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As the veils thin and the limitations of the Old Earth Game dissolve we are experiencing repeated expansions in our empathic abilities.  The most recent bump-up that happened the last month October 2014) was a doozy. I know of many people around the world, who have this mysterious “virus” that brings a sore throat and inability to speak. Losing the voice so we have to find a different way to communicate, kind of like rebooting after installing a new operating system on your computer.

Some people this bump-up of empathic abilities involves experiencing a parallel blend.  A parallel blends can leave you feeling weird, a little unfocused, dizzy or wobbly for a few days. You might even wake up and not know where and even who you are.  When you have a parallel blend your soul focuses more energy and attention on a specific reality. This recent parallel blend focuses on a reality that allows more empathy, intimacy and inter-dimensional communication. I will share more information about parallels during the webinar.

If you are thinking, “I already feel too much.  Why would I want to be MORE empathic?”  There is a very good reason!  Empathy is required for intimacy.  So many have been alone, focusing on the self and are hungry to connect with like-minded, like-spirited people.  It is time to move to the next level of connection and intimacy, in whatever way you are ready for, without activating any old programs.

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In response to the empathic expansion and multiple requests I created a new webinar – Empath Education – to help everyone be able to experience intimacy and empathy without getting overwhelmed or taking on outside energies.

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If you would like:
To have better connection with your Guides?
To be consistently aware of, and receive supportive energy and information from your Greater Self?
To be able to communicate with the Extra Terrestrials now and when they make themselves known on a global scale?
To be able to work with the teams of Angels who are here (and ever closer to our reality) so receive their aid for your creations?
To “chat” with the Ascended Masters like St. Germain, Kuthumi, Jeshua (Jesus), Mother Mary, Buddha etc.?
To commune with the Nature Spirits and Un-seen Being which share this planet?
To access the archetypal energies of the Gods and Goddesses?

You are invited to join us for the Interdimensional Communication and Channeling Program which starts Saturday October 1st.

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