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Check it out before 10 p.m. Pacific Time:  http://imagi-creation.com/transformation-series/

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The time has finally come to present this information and create these transformations!

You may enjoy a free preview through July 22nd.

The Seven Modules are – with release date:

1) July 22: Physical Body – Specific Systems including the Endocrine System, Digestion, Brain and Nerves,Immune System, Individual Organs, etc..

2) July 29: Core Distortions – Personality, Emotional and Mental Patterns

3) August 5: Self Love, Self Worth, Self Trust: Releasing Doubt and Fear, Staying conscious and in the now.

4) August 12: Relationships/Partnerships – Masculine/Feminine Energies – Sex

5) August 19: Appropriate Energy Exchange -Money, Security, Receiving, Affluence

6) August 26: Connection with the Gaia/Earth and the Beings Who Live Here: – Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms, Fairies and Other “Unseen” Beings on/in our Planet – Stewardship of Earth

7) September 2: Connection with Beings Who Live Off Planet: Your Greater Self, Other Aspects of Self, Star Families, Celestial Entities and Source

Each Module contains almost two hours of powerful transformation processes that include:

  1. Comprehensive processes that cover the whole subject -approx. 45 minutes
  2. One shorter comprehensive audio to use after the first one as a quick way to get overall results when you don’t have the time for the longer one.
  3. Specific, Focused Process – approx. 10 minutes each.  Examples: You can listen to the specific process for your immune system if you are feeling sick or one for relationships before you meet a potential partner.
  4. You will be guided to create a symbol to link you to the energies contained in each module. This can be used if you are in a stressful situation, or can’t listen to the audio for whatever reason.

The processes are designed to work on conscious as well as unconscious levels.  Each process will be energized and supported by specific angels/god or goddesses, ascended masters and your personal soul family.

The Transformation Series is designed to work with as much ease as possible and the audios are designed to be listened to repeatedly each time releasing more of the distortions and activating more of your new templates.


Please enjoy the preview here: http://imagi-creation.com/recorded-webinars/transformation-series-free-webinar-audio-replay/

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There are a lot of emotional things coming up now, doubt, grief and depression especially. Why? The Cosmic Tides are supporting us in clearing our core wound(s).

Read more about this here: Doubt is Just a Program

And please join me for my Monthly Free Webinar on Sunday, Sept. 15th. St. Germain will be joining us to transform our core wound experiences and to be free of more limiting programs. He is very excited to talk about the fun stuff like levitating and transportation.
I hope you can join us live, but if not, the free recording will be available.

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ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar is starting in about 45 minutes. I am going to talk about the energies affecting us as we approach the 12/21/12 date. There will be an assessment happening on that day that will define our potentials afterwards, in the New Energy. So it is important to know what is needed to assure us of the most expansive, satisfying and joyful potentials.

I will also talk about doubt, which is a limitation program that is coming up for so many right now. Doubt is the last thing to block us from the freedom we seek.

This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and suggest a topic for discussion. I am always happy to create processes for clearing the old and manifesting the new, especially with Saint Germain’s brilliant assistance. If you are not able to participate during the call, you may write your questions and suggestions into the Question Box ahead of time.

I hope that you can join us!


ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar:

Date: November 10, 2012

Time: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time


Here’s the link:
Or copy and paste:


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I’m excited offer a new, and I think timely, service. ImagiCreation’s Magical Manifestation Meetings with Saint Germain.

These meetings are designed to help you manifest your desires. The focus in not on clearing old stuff, but on creating new, fun and satisfying things. You might desire a new car, a new relationship, a new home, a healthier body or maybe a vacation.

Our brains are changing, re-uniting the left and right hemispheres. The split between the two sides is what created the Veils of Illusion and polarity. The reconnection of the hemispheres thins the Veils, releases polarity and allows us to manifest our desires quickly and magically.  Of course, if anything comes up that could interfere with your manifestation, it will be cleared.

Saint Germain, the Master of Magical Manifestation with be with us too! He has strongly suggested that you start with at least two meetings.

