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The Hawai’ian Islands and the ocean around them are truly magical and healing.  I love the fragrant balmy air and the general feeling of relaxation, but it’s the water calls to me.  There are physical reasons why swimming in the water is good for your body. The high salt content makes you very buoyant, so it is easy to float.  My favorite thing is to swim out to just before the waves break and let the swell lift me up to the crest and then down into the trough.  It is the best low-impact full body exercise combined with a massage and chiropractic-like adjustments AND it is really fun!  (I do adore going “into the wave”.)

I created a guided meditation to share this with you.  Aloha!


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December 21, 2012 has finally come and gone and we are still here! As I expected… Read more here.

I did have a very cool experience today.

Though it was rather dark in the San Francisco Bay Area, I don’t think it counts as the first day of three days of darkness. The sky was covered by a heavy curtain of grey clouds delivering rain all day. At sunset there was a break in the rain and I went down to the bay to watch the lights come on in San Francisco. I met an adorable six-month-old Belgian Sheepdog and the friendly woman walking with him. Then I stood at the point with the bay lapping just about two feet away, enjoying the view.

Then the sky opened above me! The dark, low clouds cleared above me and I saw beautiful, fluffy white clouds above backed by a deep blue sky. Then the half circle moon appeared. It was magical.

The “opening to the cosmos” stayed above me as I watched another magical event, the lights coming on, one by one, on the Bay Bridge and the sky-scrapers of San Francisco across the bay.

Like a lot of you, I find it easy to love and appreciate the beauty of nature, but find it less easy to feel that way for a lot of humanity and it’s creations. At that moment though, I changed. I saw and felt the same about nature and man, and I knew there is not really a separation.

The beauty above me and the beauty across the bay were equally gorgeous and magical.

Man (even those who choose the old energy) and all our creations are part of the same planetary consciousness as nature and Creator sees us all as beautiful.

I felt a small, previously hidden judgment of humans and my own human “failures” slip away and disappear on the breeze.

The moment I got in my car, the rain began again, in earnest.


As we enter the new era, there are potentials opening that haven’t been available before. I am truly excited to be here now and to experience this transformation. We all have put a huge amount of love and effort to get us to this point. In many incarnations and especially in this lifetime. And it hasn’t always (mostly) been easy. So many of us are physically alone because we’ve spread ourselves around the planet to balance the energy. We’re surrounded by people who don’t understand what’s really happening here and they certainly don’t understand us! But it’s worth it… We’re able to unite via telephone and internet and of course, energetically. Our efforts have made it possible to manifest potentials previously only dreamed of. By uniting our energies and supporting each other we are able to manifest even more.

You are invited to join us for a community gathering via the internet to create our reality in 2013 and beyond.

Visioning 2013 and Beyond Webinar

Date: December 22, 2012
Time: 12:22 – 1:22 Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco. Check the World Clock for your time locally.)
Cost: $ 22:12 (I couldn’t resist!)

Learn more here…

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I’m excited offer a new, and I think timely, service. ImagiCreation’s Magical Manifestation Meetings with Saint Germain.

These meetings are designed to help you manifest your desires. The focus in not on clearing old stuff, but on creating new, fun and satisfying things. You might desire a new car, a new relationship, a new home, a healthier body or maybe a vacation.

Our brains are changing, re-uniting the left and right hemispheres. The split between the two sides is what created the Veils of Illusion and polarity. The reconnection of the hemispheres thins the Veils, releases polarity and allows us to manifest our desires quickly and magically.  Of course, if anything comes up that could interfere with your manifestation, it will be cleared.

Saint Germain, the Master of Magical Manifestation with be with us too! He has strongly suggested that you start with at least two meetings.

St. Germain and I have structured these meetings in a way that will be most affective. Each meeting is 30 minutes long. If you are already clear about what you desire to manifest, great. If needed, I’ll assist you to clarify your desire.

I’ll help you to activate your imagination and creative power. I’ve developed a variety of specific methods and with St. Germain there to help, we’ll create a specific program just for you.

The meetings are via telephone or Skype.

Introductory Price: Only $50.00 per meeting. Buy five and get the sixth on free!

Click here to start manifesting your desires.

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2012 is a transformational year. You already knew that! That means letting go of old stuff and opening to new experiences. The eclipses in May and other astrological energies have been supporting the process of transforming anything in the realm of Gemini, which is all about thinking, communicating and beliefs. The Solar Eclipse on May 20th was at the very beginning of Gemini. The Cosmic energy coming from the Galactic Center to our Sun and ultimately to Earth was interrupted by the moon. It’s like we had a new mental operating system installed and the Eclipse was the rebooting of the system. Since then the cosmic wind at our backs is blowing away belief systems like crazy. We are being forced to look at our thoughts and beliefs, see them for what they are, ONLY BELIEFS, not truths, and let them go. Out with the old and in with the new.

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The Solstice Teleseminar recording is now available!

2010: The Year of Authenticity and Authority

Comments from participants:

“It was great! Thanks for the seminar! i had goose skin all the way through! I tried to type questions few times, before I finished you answered. 🙂 truly amazing! And sense of the community was unquestionably strong, and loving” Diana in Peterburough, UK

“Thank you Sarah. I really know my Authentic Self now. I had so many openings and awarenesses. I feel like a different person.”

Susan in Viborg, Denmark

“The teleseminar was fun and I had a few aha’s and many gifts in it for me.”
Terri in Kansas City

“The experience of yesterday was incredibly intense and joyous. Many many thanks for being the Magnificent Facilitator!”
Mayte in Belgium

During this teleseminar we will:

Clear the belief systems and definitions of self that have limited your ability to be all that you truly are.
Go through several guided processes to reclaim your authority in your life.
Connect with your Authentic Self and express your true spiritual gifts and manifest them creatively.
Visit with St. Germain and receive his magical elixirs!

Access the teleseminar recording here.

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Miracles are happening tomorrow!

Date: July 18, 2009
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time World Clock
Cost: $25.00

The Veils of Illusion are thinning. The electro-magnetic grid that carries the template for the rules of physical reality is weakening. This is creating some interesting changes including the breakdown of our institutions, religious, financial, family, education, relationships. etc.

That same grid is what defines what can be created and how. We’ve heard that the master’s were able to walk on water, change lead to gold and other miraculous and magical manifestations. As the grid thins the limiting rules are weakened, allowing us regular folk to do this cool stuff too.

During this teleseminar we will be clearing the limitations (implants, belief systems, agreements, etc.) that prevent you from experiencing miracles and magic in your life.

We will also be bringing in the new templates for magical manifesting, health and longevity, abundance and more.

Click here to learn more or register.

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