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Imagi-Creation’s Valentine’s Day Free Webinar
is happening this Sunday  (tomorrow) at 1:00 p.m.
(Same as San Francisco. Check the  World Clock for your time zone.)
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I will focus on relationships, especially the inner relationships with various aspects of your self.

If you have questions or suggestions please write them in the Question Box on the Webinar Page.   

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Who’s in There, Anyway?

By Sarah Biermann

The human psyche is a complex, fascinating and sometimes, confusing thing.  The true Self is the natural leader of your inner world and is a very good leader.  It is mature, compassionate, loving and curious.  Unfortunately, it is surrounded by a crowd of hurt parts from the past, as well as the protector parts that do their best to keep you from feeling the negative emotions in the hurt part.  Other parts are trying to protect you from potentially painful actions.

Example: Your father would hit you if your raised your voice.  A part of you makes sure that you keep your voice low so you don’t get hit.  Since the protector was created when you were a child, it is not as sophisticated as an adult and you end up being afraid to express anger with anyone.

Your unconscious mind holds beliefs and emotions that the conscious mind is not aware of or able to control or change.  Most of these beliefs were developed or learned in childhood, often a hurtful, powerless time of life.  Since the unconscious mind communicates through images, emotions and physical sensations, you must use that language to understand and “talk” to it.  The unconscious inner parts are just like any other entity.  They seek to be seen, heard and understood.  To “get gotten”.  Below is a fictional representation of how the inner parts operate and what you can do to help them to heal from the past traumas, function as adults and be an asset instead of a liability.

When Susie was a little girl she was harshly teased by schoolmates.  Her family had moved from across the country and Susie had a distinct and different accent.  The other kids would mock her every time she talked.  She felt humiliated and powerless to change the situation.  She developed a strategy of being generally quiet and making sure she would never “stand out”.

As an adult she occasionally needs to give a verbal presentation to a group of people as part of her job.  For days in advance she is anxious to the point of distraction.  During her presentation, she is  panicky, in a cold sweat, stuttering and blushing.  Afterward she “beats herself up” for being unable to do something “so simple”.  The experiences are traumatizing AND it is negatively affecting her job.  She knew she had to do something to change this.

During her session, she told me she had always been shy and anxious around people, but she didn’t remember most of two or three years of her childhood.  She was also embarrassed to tell me about the problem.  Her inner world was inhabited by a seven-year-old girl who was sitting on the floor, arms wrapped around her legs, face tucked down and rocking slowly.  Standing over her was a scowling woman, hands on hips and intently on the look-out for strangers.  It was her job to guard the girl and make sure the girl stayed quiet, especially in front of others.  There was another part that was very angry with the girl and berated her, “Stand up!  Talk to me.  Why do you alway hide?  You are so stupid… just talk!”

Susie was aware of this critical, judgmental part.  The critic showed herself rather frequently.  The guard part prevented Susie from accessing the girl.  Susie was not even aware of the guard or the girl.  Both the critic and the guard needed to be listened to and be “gotten” before they trusted Susie’s Self enough to let her approach the girl.  Talking to them from a non-judgmental and truly curious place allowed them to express their opinions and how they felt. When she was given permission (never try to force this, they will just fight back harder), Susie sat down next to the girl.  The girl was apprehensive about talking, but Susie’s Self was not at all judgmental or pressuring her, and was truly curious.

One thing I love about this process is that the hidden part can hold the memories of the events that caused you the problem.  Once you contact the hidden part, you get the memories back.  Susie was quite surprised when she suddenly remembered the lost years.

“How could I have forgotten all that?”

Susie felt a surge of love for the girl.  It was the critic part that was angry at her.  Susie told the girl that she loved her, that it wasn’t her fault and that she loved her accent.  Both Susie and the girl cried tears of joy as Susie hugged the girl.  Then came some giggles.

The last step is to bring the, now unstuck, part into the here and now.  She wasn’t really in the past, but she believed that she was.  Over the next few weeks, Susie spent time with the girl, reinforcing her safety and lovability.

The guard and the critic changed too.

The next time Susie had to make a presentation, she was a little nervous, but could  assure the girl that her Self would protect the girl.  She also had her supportive, new nanny (the transformed guard) to be with her.  At one point the, much gentler, critic came out.  Susie’s Self listened to her concerns without judgment, and helped her to understand that criticizing was not actually helping and was, instead, making it harder.

The presentation wasn’t “perfect”, but there wasn’t the traumatic emotional “bomb” like before and Susie was confident that it would only get easier.

The human psyche is indeed a fascinating and complex thing, but it doesn’t have to be confusing.  Even though the whole process was “all in Susie’s head”, just imagination, it made a huge difference in her out world.  The other benefit isß she understands her inner world and has tools to navigate therein, making it easier to transform any other inner parts if and when they show up.

Valentine’s Day Special Offer – One-hour Individual Session only $92.00!

Learn more….