St. Germain and I have structured these meetings in a way that will be most affective. Each meeting is 30 minutes long. If you are already clear about what you desire to manifest, great. If needed, I’ll assist you to clarify your desire.

I’ll help you to activate your imagination and creative power. I’ve developed a variety of specific methods and with St. Germain there to help, we’ll create a specific program just for you.

The meetings are via telephone or Skype.

Introductory Price: Only $50.00 per meeting. Buy five and get the sixth on free!

Click here to start manifesting your desires.

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The Healer’s Class Teleseminar

Date: Today November 13, 2010
Time: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco World Clock )
Cost: $30.00

—-> New information from Saint Germain! <—-

Saint Germain suggested that I have a quantity of quartz crystals available into which we'll download the New Energy Template.

The programmed crystals will have some excellent qualities:

* They will be programmed to automatically update to receive the future Energy Templates that will be available as we approach and pass the 12/21/12 shift.
* The information and energy in the crystal can be transmitted into water and then the water will be a powerful transformational / healing "medicine".
* For those of you who use sound/music/voice in any way, the crystal's energy can be transmitted through the sound.

It's all about the wave… water and sound!
Whether you are technically in the healing business or just one of those people who end up helping and healing others, this is the class for you!

Clear service agreements and belief systems from the unconscious mind.
These are the things that keep you locked into the Old Energy ways of healing.

Learn specific techniques that allow you to work with clients without taking on any of their stuff or using your own energy.

How to know when the person is ready to let go of a limitation or not. Otherwise, they will hang on to it or recreate it and probably blame you.

How to trust yourself and your work. We'll go through a powerful past life regression to clear any vows or decisions that left you feeling like you can't trust yourself.

We will be joined by Saint Gemain, the "Master of Sovereignty and Freedom". He broke free from all the illusions of the Earth Reality and is here to help us do that too!

I invite you to join me, Saint Germain and of course Ahrazu/Osiris and Isis for this one-hour teleseminar event.

Register here.

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By Sarah Biermann and Saint Germain

Let’s talk about New Years Resolutions.

What is a resolution?

In my dictionary resolution means “the thing determined upon; a decision as to future action”.

It is based on the word resolute meaning “fixed and firm in purpose”.

That sounds pretty heavy and not fun to me. And aren’t we supposed to be living in the “now” (not the future) and going with the flow (not fixed)?

How do you create your reality?

The old way to create is through structure and discipline, effort and force. This does not have to be your reality! You can create your life, including your body, with ease and joy.

Suppose a friend or relative looked at you and said, “You are too fat! I’m putting you on a strict diet and forcing you to go to the gym whether you want to or not!” Is that how you would like to be treated? Probably not, and your body doesn’t like to be treated that way either. When you look at your body and say, “this is too big; this is too small” etc., your body answers, “Yes, as you wish.” And it creates what you said, i.e. “too big” or “too small” etc. Your body is very accommodating and very forgiving.

Do you owe your body an apology?

Let’s start our New Year with a new way of creating. The first thing to do is to let go of everything you’ve ever been told and believed about your body, how it works and what is good and bad for it. I mean everything, even the metaphysical stuff. The rules only apply to us if we choose to let them.

I’ve been working with Saint Germain for many years. He lived for several hundred years, always appearing to be the same. He did not age and did not need to eat at all!

(At this point St. Germain asked to write)

Are You Abusing Your Body?
By Saint Germain

Would you all please stop abusing your bodies in the name of caring for them!

Every time you have unkind thought about your body, you are abusing it. Every time you refuse to eat what your body wishes to eat is abuse. Every time you eat something that your body does not desire is abuse. So many people eat what your mind wants to eat, whether it’s based on some special diet you’ve been told is good for you, or in an effort to fulfill some emotional need. Your body knows what it needs to eat. It tells you by desiring that food. But you must stay conscious and aware. If you are feeling emotional, lonely, stressed or bored you will probably not listen to your body. So stop for a minute, check your emotional state. Separate your mental/emotional self from your physical body. Ask each part what it needs. It’s not about denying or punishing your mental/emotional self. It’s about becoming more aware, aware of what part of you is hungry and for what.

