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When you are feeling anxious or depressed a quick way to feel better is to take a walk. This is not a power walk to get your heart rate up, but a comfortable stroll. Get out in nature as much as possible, somewhere with trees is best. Keep your attention on your body and your senses. Really notice the plants, flowers, birds etc. that are around you. Feel your breath moving in and out, deeply into your belly. Stay in the now moment and relax. Your body can not hold fear if you are relaxed.

And as you walk LOOK UP. I’m not sure why this works but it does and really well. Look up at the branches of the trees, at the birds and clouds in the sky. You don’t have to walk long, at least 10 minutes though, until you feel better.

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Bleeping Herald: Since you were able to experience first hand, living in your right brain, is it a lot easier for you to get back there now?

Dr. Jill: Oh yes, you know, it’s not that I’m separate from it. It’s kind of like the story of how the blue sky is always there and so I see the blue sky as the right hemisphere. It’s always there, it’s always doing what it does, it’s a constant entity. The left hemisphere is the clouds and the clouds represent brain chatter. The clouds come in, and the thoughts come in, and they block the view of being able to see the blue sky even though the blue sky is always there.

The brain chatter comes on line and then it’s organizing and categorizing and dramatizing all of our lives in the external world. But you can quiet that when you get rid of the clouds, when you allow the mind to focus away from those thoughts, then you unveil what’s always been there – which is the existence of the right hemisphere and that peacefulness and that awareness that everything is one and everything is connected. That experience of euphoria, if you’re willing to let go of the left hemisphere clouds.

BH: And the more you practice at that, the better you get.

Dr. Jill: Well you know, I’m coming from the other direction. So for me, when I had the hemorrhage and I lost the left hemisphere, I lost all the clouds. I was open to this incredible experience, and then for me to actually be functional in the external world, I had to consciously choose to bring the clouds back so that I could function like a normal human being.

My primary place is the state of being in the blue skies, and the clouds I can then just blow away. It’s a tool; I’m so clear that my brain chatter is a tiny group of cells that perform a magnificent function and I have a say in whether or not that circuitry runs. So all I have to do is make the decision that in this moment, I’m not going to think those thoughts. I’m not going to run that particular circuitry, and I’m going to focus my mind on the bigger picture and think about other things and block those clouds from being there.

BH: It seems a lot of people don’t have the understanding that they are in control of their emotions, or the brain chatter, or what goes on in their brain. Do you think if people had a little bit more knowledge about the workings of their brain that it would be easier to understand we are in control?

Dr. Jill: You know, no society that I’m aware of, at least certainly not in our society, have we been brought up having any real relationship with our brain. We get disciplined on our behavior, which is our output and we create relationships with other people, which is our socialization, but we are not trained as children that we have some say over what’s going on inside of ourselves.

We haven’t had the biological knowledge, the scientific support for it as well, which leaves us very vulnerable to what’s going on outside of ourselves because we are not trained to develop ourselves internally.

I think that education will be key, which is one reason I am so excited about having had that TED.com video go out into the world and do what it’s doing, because people are talking about the brain. And they’re talking about their brains and they’re talking about their possibilities and they’re acknowledging, “Oh, I’m not just a right hemisphere or a left hemisphere,” as we have kind of packaged ourselves through various types of temperament typing. No, we have two brains, we have two personalities, we have two ways of being in the world. We have two options which leave us always capable of choosing something, which empowers us. Personally I think it’s a fabulous thing.

I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been supported by science up until this point. The whole right hemisphere, left hemisphere possibilities, this has been an argument for over 200 years. All I’m doing is feeding fuel to a fire that has been going on for hundreds of years and it’s very exciting because now people are ready to hear it. People are ready to hear, “I’m not just this, I’m not just that.” We’re tired of the incredible bipolarity of science saying the spiritualists are nuts, and the spiritualists are tired of the closed-mindedness of the scientists. We’ve got this incredible chasm going on. How about a little corpus collosum love! Let’s get both hemispheres functioning and communicating in all of us so that we are open-minded and we are open-hearted because we’re actually utilizing both hemispheres.

BH: It seems as though a lot of people sell themselves short by putting themselves in a box – right brained vs. left brained.

Dr. Jill: That’s one of the reasons I’m so pleased that this video hit the airwaves. When all the right hemisphere, left hemisphere stuff hit, it was really big in the 70’s. It was big news, people were right hemisphere or left hemisphere and then the school system started adapting to this, “Are you more of a right hemisphere learner or a left hemisphere learner and what does that mean to us.”

People got stuck in these holes or these categories. The right hemisphere person grows up thinking, “Well, I’m more of a creative person, I can’t handle that stuff because I’m not left brained” and the left brained kids grow up thinking “Oh, I’m not creative, I can’t draw, I can’t sit and create something new, I have no talent.” People say these things and I’m thinking, “My God, who put you in that box!” It’s time to bust out of the box and decide we have a whole brain and it’s a beautiful thing, and it’s got these incredible tools, and who’s in here and what does it want to do now!

People go and have their personality types taken and I think personality typing tools are wonderful instruments, but I think you have to measure both halves of the brain. You can’t give me a personality type testing and tell me I only have one personality because I know that’s not true. I have two and they’re both very strong and they’re both very individualized and talented. So who are the “we” inside of me? I’m just thrilled that people are recognizing they have a whole half of a head they haven’t really been respecting.

Then there are people who say, “Oh, I don’t want that because I don’t want to have to take responsibility.” That way they can be “right,” it’s all about that right vs. wrong thing.