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As the veils thin and the limitations of the Old Earth Game dissolve we are experiencing repeated expansions in our empathic abilities.  The most recent bump-up that happened the last month October 2014) was a doozy. I know of many people around the world, who have this mysterious “virus” that brings a sore throat and inability to speak. Losing the voice so we have to find a different way to communicate, kind of like rebooting after installing a new operating system on your computer.

Some people this bump-up of empathic abilities involves experiencing a parallel blend.  A parallel blends can leave you feeling weird, a little unfocused, dizzy or wobbly for a few days. You might even wake up and not know where and even who you are.  When you have a parallel blend your soul focuses more energy and attention on a specific reality. This recent parallel blend focuses on a reality that allows more empathy, intimacy and inter-dimensional communication. I will share more information about parallels during the webinar.

If you are thinking, “I already feel too much.  Why would I want to be MORE empathic?”  There is a very good reason!  Empathy is required for intimacy.  So many have been alone, focusing on the self and are hungry to connect with like-minded, like-spirited people.  It is time to move to the next level of connection and intimacy, in whatever way you are ready for, without activating any old programs.

Read more…

In response to the empathic expansion and multiple requests I created a new webinar – Empath Education – to help everyone be able to experience intimacy and empathy without getting overwhelmed or taking on outside energies.

Learn more here…

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Purple image

Check it out before 10 p.m. Pacific Time:  http://imagi-creation.com/transformation-series/

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Body Transformation Webinar
So many people have spoken to me about various physical challenges they are experiencing. I know our bodies are working hard to release all the old programming and “conscious gravity” to become the New Earth Light Body. They need help, so Sunday, October 20th I will be teaching my newest Body Transformation Webinar.

There are so many potentials opening for us within the physical reality. Never before have souls “ascended” while maintaining our bodies. We are not actually ascending (rising above our physical bodies) but are truly embodying our “ascended” level of self within these bodies.

This is unprecedented! And since it has never been done before, the old techniques to facilitate any ascension process do not apply. We are creating it as we go.

Thankfully, we have experienced help this new way of ascending. There are certain beings who have completed the process and who chose to stay here to help others through this challenging and  changing process. Germainium (Ascended Master St. Germain) specifically is the leader of a group of assisting beings. He has offered his support, wisdom and (he just said, “Amazing brilliance!”) to us. Sounds good to me!

I invite you to participate in a ground breaking experience. With the guidance of your Greater Selves and each persons support groups and the “amazing brilliance” of Germainium, we will create the specific energetics and processes that you need to support your transformation.

I hope that you can join us!

Date: Sunday, October 20th, 2013
Time: 1:00 – 2:25  Pacific Time (Same time as San Francisco. See the World Clock for you time zone.)
Cost: $33.00

One-hour fifteen-minute webinar with time for Q &A
The mp3 recording
Course Materials
Optional $66.00 discount on individual sessions.
Or copy and paste:


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We’re doing it again! Every month ImagiCreation hosts a free teleseminar. This is a chance for you to ask questions, get information about the current energies on the planet and connect with your Spiritual Family.

If you are feeling the build-up toward the Eclipse on May 20th then you will want to join us.

Here’s some more information:

There’s a complete Solar Eclipse on May 20 (May 21 in Europe).  Solar Eclipses are extraordinary New Moons, indicating not just the start of a new lunar month but of a whole new life phase. The Eclipse will be an especially important event for anyone with planets located near the transition from Taurus to Gemini, Scorpio to Sagittarius,  Leo to Virgo and Aquarius to Pisces. Oh, lucky me… This eclipse is positioned exactly on my Natal Sun (where the Sun was at the moment I was born). And my Sun is part of a Grand Square with my Natal Moon in Sagittarius, Pluto in Virgo and Chiron at the end of Aquarius and Jupiter at the end of Scorpio. This certainly caught my attention!

So I checked in with St. Germaine and asked, “What do I need to know about this eclipse?” The picture I got was of Superman out in space looking at the Earth with his X-ray vision. The rays were looking deeply into the center of the planet. This meant that the planet is being bombarded with a frequency that will penetrate to a deeper level than we have ever had before. Though the image was physical, going into the planet, I got that it also meant that it will affect us in a deep way. It’s like when the hippie says, “That’s deep, man!”

There’s a myth that Zeus released one eagle from the east and another from the west to find the center of the world. They flew until they collided above Delphi. Delphi is where the famous oracles breathed the “breath of Apollo” (thought to be gas from deep inside the mountain) and accessed the wisdom of the Gods. So the center of the Earth is the place of “higher” wisdom. One of the things that we are experiencing in this stage of our transformation/awakening process is opening up to higher dimensions. This wave of energy is definitely multi-dimensional or from a higher dimension.

This inflow was initiated by the Super Moon and is kicking into gear right now. I had some very meaningful and transformative dreams last night. What was interesting about the dreams (I will not bore you by writing them all out) was that they seemed really simple. It was just regular stuff, but it felt different, and when I woke up I felt different, in a good way.

Of course, when you shine a light into a place that has been in the dark for a long time, you will flush out some old stuff that was hidden there. I can tell you that I have had some “larger than usual” emotional releases in the last few days. There was a lot of hopelessness, sadness and grief. So you can expect some shaking up, and likely to be in a literal way also. There could be some earthquakes and individually you could be off balance.

