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Tomorrow, August 8th is the Sirius Rising: Transmission from the Sacred Feminine Teleseminar!

I’ve been feeling the energies building and I’m really excited about what is coming in.

Some things might be coming up for you already, but if not, I suggest that you contemplate a few things over the next few days:

What was your relationship like with your Mother/Mother Figure/Primary Caregiver? Did you feel unconditionally loved, supported and safe?
What kind of relationships do you have with the women in your life now?
What is your relationship with the feminine energy? Do you trust it?
Do you feel like you live in a “friendly” Universe, one that supports you and makes you feel safe? Or does it feel like you are always thwarted in your desires to create and manifest?
Ultimately, do you love and trust yourself?

After her trip through the Underworld, the Great Mother Isis is returning to transmit to us a higher frequency of Sacred Feminine. The Portal through which this transmission will be delivered is the star system known as Sirius.

Sirius is a stargate through which we receive the archetypal energy from the Galactic Center.

Imagine our galaxy with its spiral arms. The cosmic energy from the galactic center flows out along the path of the arms. Sirius is located directly upstream from our solar system. The transmissions from the Galactic Center come to our planet through Sirius to Sol and then to Earth.

We are going to receive a powerful transmission from Sirius, new level of perceiving and expressing the Sacred Feminine and healing the wound of separation.

I invite you to join us on August 8th, the heliacal rising of Sirius, for this transformational teleseminar experience. The teleseminar starts at 2 p.m. Pacific Time. (Same as San Francisco World Clock )

Learn more and register here…

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