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ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar in this Saturday, July 9th.

I’ll be talking about the Mother Earth, asteroids, abundance and anxiety. As always, this is a great time to ask questions.

DATE: Saturday, July 9, 2011
TIME: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco, World Clock)
LISTENING METHOD: Phone or Web Simulcast or Skype
WEBINAR PAGE (and phone information):

Click here to learn more.

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You may submit questions on the webinar page in advance, during the teleseminar or over the phone.

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Working with Bodies / Remote Healing
Two Teleseminar Course

This Course is part three of the
ImagiCreation Practitioner Training Program
and a stand alone class.

In April Jupiter and Mercury, Uranus, the Sun and Mars are all in Aries. Aries is very physical so our bodies are in the process of releasing old cellular memories. We have cleared stuff spiritually, emotionally and mentally, but there can be some residual in our bodies.

And with 2011 being a Universal Four Year there is a lot of support for us to transform our bodies and create a stable physical foundation to support us in manifesting our creations.

You will learn specific procedures and techniques to quickly and easily transform limitations in bodies. We will practice on volunteers and our own bodies.

How to:

* Perceive the energetics within bodies without taking them in to yourself.
* Work with the Elements and Unseen Beings.
* Track current energies to their point of creation whether in this life or a past life.
* Access parallel realities.
* Recognize and clear implants, limiting belief systems, entities, suppressed emotions and more.

Dates: First Class – Saturday, April 9, 2011
Second Class – Saturday April, 23, 2011
Time: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco World Clock )
Cost: $66.00

Click here to learn more and register.

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Star Families: Other Places of Soul Incarnation Teleseminar

Date: March 12, 2011
Time: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco World Clock )
Cost: $33.00

* You may participate through the internet or via telephone.
* The audio recording is included and will be available to download shortly after the class.
* Course materials will be emailed in .pdf and .doc formats with the call-in information.
* I will share lots of information about the Star Families and you will be able to ask questions.
* I will also lead you on a guided trip to visit your Star Family to open or strengthen your communication with them. Sounds like fun!

I thought about teaching this material before and decided against it. It didn’t feel like it was something that was really important for people. During individual sessions I always go with what presents itself and this information just didn’t come up that frequently. Since then things have changed. People are ready to remember where they came from and to embrace more of their true, infinite nature. When I talk to someone about their Star Family it is a transformational and empowering experience. It’s like they are finally getting “gotten” (heard and understood) for who they are and what they have experienced. There is a big release and often tears, deep sighs and/or laughter.

When you know a person’s Star Family you have a key to understanding their core personality. Now you know why they act like they do.

Recently I was given information that first contact is coming soon and we will be connecting again with the Extra Terrestrials (our Star Families). This is a big shift in consciousness. But, like I said before, now we are ready to reclaim our true nature as Infinite Beings who with galactic experience instead of just the “humans” have been pretending to be.

Now we are ready to reclaim our membership in the Galactic Community! And I am so excited about sharing this information with you.

NOTE: Please don’t wait until the last moment to register for this class as I have course materials that I suggest you print out before the teleseminar begins.

Click here to register.

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ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar is happening this afternoon>

Please join us for this fun and transformational event.

DATE: Saturday, January 15, 2011
TIME: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time
(Same as San Francisco, World Clock)

ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar

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You are invited to join us for the ImagiCreation Monthly Free Teleseminar

DATE: Tuesday, December 21, 2010
TIME: 1 – 2 p.m. Pacific Time
(Same as San Francisco, World Clock)

ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar: Solstice!

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Abundance, Money and Receiving are three different things and each has it’s share of limiting belief systems and programs.

There are reasons that so many “lightworkers” are having a hard time financially. Some of it has to do with “lessons”, some with releasing the Old Energy Systems and also your relationship with money.

I received so many questions about money and abundance and many of my clients are working on these issues. I’ve learned a lot and developed many processes to clear limitations and bring in new potentials about all this “stuff”.

I’ve also been doing a lot of transforming myself about abundance, money and receiving. And I’m in a completely different place mentally, emotionally and financially than I was even a few months (not to mention years!) ago.

Would this class be good for you? If any of the following questions apply to you then this is the right class.

* Would you like to be able to receive more (money, support, etc.) from others with “no strings attached”?
* Do you feel anxious about money, about the future and your ability to support yourself?
* Does it feel like you have to work really hard to make money and get the things that you need?
* Do you feel like you should have more abundance and financial freedom, like you know that you are supposed to have it, but it’s just not happening?
* Are you feeling frustrated or angry with others, yourself or maybe your Greater Self about money and/or abundance?
* Would you like to feel (more) safe and secure?
* And… Would you like to help bring in the New Energy Template for Abundance, Money and Receiving?