With the eclipse being in Gemini, pay attention to anything that has to do with communication, listening, and speaking. It is square to Neptune which can be very visionary and, but the shadow side of Neptune confusion and fooling ourselves.  I asked for suggestions on how to use these energies in the best way and avoid the more challenging potentials. First of all, St. Germaine suggested that we don’t try so hard. Be willing to let things go. Don’t get caught up in drama (always good advice) and, of course, breathe.

I have more suggestions but I don’t want to type any more (it’s dinner time and I’m hungry) plus I will be sharing this information in ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar is this Saturday, May 12th. We’ll also be doing some processes and guided meditations and answering your questions.

I hope that you can join us live but if the time doesn’t work for you, the recording will be available immediately after.

Here’s the link to the teleseminar: http://imagi-creation.com/schedule-of-events-2/monthly-free-teleseminar-live/

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ImagiCreation’s 11-11-11 Teleseminar:
Expect the Unexpected!

Reuniting and balancing three aspects:
Masculine and Feminine
Spirit/Greater Self and Earth/Human Self
Child and Adult

Connecting the Chakras to allow more light in and
activate the New Energy Template for our bodies.

Opening the Seed of Christ Consciousness – Self Love

Date: November 11, 2011
Time: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time
Cost: $33.00

Learn more or register here.

Or copy and paste: http://limitless-one.com/index.asp?ID=263

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Floating on the Aries Wind

By Sarah Biermann
May, 2011

Earth Changes in the Physical Year of 2011

It’s pretty obvious that we are having lots of physical changes, both to the planet and to our bodies. We’ve made so many shifts; spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and now the physical is catching up. The earth is now spinning on a new axis and is in a higher frequency. In March we actually shifted into a new dimension. This shift was punctuated by the earth changes including the earthquakes, pole shift and climate changes.

New Dimension

The different dimensions are simply different levels of consciousness. We humans have labeled them with numbers in an effort to understand them, but those numbers are overly simplistic and not accurate. For instance, we say that we are living in a three-dimensional world, however it’s really four dimensions, since nothing can exist in three dimensions without time (the fourth dimension). A physical object must manifest for a duration of time in order for us to perceive it.

Each person has their own level of consciousness, therefore their own dimension. That’s why it is possible to live in physical proximity to others and at the same time be only in your own energy. This is why the Extra Terrestrials are for the most part invisible to us. They are at a frequency that is invisible to most humans. They do sometimes lower their frequencies (change dimensions) in order to be visible.

I had an interesting experience of being invisible myself. A friend and I went to a have dinner after a weekend seminar. We were pretty early and there were only a few table seated; however the waiter totally ignored us. He walked right past our table, literally a foot away from us, over and over. Then I realized that he couldn’t see us! The next time he walked by I waved my hand and deliberately made myself visible. He jumped like a rabbit exclaiming, “Oh, I didn’t see you!”

Note: When driving, I always set the intention that I (or at least my car) is visible.

Turning up the Heat

The New Dimension is a higher frequency. This is experienced in many ways. Time is speeding up, our empathic abilities are increasing and we have more awareness of higher dimensions. Our bodies are going through an alchemical transmutation from being carbon based to being silicon (crystal) based. This rise in frequency is translated into heat and inflammation. For most of us our normal body temperature has been lower than the medical normal of 98.6°F/37°C, but now that temperature is higher. Inflammation causes many symptoms including aches and pains, digestive problems and so much more.

The Aries Wind

In the beginning of February, Jupiter moved into the sign of Aries, opening the door for a lot of his friends to join him for the action packed Aries Party. As I write this (on May 1) there are currently six celestial bodies dancing it up in Aries; Jupiter, Mars, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Uranus. Aries is masculine, playful, physical, active and hot (ruled by the Red Planet, Mars). In the patriarchy Mars has been interpreted as war related, but it’s more about aggressive play and action. Think of a couple or rams butting their heads together. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is also about new beginnings and focusing on the self.

When we are under stress or in pain we tend to get still, to stop moving and breathe shallowly. But we need to do the opposite. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” But this doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to exercise in the old way. The movement is subtle; it’s about moving energy through your body. The amount and intensity of the energy downloads that are coming to the planet are increasing constantly. So many of us have been “energy holders” for a long time, but now it’s too much to hold. We must be “energy movers”.

The Central Chakra

One of the shifts happening now is the Solar Plexus (third) Chakra and the Heart (fourth) Chakra are combining to make one Central Chakra. I’ve noticed this phenomenon in myself and many others. Too me this represents the upgrade (new cycle starting in Aries) to love and power. Love is transmuting from conditional, with all the energy-stealing programs, to unconditional, with each of us being sovereign. Power is shifting from “power over” to personal authority, when you trust your own knowing and can not be manipulated by others. This is a profound and much need shift in consciousness, taking us into an new dimension!