BH: I love the part in your book where you discuss that when a person has a reaction to something in their environment, there’s a 90 second chemical process that happens in the body and then after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop.

Dr. Jill: The 90 second rule and then it’s gone. It’s predictable circuitry, so by paying attention to what circuits you are triggering and what that feels like inside of your body, you can recognize when it has happened. We all know what it feels like when we suddenly move into fear. Something happens in the external world and all of a sudden we experience a physiological response by our body that our mind would define as fear. So in my brain some circuit is saying something isn’t safe and I need to go on full alert, those chemicals flush through my body to put my body on full alert, and for that to totally flush out of my body, it takes less than 90 seconds.

So, whether it’s my fear circuitry or my anger circuitry or even my joy circuitry – it’s really hard to hold a good belly laugh for more than 90 seconds naturally. The 90 second rule is totally empowering. That means for 90 seconds, I can watch this happen, I can feel this happen and I can watch it go away. After that, if I continue to feel that fear or feel that anger, I need to look at the thoughts I’m thinking that are re-stimulating that circuitry that is resulting in me having this physiology over and over again.

When you stay stuck in an emotional response,you’re choosing it by choosing to continue thinking the same thoughts that retrigger it. We have this incredible ability in our minds to replay but as soon as you replay, you’re not here, you’re not in the present moment. You’re still back in something else and if you continue to replay the exact same line and loop, then you have a predictable result. You can continue to make yourself mad all day and the more you obsess over whatever it is, the more you run that loop, then the more that loop gets energy of it’s own to manifest itself with minimal amounts of thought, so it will then start on automatic. And it keeps reminding you, “Oh yeah, I was mad, I have to rethink that thought.”

BH: At times it seems like we live in a left hemisphere dominated society. Is the left hemisphere naturally dominating?

Dr. Jill: No. Not necessarily. Look at children. Children are born, they have two hemispheres, the right hemisphere actually develops before the left hemisphere anatomically, it’s just a stage ahead. But both of the instruments are blended together.

Then we put our children in school and we are now teaching them details. Learn the alphabet earlier. As soon as we start teaching these abstract details to our children, the left hemisphere turns itself on and starts becoming a functional machine. Depending on how much structure the brain gets at an early age, then the brain becomes more structured.

You’re going to have children who, by the time they’re five, they’re little geniuses at school kinds of work because they’ve really turned on and mastered their left hemisphere structure. So then what do we honor in our society? We honor academic achievement, and academic achievement means thinking, reading, writing, math and all of these wonderful skills that are skills of the left hemisphere. So we praise our children, we reward our children, we give them higher paying jobs when they have really done a great job with their left hemisphere.

The right hemisphere on the other hand is kind of peaceful, kind of filled with bliss, kind of happy at being. Well nobody is going to give me a job to exist as just being, so I have to do, do, do. So, it’s the structure of our society that I believe has shifted the development of the brain and how we reward people in our society. When you look at a typical school in America , they are trying to get rid of the music program, or P.E., or they’re trying to get rid of art. These are the only courses that actually really actively engage, train, and develop the continuation of the right hemisphere. The brain is responsive to its external environment and if all I’m doing is feeding my left hemisphere, then my left hemisphere is going to over-develop as opposed to my right hemisphere skills.

BH: Are people who take the time to cultivate their right hemisphere better at finding peace?

Dr. Jill: A highly dominated left hemisphere extremist generally has a lot of stress in their lives. The difference, the advantage of living more in the right is that first of all, there is no measurement of time. If you are in your space creating something and the day goes by and you are not in a state of urgency, you’re creating. You’re being, you’re evolving something, you’re using the essence of what you are to create something new and there is a joy and a satisfaction in that.

That lack of urgency, that’s very different from sitting in an office being on the phone, being on the e-mail, text messaging every moment, never really connecting to the essence of what you are. You’re just acting like a machine that’s in process. That doesn’t mean that you’re not being creative in what you’re processing, but you have to have the pause. During the pause, it’s an opportunity for healing, it’s kind of like sleeping and waking. In so many of our jobs that are left hemisphere dominant, we’re just output, output, output, there is not pause, there is no refueling, no regeneration.

Overall, if you’re going to look at the health of the organism, our traditional society is very unhealthy. If you look at the mental health of our society, it’s very poor and we don’t even have a handle on how to create a mental health system that can help us. Most of us are not really tending to our own mental health, so how can we expect to have good overall mental health of our society?

BH: You talk a little bit in your book about studies that have been done with Tibetan meditators and Franciscan nuns that showed when a meditative climax was reached, certain areas of the left hemisphere had decreased activity.

Dr. Jill: The beauty of this is there are scientists who are open to recognizing these are realities. Just because we may not understand them is no reason to say they don’t exist or they’re not real. Now we have enough modern technology, and really open-minded scientists saying, “Let’s explore this.” So, it’s a very exciting time because the two worlds are facing one another with curiosity instead of resentment. And boy what a difference that is!

Source of interview is The Bleeping Herald

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I have to admit, I have avoided Kuthumi. It seemed to me that his energy was just a little too silly! Recently, I have been embracing more of my own silliness. When I sat down to write about the New Energy for my Newsletter, I asked for some help.

To my great surprise, up pops Kuthumi, as full of nonsense, humor and wisdom as ever! He told me that he had been waiting for me to be ready to channel him. “It took you long enough to love your comedian part and so to love mine. For a long time you wanted to be more serious. Even though you told people not to be. Ha ha!”

Kuthumi talks about the leap we made from the Old Energy to the New Energy and what has happened since then. He also guides you through a process to ease the transition.

I hope that you enjoy it!


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