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Abundance, Money and Receiving are three different things and each has it’s share of limiting belief systems and programs.

There are reasons that so many “lightworkers” are having a hard time financially. Some of it has to do with “lessons”, some with releasing the Old Energy Systems and also your relationship with money.

I received so many questions about money and abundance and many of my clients are working on these issues. I’ve learned a lot and developed many processes to clear limitations and bring in new potentials about all this “stuff”.

I’ve also been doing a lot of transforming myself about abundance, money and receiving. And I’m in a completely different place mentally, emotionally and financially than I was even a few months (not to mention years!) ago.

Would this class be good for you? If any of the following questions apply to you then this is the right class.

* Would you like to be able to receive more (money, support, etc.) from others with “no strings attached”?
* Do you feel anxious about money, about the future and your ability to support yourself?
* Does it feel like you have to work really hard to make money and get the things that you need?
* Do you feel like you should have more abundance and financial freedom, like you know that you are supposed to have it, but it’s just not happening?
* Are you feeling frustrated or angry with others, yourself or maybe your Greater Self about money and/or abundance?
* Would you like to feel (more) safe and secure?
* And… Would you like to help bring in the New Energy Template for Abundance, Money and Receiving?

It’s time release the limitations and enjoy receiving and living in abundance while having fun with money. I invite you to join me, Ahrazu, Isis, Lakshmi, Venus and Saint Germain for a transformational teleseminar event!

And yes, you can expect a wonderful guided meditation with Saint Germain.

This session is recorded and will be available to download at no additional cost.

Click here to register.

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The recording of the Abundance University Teleseminar is now available on my website for only $10.00.

This was a very powerful and transformational event.

Click here to purchase.

From Ahrazu/Osiris:

“The change that we are experiencing now is different from what has happened before. We are shifting into another dimension, from a Matrix of duality and polarity to one of expansion and oneness. We are moving from a reality based on fear and scarcity to a reality based on love and abundance. The New Energy is not simply an improvement of the Old Energy. We can’t just take the old systems and tweak them. Instead, the old paradigm and the institutions that are based on that have to be dissolved. Then we have space to create the new paradigm based on love.”

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