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Over the next few days, about Oct. 11- 14, 2009 Jupiter is stationing direct. That means that it is at the point in its retrograde (apparent backwards motion) cycle when it stops and turns forward again. Jupiter is in team-oriented Aquarius, where it will rejoin compassionate Chiron and spiritual Neptune in December, inviting us to rediscover a sense of community and collective creativity. Jupiter is all about expansion and growth. When it is in retrograde motion (like it has been since June 15th) then the emphasis is on inner growth. Once Jupiter is moving forward again it is easier to expand and create in the outer world.

The themes associated with Jupiter are – educational goals, philosophy of life, religious and spiritual beliefs, literary and publishing endeavors, expansion of consciousness, team sports and group projects, long-distance travel, Big Business, providence and benevolence, good luck and fortune. The things to watch out for are overdoing it, unwise gambles, arrogance and pride.

When a planet is stationing direct it is called a still point. There is a lot of potential in a still point. Imagine an archer drawing back his arrow. It is at the moment just before he releases the arrow that the course is chosen. Jupiter is now at that point, so it is a good time to take conscious aim.

What is it that you would like to expand in your outer world? What idea would you like to put into action? Now is the time to focus your intent. Think about what you desire, feel how it feels. You do not need to know the details now. Simply feel the energy of your creation. Imagine it is already done. Create a rich and powerful feeling sense of your desire. What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? Breathe it in and expand it out.

Imagine you are holding a “Creation Arrow”. Put all of your creation energy into it. In your mind’s eye, see that beautiful arrow and aim it until it feels right.

Now take a big breath, and let it go! Your creation is on its way!

The next step is to take action that matches the energy of your creation. But Jupiter is a slow mover. It will be a while before it gets up to speed. So don’t rush into action. Over the next few days and weeks, watch for synchronicities, be aware of your dreams and listen for ideas. Maintain the feeling of your Creation Arrow and use that feeling to know what of the possible actions will most support your desired creation.

Robert Wilkinson wrote a good article about how Jupiter in Aquarius affects the various signs. If you like to read a lot about astrology, enjoy the whole article. If not, scroll down to the part about the signs. Read about your Sun Sign and your Ascendant.

If you don’t know your Ascendant you can get it here for free!

You must know your birth time.

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Are you feeling big changes coming?

For the past several months Jupiter and Pluto have been retrograde. On September 7th,  (in North America) Jupiter is stationing direct and just one day later; Pluto shifts from retrograde to direct. This means that the planets’ apparent motion shifts from reverse (retrograde) to forward (direct).

When a planet is retrograde some of that planets energy is held back or blocked in some way. Retrograde planets often cause one to stop and reconsider the consequences, to formulate a new plan.

When a planet goes direct again it is like the new and improved version of the energy that planet represents is now available.

At the time when a planet is stationing direct it is called a still point. There is a lot of potential in a still point. Imagine an archer drawing back his arrow. It is at the moment just before he releases the arrow that the course is chosen. During the still point of a planet stationing direct, you have the power to choose where to focus or aim that energy.

Jupiter represents the principles of expansion, abundance, luck, opportunities, travel, higher education, teaching and philosophy. Approximately four months a year, this planet slips into retrograde. When it does, you are likely to see its influence in your life and in society around you. Plans have a tendency to implode. Expansion and growth can feel blocked.

Pluto is the planet of complete transformation, upheaval, death and rebirth. It is the shadow energy, the Underworld. When Pluto is retrograde, we are urged to let go of rigid or limiting attitudes, thinking or communication patterns and emotions. It’s a good time for an internal “house cleaning”.

Both Jupiter and Pluto are slow moving planets so you have several days around September 7th and 8th to make use of this energy. It’s not time to take action yet, wait a few days for that. Now is the time to be still and focus your intent.

How would you like to expand? What would you like to explore or learn? Where in your life would you like to have more of something? What fears or shadow energies are you ready to conquer?

Imagine your desired outcome. You don’t need to know the individual steps to get there now. It’s like the target that the arrow is aimed at. You only need to see the target, not every inch of air between you and it. Feel what it’s like to have achieved your goal, to have reached your target? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Go for broke here. Don’t temper or limit you dreams. Don’t let what other people might think or do affect you.

Big changes are coming. Are you willing to allow some big changes in your life? I invite you to expect something wonderful to happen every day of your life. When you wake up in the morning, say, “I expect to have wonderful, joyous and pleasurable things happen today! Thank you!”

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