.

Read Ahrazu/Osiris channel related to this event.

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The Masters Journey: A Global Initiation
With Co-hosts Sarah Biermann and Sarah McCroskey

We would like to invite you to join us in an adventure in consciousness.

Recently Sarah McCroskey and I were talking about the idea of Mastery. She told me about a vision she had in which she was taken by “the Masters” to a venue surrounded by a multitude of Masters (Quan Yin, Buddha, Jeshua, Lao Tsu and more). They asked her, “Are you ready?” and initiated her into her Mastery. They told her that she was one of the people on the planet today who are MASTERS NOW but are not aware of it or not able to embody and live it. She was told that it was her destiny to help awaken more of these masters. Needless to say it was an amazingly profound experience for her.

I was completely silent as she described her vision because about a year earlier I had had almost the exact same experience when I was taken to a huge stadium and was initiated in my Mastery! It was one of those goosebumpy, awestruck moments! A big “ah ha!”

I asked Osiris/Ahrazu to give me some information.

“The Masters need support. It has been more difficult than was foreseen to be here and to be a Master now. Too many of you are crumpling under the energetic weight/gravity of the mass consciousness here. All of you are leading a dual life, part Master, part “human”. It will take the energy of a group to bring the energetic shift required for the sleeping Masters to awaken, claim and live their Mastery. It is imperative that the more of the Masters are awakened now.”

  • Direct experience of your Master/Greater Self
  • Clear the agreements ‘to forget’ who you really are
  • Learn how to create YOUR reality
  • Claiming your Master Aspect and Initiation into Mastery

You are invited to participate in this amazing (and free) event!
(Approx. I hour) Click here to listen now.

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