The ImagiCreation Breath

Imagine and feel the breath coming into your Central Chakra from all directions and all dimensions. Simultaneously the breath is expanding out in all directions and all dimensions. You can imagine the air contracting in from outside into your lungs. At the same time the oxygen is being pumped (expanded) out in your blood. Then the carbon dioxide is being contracted in from your body to the lungs and simultaneously expanded out into the air.

Imagine and feel the breath and your body as being made of waves of light. With each breath expand your wave farther and farther out, going bigger than the planet, bigger than the solar system, bigger than the galaxy to include the whole universe. At the same time you have access to all the energy and information in the whole universe. This is way too much to hold, but you can continually move it.

I have found that if I am feeling stressed or in pain that doing the ImagiCreation Breath immediately makes me feel better.

How Does Your Body Like to Move?

1. Start with the ImagiCreation Breath.
2. Using your imagination and your feeling sense, create a morphic field* in front of you. This field contains all the energy and information of how your body wishes to move now. Don’t try to figure this out with your mind. Ask your body and your Greater Self to create this field, breathe and allow…
3. When it feels complete, step into the field and open yourself to feel the energies there. Relax your knees, hips and shoulders and follow the impulses that you feel. Breathe and wait. At first you might feel very little and could think that you are making it up. That’s the mind interfering. Imagine taking your mind out of your head and place it somewhere for temporary storage.
4. This energy feels like a little push. People often notice a movement in their hips first. It could be a sway or a circle. Follow the energy, stay with the movement as long as it feels good. The movement can be very small. This is a learning process, with practice you will feel the energy more strongly.
5. Stay in tune with your body. It will let you know when it wants to change the movement and when it is finished. Take another body inventory. I expect that you are feeling better, more relaxed, less pain.

It isn’t necessary to do the movement for a specific length of time. I suggest that you take a few minutes several times during the day and have some movement, especially if you are sitting in front of a desk all day. And you can do this while sitting at your desk. The most important part to move is your spinal column. Your body uses movement to release stuck energy. Some days your body will like to do a soft fluid motion. At other times you could end up looking like an aborigine doing a war dance!

When you are following the energy the movement is easy, there is no need for will power or force. You could find yourself, like I have, with the heart pumping (no need to count BPM) and your body all hot and sweaty, without feeling like you tried to exercise. When you are following your body’s desired movement it feels good and easy. This type of work out is a much more efficient way to stay in shape because you are working with your body, instead of creating more stress and possibly pain by forcing it to work out.

When you choose to go for a walk or run or go to the gym, check with your body before and during the work out. Not only will it feel easier to do the movement, but you will “get more bang for your buck” too. Your body wants to come to balance and be healthy and it knows how to do this! All that is required is that you are willing to listen to your body.

The Magic of Water

One of the simplest ways to cool down the heat and inflammation in our bodies is by using water, specifically feminine water.

Water has two basic aspects, masculine and feminine.

Masculine water is active, warm, sunny, bubbly and airy and acidic. Imagine a river rapid with the water bouncing on and around the rocks. The sun is shining brightly on the water. It is noisy and exciting.

Feminine water is still, cool, dark, dense and alkaline. Imagine an underground river, running slowly, smoothly and quietly through mineral rich granite and sandstone. This water is saturated with minerals and buoyant.

To sooth and cool the excessive Aries heat and tension, imagine yourself floating in a gently pool beside this underground river. The water is absolutely pristine. You are in a large cavern that is subtly lit by phosphorescent algae. As you float in the pool, set the intention that your body receives whatever minerals that it needs to support its current process of transformation. You can also ask that anything that it does not need be removed and will flow away down the river.

You can also program your drinking, cooking and bathing water with this feminine water energy, and program it into a quartz crystal and place the crystal in the water. Using your imagination, go to the underground pool and really feel the delicious, supporting energies of the water. Build up that feeling in your Central Chakra and then flow it into the water.

A small amount of water will transmute a lot of water. You can pour some programmed water down the pipes to help purify the sewers or pour it into a river, bay or ocean, setting the intention that it transmutes the whole water system.

Expanding your Skull

The last technique that I have found helpful is expanding the skull. I don’t know if our brains are physically getting bigger, or if there is just so much more of the brain that is being used, but it can feel mighty tight in there sometimes! To relieve the pressure, expand the skull.

1. Start with the ImagiCreation Breath
2. Imagine and feel that your brain and skull are made of waves of light.
3. With a big exhale, imagine and feel the waves of light in your skull expand out.
4. Repeat until your head feels more comfortable. You might want to roll your head around gently to loosen the bones at the top of your spine.

When Is This Going to Stop?!

The physical transformations will continue throughout this year. Mars is moving out of Aries into feminine, calm Taurus on May 11th and that should ease the pressure a bit.

Also, nature (including our bodies) is adaptable. For a few years we’ve been having unusual weather, early spring-like weather followed by a return of winter and lots of cold weather and rain. The plants in my garden were really confused and didn’t grow well. This year, even though the odd weather was more pronounced than before, everything is flourishing! The plants have adapted to the new weather pattern.