It’s time release the limitations and enjoy receiving and living in abundance while having fun with money. I invite you to join me, Ahrazu, Isis, Lakshmi, Venus and Saint Germain for a transformational teleseminar event!

And yes, you can expect a wonderful guided meditation with Saint Germain.

This session is recorded and will be available to download at no additional cost.

Click here to register.

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I am so ready to say goodbye to 2009! This year was challenging to so many of us, but even though there were challenges there was also a lot of growth and transformation. When I think back to December 2008 and remember how I felt and my sense of self, I realize that I am really different. In spite of the physical, financial or relationship difficulties, I didn’t loose my awareness of my Authentic Self.

I’m looking forward to the lighter, more playful energy of 2010.

Where are we right now?

The end of 2009 and the first two weeks of 2010 are slow. Many are feeling tired and having some old negativity come up, especially hopelessness. The energies of this period compel introspection. It is like a pause to re-evaluate and regain energy. Mercury has been retrograde through this time so the theme is about any word that has re in front of it. Redo, relax, reconsider, retreat, recuperate, etc. And the Full Moon was a powerful punch! Recuperation is needed. And many people were unusually sick (like me and my family) or injured (like me and my family) during this time.

Why, you ask, why?

Last September there was a separation of the Old Energy and the New Energy. The image is like two Earths, still overlapping, but moving farther apart. In order to stay aligned with the New Energy (and not get caught in the Old Energy), we disconnected a bit from the physical – to maintain our higher frequency. Though these three weeks have felt like a frequency-lowering drag, we need the grounding to prepare for the next transformation / creation to manifest.

The most important this is to not beat yourself up for not feeling “good”, to honor the process and trust that things are going to change, because they are.

We have for powerful, pivotal days coming up soon, January 14 – 17. 

On January 14/15 we have a New Moon in Capricorn and an Eclipse. This happens at 11:11 PM in my time on the 14th, but for most time zones it occurs on the 15th. It’s the longest Annular (meaning ‘ring’) Solar Eclipse until 3043. It is a ring eclipse because the moon is close to it apogee (farthest distance from Earth) so it is appears to be only 92% of the Sun’s size. This creates the appearance of a ring of fire around the Moon. Unfortunately, we won’t see it in the Northern Hemisphere.

Joining the Sun and the Moon are Venus (in exact conjunction), the North Node (the path forward, the future), Mercury (communications) and Pluto (transformation). The Sun, Moon and Venus are sextiled (easy integration) by Uranus (change). 

So what does this all mean?

The first new moon of the year is a snapshot of an underlying theme for the whole year and this theme suggests more transformations for all things Capricorn. On a global level this means more breakdowns and phasing out of the patriarchal, controlling, fear based and power hungry economic, religious and political structures. Venus and the North Node promise a gracious move forward toward responsible and love based systems and leaders. Yea!

This ties in to the theme of Authority for this year. You could say the authority figures are moving away from the judgmental, controlling Grandfather (Uncle Sam and Scrooge are examples of this type) to the responsible Grandmother or Matriarch. She might bake cookies but that doesn’t mean she will take any crap. 🙂

On a personal level, Capricorn is related to your 10th house of career and how the world sees you. The wind at our backs is pushing us toward revamping our public image and career. You are being called on to show your Authentic Self to the world and do the work that honors your Authentic Self.

On January 15th Mercury stations direct, making communications easier and completing the redo energy at the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010. Phew!

On January 17th Jupiter (fastest path to liberation and expansion) moves out of Aquarius into Pisces, softening some of the crazy Uranus (unexpected radical change) energy that made 2009 challenging for so many of us.

Any New Moon is a good time to set intentions and begin projects for the next moon cycle. The first New Moon of the year is when you can set intentions for the whole year. Don’t miss this one!

New Moon, New Year: The Capricorn Blast Teleseminar
Date: January 16, 2010
Time: 1 p.m. Pacific Time
Cost: $30.00

1. Is this your year to let the world see more of your Authentic Self?
2. Are you ready to move into your expanded role in the New Energy?
3. Are you interested in starting your New Energy career or getting what you’ve already started to flourish and grow?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I invite to join me, St. Germain and the other Angels and Masters on January 16th.

* We will clear any remaining blocks to your creative expression.
* You will learn to feel safe experiencing the one thing that you have to be comfortable with in order to be your own Authority and your Authentic Self.
* Go through a guided journey to connect with you powerful imagination to create all those things that you desire. This is the year that ImagiCreation blossoms! When you combine imagination and creation, then magic happens!
* And, of course, when St. Germain is there, we always get some fabulous energy downloads and gifts!

Click here to register for this teleseminar.

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