Let go of all the beliefs that one food is good and another is bad. You know that little voice, or perhaps it’s a big one, that tells you that you must be good and eat “right to purify your body and raise your vibration and to ascend?” It is an implant, a program, a belief system. Your body does not need a specific amount of calories for energy; it does not need a daily minimum of vitamins or protein, etc. I broke free from that programming and now is the time for you to break free too.

We “Ascended Masters” think you are so silly as we drink wine and smoke cigars here on the other side of the veil. Most of us eagerly await being “embodied” again so we can enjoy the full pleasure of all those things that you deny yourself. There is great joy in the freedom and unity we experience on this side of the veil, but it is only through physical manifestation that you can come together as two separate beings. You have to have a body in order to feel physical touch and to experience the other senses in such a vivid way.

Once you come out of the hypnosis/programming of how to eat, it is as simple as listening to your body. Ask you body what IT wishes to eat. You have been told that foods that are high in sugar and fat are bad for you. (There is no surprise that most children are “addicted to sugar”; they started out as infants with a diet of only super-sweet and fat-filled food, breastmilk. Breastmilk is touted as being the perfect food. Just a thought…)

I’m not saying that it is good to eat “junk food”. I am saying that YOU know what is appropriate for YOU. You don’t need anyone else to tell you how to eat, or how to BE for that matter.

You are in truth an Master who took on an agreement to forget who you really are, to pretend to be a human, to have karma and to have to learn lessons? What if you didn’t need to work to raise your vibration to achieve ascension? What if you are already there and you need only to remember? What if the only reason for incarnating was to enjoy your embodiment? What would your life be like?


When I started working with Saint Germain he asked me, “Are you willing to lose everything you know as being you, everything that you know as being yours in order to be conscious?”

I came to understand that what I had thought was me was truly just my “story”, my beliefs and programming.

How do you know the truth?

It’s really quite easy. If it feels light and expansive, it’s true! If it feels
heavy or limiting, it’s not true! It is that easy. Think about what you have been taught about how to eat right. Does it feel light and expansive? Or does it feel heavy and limiting?

Welcome to the “food-gasm”!

Have you ever eaten something that was so good it was like an orgasm? That was when you were eating what your body truly desired. Mmmmm! The trick is to stop eating when the food stops being that delicious. I know a woman who lost 100 pounds eating what ever her body desired. Including potato chips and chocolate. The thing is, she stopped eating when it was no longer ecstatically good.

Note: This isn’t going to work if you are thinking about how bad, fattening or unhealthy something is while you are eating it. Every time one of those thoughts comes into your head, ask, “does this feel light and expansive?”
If the answer is NO then it is not true for you.

How do you nurture your body?

What is nurturing to your body? There are no rules here either. From an expanded state, ask your body what is nurturing to it. You will probably get some of the expected answers, like a bath, loving touch, warm tea, etc. But don’t edit out the ones that seem crazy. I was surprised when my list included; Neccos candy, coffee in bed in the morning and even tequila!
Nurture your body as much as possible. Our bodies are going through a major transition. Be patient, gentle and loving with your body.

Does your body like to exercise?

Bodies love to move. What does your body like to do? Once again, throw away all the rules you learned. Ask what is true for YOU. Don’t abuse your body by making it exercise when it does not desire to exercise. If you would like to change the shape of your body, ask it, “What would it take to look like this?” Force and discipline are not necessary.

One thing that I have noticed about the gym, generally it is full of people who do a lot of judging of their bodies. Since we are all way more psychic then we realize, we pick up on all their judgments. Watch out for this.

Talk to your body. Your body has it’s own consciousness and you the being can communicate directly with it.

Here are some suggestions for communicating with your body:

What is nurturing to your body?
What makes your body feel happy and excited to be alive?
How does your body like to exercise?
What does your body desire to eat? (It will taste really yummy! Remember
that your body is finished when the food stops tasting so yummy.)
What would does your body need from you?
What makes your body feel rested?
How does your body like to be touched?