Have you noticed that we don’t hear about whales beaching themselves so much anymore? The new generation has adapted to the altered magnetic fields. And I read that there is a huge increase in the amount of salmons up around Alaska (which was being strictly controlled due to over fishing). Like my plants, the whales and the salmon, we too will adapt.

*A morphic field is a field of energy and information that underlies the form and behavior of morphic units**. Morphic fields contain a kind of cumulative memory and tend to become increasingly habitual.

**A morphic unit is a unit of form or organization, such as an atom, molecule, crystal, cell, plant, animal, pattern of instinctive behavior, social group, element of culture, ecosystem, planet, planetary system, or galaxy.

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I queried people about the big transformation that we are going through. It has been called ascension, but I (and evidently others) don’t like that word. It has too many religious associations and makes me think of going up (no duh) out of our bodies. I remember my Dad was always waiting for Ashtar to “beam him up” out of this crummy physical reality. I have included the suggestions at the end of this article.

To me the transformational process isn’t about getting away from physical reality, it’s about embracing it fully at the same time being aware of our non-physical Infinite Being self. We are becoming multi-dimensional.

So I asked people what words they think describe the process. I also asked about what they have experienced and what they expected in the future. I got a lot of responses about descriptive words (quotes are at the end of this article) and many accounts about experiences, but no one told me what they expect. Perhaps no one has any expectations, or it could be that no one felt “qualified” to express their opinions. Either way, I guess it’s up to me to share what I expect will happen over the next few years.

Some of the words that describe the transformation are:

* Remembering
* Love
* Awakening
* Transformation
* Being
* Limitless
* Metamorphosis
* Multi-dimensional
* Unity / Oneness / Being at One
* Sovereignty
* Freedom

To me it’s been about remembering that I am a multi-dimensional Limitless Being who is sovereign and at the same time at one with the Universe. My Limitless Being Self is inherently loved and lovable, valued and valuable, and there is nothing I have to do to earn love, as it is my natural state. At the same time, I am living in a physical reality that is still affected by the rules of the Old Reality. So my life might not look “perfect” from the point of view of physical reality, but that doesn’t affect the “perfection” of my Limitless Being. It is also about breaking free from the rules, belief systems and programming of the Old Reality.

* Polarity: Left Brain / Right Brain Separation
* Polarity: Higher / Lower, Good / Bad etc,
* No Choice (vs. being able to choose what you desire and change your choice if it no longer serves you)
* Susceptibility (vs. Sovereignty)
* Struggle and Effort (“You must work to live.”)
* Learning through limitation (vs. learning through inspiration)
* Emotional Roller Coaster Program (related to Susceptibility, energy stealing and drama)
* Karma (ensures a variety of experiences)
* Service Agreements and Vows

All of these things are part of the Earth Game in the Old Energy. We are in the process of releasing all of those limiting programs. We are also letting go of our definitions of self, such as being a healer, an intellectual, a nice person, etc. Some of the definitions are easy to release such as being the perpetual care-giver (exhausting!) or being less smart or unattractive. Other definitions are a little harder to release. These are the things that we have loved about ourselves and the things that have made us feel valuable in the past like being a good daughter or son.

One of the definitions that I cleared was being a good mother. I always knew I was going to have children. When I was about 16 years old, I had a dream in which I was at my 84th birthday party. I was surrounded by my children and grandchildren. I knew that I had broken/healed the patterns of dis-function and abuse in my family and started a new health, loving pattern that would be passed down through the generations that followed me. I felt like it was my sacred work to be a good mother.

When my youngest was five years old, I divorced her father. Though he had spent very little time with her up until this point, he insisted on having her half time. She hated going to his house. I would literally have to drag her, sobbing to his front door. When she came back to my house, she would cry and tell me how much she hated her dad and would be very clingy. Being a good mother, I would give her lots of attention, mirror her when she cried so she could discharge all that emotion. And, of course, I never said anything bad about her dad. While I missed her when she was gone, I dreaded her return because it meant sometimes hours of devoting myself to her exclusively. I thought I had to do this to be a good mother.

I traded sessions with another facilitator and we did some work on my “good mother” rules. In a past life I had been a bad mother, leaving my children in the care of my sister while pursued my own interests. When I went back it was too late. They had all died. At the end of that life, I swore that I would never do that again, that I would always be a good mother from now on. During the session I was able to release the guilt, shame, grief and self-judgment about that experience. You could say that I forgave myself. And I un-created the decision that I made at the end of that life. This gave me the option now of being a bad mother, if I chose. This doesn’t mean that I had to be a bad mother, just that I now had choice.

The next day my daughter returned from her stay with her father. I dutifully gave her lots of attention, playing “Barbies” with her. I never played with dolls when I was a girl and I really don’t enjoy it. After and hour, I told her that I needed a break. She started to cry saying, “I hardly ever get to be with you and when I do, you won’t even play with me.” Previously, this would have triggered my guilt and I would have played longer even though I really did not want to. This time was different. I looked at her and said, “You’re really good at that.” Not with anger or sarcasm, but with a sudden awareness of her great skills as a manipulator. She looked away for a moment then looked back at me, grinning, and said, “I always have been.” Our relationship changed for the better at that moment. I wasn’t doing things that I resented because I though I should in order to be a good mother. My relationships with all three of my children improved after that. We started having more fun since I wasn’t always trying to do things “right” and get them to do things “right”.

