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The Healer’s Class Teleseminar

Date: Today November 13, 2010
Time: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco World Clock )
Cost: $30.00

—-> New information from Saint Germain! <—-

Saint Germain suggested that I have a quantity of quartz crystals available into which we'll download the New Energy Template.

The programmed crystals will have some excellent qualities:

* They will be programmed to automatically update to receive the future Energy Templates that will be available as we approach and pass the 12/21/12 shift.
* The information and energy in the crystal can be transmitted into water and then the water will be a powerful transformational / healing "medicine".
* For those of you who use sound/music/voice in any way, the crystal's energy can be transmitted through the sound.

It's all about the wave… water and sound!
Whether you are technically in the healing business or just one of those people who end up helping and healing others, this is the class for you!

Clear service agreements and belief systems from the unconscious mind.
These are the things that keep you locked into the Old Energy ways of healing.

Learn specific techniques that allow you to work with clients without taking on any of their stuff or using your own energy.

How to know when the person is ready to let go of a limitation or not. Otherwise, they will hang on to it or recreate it and probably blame you.

How to trust yourself and your work. We'll go through a powerful past life regression to clear any vows or decisions that left you feeling like you can't trust yourself.

We will be joined by Saint Gemain, the "Master of Sovereignty and Freedom". He broke free from all the illusions of the Earth Reality and is here to help us do that too!

I invite you to join me, Saint Germain and of course Ahrazu/Osiris and Isis for this one-hour teleseminar event.

Register here.


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Purple spiral fractalI had a wonderful time talking with Lance AKA The Zany Mystic on his radio show called Zany Mystic’s Fireside Chat.

Here’s how Lance described the program: Guest Sarah Biermann, renowned intuitive counselor and healer, takes the listeners on a guided journey outside the confines of this 3D density, beyond the gravitational pulls, worries and fears. We meet up with Ascended Masters, angels, devas, fairies and elementals, then open a portal into a meeting with our own Oversoul to just “be” our expanded Selves.

When we return, Sarah shares some fascinating stories about her crystal and indigo children, which open the doors to new possibilities for us all.

You can download the audio here. http://cosmicpenguin.com/Zany/

Have Fun!

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This cave is located deep underground in Mexico. These crystals formed over the last 500,000 years. The cave was originally filled with water, hot water! It’s at least 100 degrees F (40 C) and 100 % humidity! Humans can only be in there for about 30 minutes at a time.

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