If there is a specific issue:

Does your body want to have this issue?
Is there some value to having this issue?
Is it yours?
What is it going to take to change this?
What would your body like you to do to shift this?
Speak to that specific area. Is there stuck energy (thoughts, beliefs,
emotions etc.)?
Is there something that you body would like more of?
Is there something that you body would like less of?

So this New Year, I hope that you will be kind to your body, listen to it and have gratitude for it. This is a fabulous time to be on the planet and to have a body! We can create OUR Reality and enjoy it!

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The Solstice Teleseminar recording is now available!

2010: The Year of Authenticity and Authority

Comments from participants:

“It was great! Thanks for the seminar! i had goose skin all the way through! I tried to type questions few times, before I finished you answered. 🙂 truly amazing! And sense of the community was unquestionably strong, and loving” Diana in Peterburough, UK

“Thank you Sarah. I really know my Authentic Self now. I had so many openings and awarenesses. I feel like a different person.”

Susan in Viborg, Denmark

“The teleseminar was fun and I had a few aha’s and many gifts in it for me.”
Terri in Kansas City

“The experience of yesterday was incredibly intense and joyous. Many many thanks for being the Magnificent Facilitator!”
Mayte in Belgium

During this teleseminar we will:

Clear the belief systems and definitions of self that have limited your ability to be all that you truly are.
Go through several guided processes to reclaim your authority in your life.
Connect with your Authentic Self and express your true spiritual gifts and manifest them creatively.
Visit with St. Germain and receive his magical elixirs!

Access the teleseminar recording here.

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The energies that continue to flow from 11:11:11 Portal activate the three master numbers, 11, 22 and 33.

11 – The Spiritual Messenger; inspirational, spiritual teacher, channel, intuitive, peacemaker.

22 – The Master Builder; organizer, visionary leader, the ability to perceive something in the spiritual or cosmic realm and make it manifest on Earth.

33 – Master of Healing through Love: The Christ Seed, sensitive, loving, altruistic, protective.

As we move closer to the 2012 date, the higher frequencies (like the qualities of mastery) are flowing into the planet. This is like shining a light into a filthy room that has been closed for years (or centuries or millennia!). Now we can see that smelly, nasty stuff once again. All the hidden things that reside in the lower frequencies of fear, shame and greed are being exposed.

There is a Global Splash-Out flooding the planet. We are living in a dual reality, the Old Energy and the New Energy overlapping. According to Saint Germain it is absolutely necessary to stay conscious during these times in order to avoid being pulled back into the negative experiences within the Old Reality. We are being challenged more than ever as the Old Energy tries to suck us back in.

You are a master and it is time for you to claim it!

During this teleseminar you will:

Clear any remaining limitations; the very things that could be triggered by the Global Splash-Out.

Learn tools to maintain your frequency and stay focused on the New Reality.

Travel to Saint Germain’s cabin and join in the party with Kuthumi, Isis, Ahrazu and other Ascended Masters and Angels.

Remember who you truly are and connect with your spiritual gifts.

Bring in the highest frequencies and anchor them in your body.

And receive your unique gift from Saint Germain!

The recording of this teleseminar is available here.

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I hope you will join me for this powerful event!
Date: Sunday December 21, 2008
Time: 2 -3 p.m. Pacific Time World Clock
Price: $29.00

On December 21st a portal is opening that is bringing in a powerful Wave of Light of a higher frequency then we have ever experienced before. This wave is going to boost us up another step on the Ascension Ladder. You will experience a clearer connection with your multi-dimensional self. You are much more than the individual soul. You are truly an Infinite Being with many collective parts or aspects. This wave is opening a path for you to remember who you are as an Infinite Being. You could also call this part your Greater Self, Oversoul, True Self or Master Aspect.

This Wave of Light will be shining onto some shadow energies from millions of years ago. Saint Germain said that it will be experienced as waves. Sometimes we’ll be gloriously reveling in the profound awareness of our multi-dimensional selves and sometimes we’ll be feeling the negative energies from those experiences.

Listen to what Saint Germain said about the Wave of Light.

Register now.

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