So I guess the bottom line is that we are in the process of releasing polarity, good/bad, right/wrong etc. When we do that then we automatically let go of judgment, which allows us to feel lovable and valuable, exactly as we are right now, regardless of the “out picture”. And because we are still in the transition period, when the Old Reality is overlapping the New Reality, we are pretty much guaranteed that the out picture will not be perfect. Think about it, if you were successful within the Old Reality rules, why would you give them up? There comes a time when you say, “Forget it! This shit isn’t working for me! So I’m not going to try anymore to fit in, be a good mother, a responsible son or have a great credit rating.” The rules of society and what other people say about you don’t matter anymore. That’s freedom!

Another part of the transition that I see happening is letting go of the judgment of physical reality and especially our bodies. Most religions and New Age teachings will tell you that we must learn to transcend the desires of our bodies, especially the things related to the lower chakras. Non-physical (spiritual) reality is better than physical reality. After all, we “fell from grace” and ended up here. It’s like we are being punished by having bodies. The Earth experience is unique. There is nowhere else that we can have the intensity of experience that we get here. When I look at other places of incarnation, they look kind of pastel colored. It might be easier and more peaceful there but it’s not as exciting. The Earth is full of bright, vivid colors; the bold primary colors and gorgeous jewel tones.

If you think about it, we receive cosmic energy and information from the Universal Center, through the Galactic Center, through Sirius to our Sun and then to the Earth Center. What if our cosmic wisdom came in via our feet and root chakras (which are closer to the Earth) rather than through the crown chakra? If that were true then instead of going up and out of our bodies to connect with spiritual wisdom, we would connect more with the Earth and actually be more in our bodies. Try it out some time.

As we continue on our path to Love/Unity/Limitlessness/Awakening we will see more of the old systems breaking down. There will be changes to the planet and some people will be leaving. The old systems; financial, government, religion, education etc. will continue to fall apart. There will be up-swings and down-swings. As an example, let’s look at the USA and the election of President Obama. His election was possible because the USA had shifted from being predominantly at the Young Soul level to being predominantly Mature Soul level. At the Young Soul level the focus is on mastering physical reality. These are the CEO’s, the one’s who have all the things that mark you as being a success in the Old Reality, high-end home(s), fancy car, Italian suits etc. The Young Soul person doesn’t have emotional wisdom or empathy. They see the world as “me” and “not me”.

At the Mature Soul level the heart chakra opens and the entity (individual human or country) learns about emotions and empathy. The Mature Soul’s view is “me” and “other me’s”. Bush is a Young Soul and Obama is a Mature Soul.

Whenever a soul moves from one soul level to another it is going into an unknown area and will experience uncertainty and fear. When under stress the soul will revert to the previous soul age strategies and ways of thinking for a period of time. But the push to embrace the new level eventually leads them to embracing and living the new soul level perspectives once again. This is what has happened in the USA. And this pattern of moving forward and then back again for a period of time will happen for each of us individually as well as for the world as a whole.

I see it as a parallel split and the people who don’t want to be on the New Earth Parallel will be leaving. They will have a reality that suits their level of awareness and desired experiences. We will have a reality that suits our level of awareness and desired experiences. It isn’t going to happen over night. You won’t wake up on December 22, 2012 to a completely different world. We have chosen to make this transition be as gentle as possible. From the human perspective it can seem really slow, but Saint Germain tells me that we are going really fast! They didn’t expect us to be able to get to where we are this quickly. He suggested that we relax a bit! We will “get there” guaranteed. We need to give our bodies time to handle the higher frequencies. We are receiving pulses of these frequencies and then given some time to adjust and transform physically. These pulses are happening faster, coming in as frequently as a few days. Just a year or two ago we could only handle the pulses about every month or two.

The hardest part of living in these transition times is that we know that there is a New Reality and we know how amazing and fun it can be. At the same time we are still living somewhat in the Old Reality as the two are still overlapped. As the two realities pull apart it gets easier to manifest what we desire here. At the same time, the “power players” in the Old Reality are more and more threatened. They are trying to hold on to their power and to hold on to us. Ultimately, they can not succeed, but they will try to hook you back into the fear and shame based reality that gives them their power. This is happening on a macro level and a micro level. Those people in your life who have been feeding on your energy will do their best to get you to continue feeding them. They will try to make you feel bad and to doubt yourself. I would say that the more that they tell you that you are doing it wrong, the more you are actually doing it right!

There are new, wonderful technologies that will soon be released that will totally change the planet. Cars that run on water or non-toxic alcohol based on sea-purifying kelp, old tires and medical waste that are processed without any toxicity into organic fertilizer, turbines that harvest the ocean tides to produce enough energy for huge cities, and much more.

