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Happy Solstice!

We have some interesting things going on astrologically right now.

Jupiter and Neptune have met two times before this year. Today they are conjunct in Aquarius for the third and last time (there’s that number 3 again). The next meeting will be years from now, April 12, 2022, and after that not again until March 24, 2035.

Jupiter is all about expansion and the fastest path to enlightenment. Neptune has the Christ energy. It is idealistic and visionary. When these two dance together in Aquarius (you all know about Aquarius!) it is a rare and very beneficial cosmic gift, and rare ones are more noticeable.

The Moon, representing the lineage of your soul, is right there next to Jupiter and Neptune. All three are in a favorable sextile relationship with Pluto (shadow material), the Sun (our fuel or energy) and Venus (feminine, receptive energy). And Mars (masculine, active energy) is opposite the conjunction, opposing it.

You are supported in any creative breakthroughs now. Ride the wave of inspiration. Let you mind and soul run free, exploring all the creative possibilities. But now is not the time to take action on your creation. You could create a folder call “Creation Cauldron”. Write down your ideas and let them stew for a bit. In January review, make any changes and do research. As 2010 progresses you will know the right time to manifest your creation.

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Over the next few days, about Oct. 11- 14, 2009 Jupiter is stationing direct. That means that it is at the point in its retrograde (apparent backwards motion) cycle when it stops and turns forward again. Jupiter is in team-oriented Aquarius, where it will rejoin compassionate Chiron and spiritual Neptune in December, inviting us to rediscover a sense of community and collective creativity. Jupiter is all about expansion and growth. When it is in retrograde motion (like it has been since June 15th) then the emphasis is on inner growth. Once Jupiter is moving forward again it is easier to expand and create in the outer world.

The themes associated with Jupiter are – educational goals, philosophy of life, religious and spiritual beliefs, literary and publishing endeavors, expansion of consciousness, team sports and group projects, long-distance travel, Big Business, providence and benevolence, good luck and fortune. The things to watch out for are overdoing it, unwise gambles, arrogance and pride.

When a planet is stationing direct it is called a still point. There is a lot of potential in a still point. Imagine an archer drawing back his arrow. It is at the moment just before he releases the arrow that the course is chosen. Jupiter is now at that point, so it is a good time to take conscious aim.

What is it that you would like to expand in your outer world? What idea would you like to put into action? Now is the time to focus your intent. Think about what you desire, feel how it feels. You do not need to know the details now. Simply feel the energy of your creation. Imagine it is already done. Create a rich and powerful feeling sense of your desire. What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? Breathe it in and expand it out.

Imagine you are holding a “Creation Arrow”. Put all of your creation energy into it. In your mind’s eye, see that beautiful arrow and aim it until it feels right.

Now take a big breath, and let it go! Your creation is on its way!

The next step is to take action that matches the energy of your creation. But Jupiter is a slow mover. It will be a while before it gets up to speed. So don’t rush into action. Over the next few days and weeks, watch for synchronicities, be aware of your dreams and listen for ideas. Maintain the feeling of your Creation Arrow and use that feeling to know what of the possible actions will most support your desired creation.

Robert Wilkinson wrote a good article about how Jupiter in Aquarius affects the various signs. If you like to read a lot about astrology, enjoy the whole article. If not, scroll down to the part about the signs. Read about your Sun Sign and your Ascendant.

If you don’t know your Ascendant you can get it here for free!

You must know your birth time.

If the link to the article doesn’t work, copy and paste this:


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In 1969 The Fifth Dimension released a song called Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In

When the moon is in the 7th house

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then love will rule the planet

And peace will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Read more about Astrological / Cosmic Ages

On Sunday February 15th at 11 a.m. PDT the Moon is in the 7th house (at my location) and Jupiter and Mars are aligned (conjunct) with each other and the North Node in Aquarius. Joining them in Aquarius are the Sun, Mercury and Neptune! Also happening at that time is the second opposition (of five over the next year and a half) of Uranus (new energy / vision) and Saturn (old energy / rules). The Moon is in a favorable, supportive trine to Uranus and Venus is in a similar aspect to Jupiter and Mars. So it seems to me that this is a good day to join together and bring in some new energy and vision.

Let’s celebrate the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

Please join me for a free Webinar Event. (You can participate via the web or by phone.)I have no set subject for this event. This is your chance to connect with others like you and enjoy the community energy! Let me know what you would like to do during the seminar. Do you have any questions? Would you like to share what you are working on creating and receive support from your Spiritual Family?
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You can read more about the Saturn / Uranus Opposition here.

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