Another thing I see happening in the near future is irrefutable evidence of Extra Terrestrials. We are being prepared for this in many ways. Look at how many movies and TV programs about ETs. I heard that the US Government is funding the show called The Event about ETs already living on Earth and pretending to be humans. And the president on the show is African American. Obama has been briefed about the ETs that our government has been working with for decades. Disclosure is imminent.

Before we are able to manifest changes in physical reality, we must make the inner transformation. The challenging part is to be able to maintain our sense of self-love and inherent value until the physical catches up with the spiritual. So be kind to yourself and be patient. Your success is guaranteed!

Below some of are the suggestions I received for defining and naming this transformation:

Freedom of the Being, Limitless Being
Being Divine

For me, the transformation process is about learning to stop resisting. If we resist our emotions, then they are controlling our perceptions making us blind to what is. And I believe that we create so many attachments so that we can hide from our emotions.

I recently felt my transformation was like learning the rules of the game of life, and once you learn the rules, the game becomes obvious and easy. But now it seems like there is really only one rule and that is to release resistance.

The word I like for what is happening is ‘Awakening’ (to our true self) Awakening is opening me to self compassion, self acceptance, self love, honoring self no matter what outer landscape would like me to believe (illusion).


I’m reading it as two words actually: A scension. Meaning: a continuous act of sensing with my senses… like a word game that scension is a noun of the verb “sensing.”

I like it this way because that’s what my own “Ascension” journey was and still is all about. Coming back to my senses to the awarenesses and opening those up – which initially is sometimes quite painful – letting myself be alive once again versus being analytical and “intelligent” but numb… “I’m not dumb I’m just numb”… hehe

ONENESS is the word I feel covers the process – before our energies were scattered all around…now we are inviting all aspects back, leaving nothing behind.

It’s about becoming a TOTALLY DIFFERENT BEING in a process as natural as a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Metamorphosis. It’s a transformation.
Butterfly transformation?
Morph? Morphing?
Cocoon stage?
Multi-dimensional living?
Multi-dimensional perception?

The Transition

soul retrieval

From my perception and experience, it is the reintegration of our Stellar Celestial Consciousness within our human form – We are shown that we are love – and love is ALL – Love is enough – If you embody this vibe, it really does not matter what you do with your self as your energy transforms everyone and everything around without “Doing Anything”
I like the word Fusion as it definitely represents the process I went through-

Harmonious Enlightenment… the blending and sharing of light and sound

5th Dimensional Inner alignment. We are each born with an Original Soul Song….just waiting to be sung. Our soul song travels with us from lifetime to lifetime. Only thing is, the CD gets scratched every lifetime. As mothers we carry an extra burden and have to be repaired as we fragment our selves through child-birth and de-faultive re-incarnation. Our scattered ‘selves’ feel the same we do. So when you change your thinking, so do they. It is a miracle in the making.

Metamorphosis. I think that fits perfectly. It does sort of feel like we are turning from caterpillars into butterflies, don’t you think?

What always has resonated deep within me is GOING HOME’! And the return to ONENESS!

I think that ascension is not “acute” anymore, because we are not just going “upwards” like when you ascend. We are becoming our true-shelves and in order to do that we are going upwards, downwards, inwards, towards, realwards, dreamwards… You know that English is not my mother language so I think you can play with words or wards better than me.
I think this is about evolving and becoming true-self, integrating all our parts and letting go what a-part us

I’ve used the term “Awake”. As in I was asleep before I became aware of Energy and my Healing Talent, then I Awoke from separation into Unity, Oneness.
When I began to make the distinction of Religious vs Spiritual. Religion will have someone (priest, rabbi, minister, etc) installed to tell you what to think, what to do and tell you how you MUST believe, and of course pay them to do so. Spirituality cuts out that middle man and you go right to the Source. . . and Learn your own Truth.

Perhaps the Grand Awakening Humanity.

Becoming whole or
Becoming at one

I have been connecting more with the phrase “Rising Sun.” It is the time of the Rising Sun–us. And it we who are being called to be the Rising Sun.

The Sovereign Sun resides both within and outside of us. Now it is time for our solar plexus Sovereign Sun to rise up to greet the THE Sovereign Sun which is, of course, none other than our greater selves in oneness with the universal creative force.

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What’s Healer to Do?

What’s Healer to Do?

What’s a healer to do when the whole paradigm of healing is going away? How are we to be in service when there is no more need for our service? Who are you if you are not a healer or in service?

Am I speaking blasphemy?

Most of my clients and friends are healers, whether they are technically working in the healing arts or not. Everyone is in some way or another dedicated to serving the planet and working toward our ascension.

So the question is… what do we do now that we have achieved that goal?

I know it doesn’t look like we’ve ascended. There is a lot of stuff happening on the planet that is not perfect, harmonious or heavenly. Many of us are experiencing disturbing emotional experiences right now. Deep, old wounds are coming to the surface. This is because the whole Emotional Roller Coaster Program is being released from the mass consciousness of the vanguard, “ascensionists” or “lightworkers”. In order to clear the old program, we must address our deepest fear, the core hurt. It will look different to each person, but the bottom line is do you trust yourself and do you trust the Universe?

Even though the outside picture is not perfect, the choice has been made to create the New Reality here on Earth rather than having mass destruction (again). Yes, the choice has been made. The Earth Train has changed from Track A (Armageddon) to Track B (Ascension). There is no going back, there is no way that we can mess it up and end up on Track A. Take a moment to feel this. The wonderful thing that you have worked for all your like has been achieved! And it hasn’t been just this lifetime. We have tried to do this many times before on other planets in this Solar System (Mars and Maldek) as well as other Solar Systems. Congratulations! Take a breath and feel your success.

We are in the Transition Times, when the Old Reality is separating from the New Reality. So while we know on one level that there is a potential to have a world that is peaceful, harmonious and magical, we are still experiencing, at least on the outside, conflict and limitation. The image I see is of two Earths pulling apart, but still overlapping. This is challenging because we so want to live in the New Reality and when that doesn’t completely happen, we go into judgment and doubt. Doubt is the opposite of Self Trust. Watch for this because doubt is an insidious trickster. It sneaks in when you are not paying attention. The outside world will support what doubt is whispering in your ear. Don’t try to resist it, or ignore it. Instead, listen from a place of conscious awareness, knowing that it is a lie. This will give you information about your core wound.

Think back to past experiences when you were full of doubt and fear about the future. And look, you survived after all. You are here reading this, right? When I think to my hospital experience earlier this year, there was a lot of potential for doubt and fear. Thankfully, Saint Germain came to me and reminded me that all was well, I would understand why this happened eventually, and that I didn’t do anything wrong. And what do you know… he was right! I survived after all, and I received many blessings from the experience.

Speaking of right and wrong, we’ve got to get over worrying about doing the wrong thing or making the wrong choice. This is a big part of the Old Reality because we were working so hard to get to Track B. Now our success is guaranteed. Regardless of what you do, you are guaranteed a place in the New Reality. So relax. If you make a choice or do something that ends up not being so great, you can choose again.

Yes, in past lives you have made some choices that created lots of destruction and pain. But at your current level of consciousness you are not going to make those kind of choices. Really, you aren’t. You can trust yourself.

One of the most difficult parts of this process has been letting go of the parts of the Old Reality that we loved. This includes religions and metaphysical beliefs, healing modalities, service agreements and people. This brings us back to the question, “What is a healer to do when the whole paradigm of healing is going away?”

The answer is that there a new way to facilitate transformation in other people that doesn’t require healing. Even if you have no more service agreements you still want to participate in the Earth Game. And helping people to experience more of there Authentic Selves, to get those “ah ha” moments, is really fun! I love my work and I never take on anyone’s stuff. I’ve received a lot of emails asking me how I do that. They may have heard or read that you must do your work “without attachment”, but somehow they still get hooked and end up tired, carrying the client’s emotions, and needing to rest and clear themselves. There are so many unconscious belief systems in place the no matter how much the conscious mind says, “without attachment” it happens anyway.

They say that the conscious mind / left brain can process two thousand bits of information per second. That sounds impressive until you know that the unconscious mind / right brain can process four billion bits per second. That’s a lot more processing power. And you can’t transform the unconscious mind by using the language of the conscious mind – spoken / written language. The left brain can figure it all out and understand the reason things happen, but this has little or no affect on the right brain. We must use the language of the right brain to transform it. The right brain communicates with pictures, feelings (emotions and physical sensation) and knowing. It isn’t logical. You can’t understand it. It’s like what you get from dreams. To quote Seal:

Why must we dream in metaphors?
Trying to hold on to something we couldn’t understand.

The new “healing” is not logical. You can’t figure it out. It doesn’t follow linear structure; first you do this, then you do this… It’s spontaneous, unpredictable and magical.

There are three things that are the foundation of ImagiCreation work.

1: I see you as being whole and perfect. I connect with your Greater Self, that part of you that is outside of the Earth Game. So I know who you really are. What you choose to observe reinforces that reality. When I observe this part of you it creates more of that awareness in your reality.
Yes, there are Earth Game things that may be limiting you, but those things are not you.

2. I create a safe, non-judgmental space. Actually, I don’t create it, I am it. This is something that is inherent within my Being. Many healers carry this energy too. That’s why people feel comfortable telling them their problems. Within this safe space transformation naturally occurs. People feel better after talking with me, even if we just chat about the weather! It’s just such a relief to be somewhere where you know you will not be judged.

3. I have no agenda or any attachment to the outcome. I do not want to heal you or make you better. Since I see you as whole and perfect already, what is there to heal? People have asked me about what to expect during a session. I have to answer that I have no idea. Anything could happen.

I invite all you healers out there to give up being healers. Let go of being in service. You will have a lot more fun!

Of course, the question is, “Who would you be without being a healer?” And that is a great question to put to yourself. And only you can answer it. What is fun for you? What brings you satisfaction? What is nurturing to your soul and body? If you could do anything you desire, knowing that you can not fail, what would it be? How would you spend your time if you knew that you could trust yourself?


The Healer’s Class

Date: November 13, 2010
Time: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco World Clock )
Cost: $30.00

Learn more here.

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