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Don’t miss out…

Imagi-Creation’s Valentine’s Day Free Webinar
is happening this Sunday  (tomorrow) at 1:00 p.m.
(Same as San Francisco. Check the  World Clock for your time zone.)
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I will focus on relationships, especially the inner relationships with various aspects of your self.

If you have questions or suggestions please write them in the Question Box on the Webinar Page.   

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This webinar is really fun! We were joined by St. Germain, Archangels Michael and Rafael and everybody’s Greater Selves and Soul Family to create and receive a powerful transmission of self-love, self-worth and self-trust. We programmed a crystal and/or water with the frequencies and I can tell you drinking that water was fabulous. I could feel the tingles expanding to transform all the water in my body.

One person wrote, “I just listened to it! I felt the tingles at my back with Michael, and yummy water. Helpful info shared, thank you!”

Another partipant wrote, “That was lovely, cleared some stuff and not only that but awesome soul group I have we have!!! Whoo hoo,,Sarah, you Rock, thanks bunches and you too Jolene? is it? Thank you as well to St, G, :-)) ” (Joleen is a good friend who has been “running the board” for me recently.)

You can listen to or download the mp3 here: http://imagi-creation.com/recorded-webinars/monthly-free-webinar-august-2014/

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To forgive is to let go of blame and release the negative feelings from within yourself.  Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself more than to the other (unless the one you need to forgive is yourself – then it is a double gift!)  This doesn’t mean that you forget.  You remember, but the memory is no longer charged with hurt, anger or resentment.

Example:  My father was passive aggressive and very athletic.  Over and over he would promise to be kind (to hold the bike, to hit the tennis ball gently, etc.) and every time I would end up hurt and scared while he laughed or feigned innocence, “I thought you could hit the ball. ” or “I thought you could turn the bike” (he laughed from 20 feet away since he had let go of the bike and I crashed into a fence ).  When I was seven he convinced me to sit in his lap as he was driving on the freeway so I could hold the steering wheel.  Yes, I was scared, especially when he drew closer and closer to the car in front of us.  As always, I ended in frightened and humiliated tears,  “Daddy, why are you getting so close?!”  He laughed and replied,” I wanted to see if you would change into the other lane.”  That was my dad.

I had lots of therapy, even a few sessions with my father, and chose to forgive him because I still loved him.  I never allowed him a minute alone with my children, however.  That is not quite accurate.  When my first born was just old enough to sit up we played a game sitting on the grass rolling a big soft ball back and forth.  My dad took a turn and gently rolled the ball, over and over.  The telephone rang in my house.  I could see through the window from where the phone was attached to the wall, so I took a couple of steps into the house, grabbed the phone and turned to see my father toss the ball firmly into my sons face, knocking him over and leaving him in tears.  “Sorry” he said, “I thought he would catch it.”

My father had some really wonderful parts to his personality.  He had a wicked sense of humor, could barbecue like a pro and was a great dancer.  I had more than just forgiveness for him, I had compassion and love too.

Compassion is going beyond the point of view that someone did something bad, but you are willing to let it go.  True compassion is beyond the polarity of good and bad to the place of understanding that people are not “perfect”.  It is not possible to be perfect.  I know why my dad acted like he did.  I know enough of his childhood horrors to realize that he was being the best person he could be.  I know he tried to be a better man his whole life.  So really, there was nothing to forgive.  I also trusted my father.  I trusted that he would be himself and would do something mean any time I turned my back. So I never let him alone with my children.


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Image of hearts

Happy Valentines Day!

The New Year is finally getting moving! The momentum of each new year doesn’t really get going until the Chinese New Year – which was February 4th this year. We had the added limitation this year of Jupiter (the energy of expanding to the vastest horizon) being retrograde (internalized) until January 30th. And our expectations were higher than ever before after December 21st. But now we can truly begin to manifest our desires.
This year is the year of LOVE (and not just on Valentine’s Day). There are new potentials opening for us that can be really exciting and energizing but could also be exhausting. The challenge is to keep the balance between giving and receiving. If we give too much then we feel resentful. It is especially important this year to fill ourselves up first and to be willing to receive. Most of us have been givers and have not received enough of historically. You all know where you have given too much too. This unbalance can not continue. This year especially we are being supported in being able to find that balance. Those places where there is an imbalance will become blatantly obvious.
2013 is a 6 year. I especially relate to this because my Life Path Number in numerology is a 6. In Chinese Astrology this is  the year of the Water Snake. The Snake is also number 6. In Tarot the 6th card is the Lovers. There is a lot of 6 energy this year and that means a lot of love!
Some words associated with 6 are; responsibility, family, balance, marriage/ divorce, love/romance, service and beauty.
The spiritual essence of 6 is the power of love as a transformational force.
Image of Love
It is already happening. Our hearts are transforming and they are initiating the transformation of our endocrine systems and our bodies. I’ve seen it in everyone I have worked with, both in individual sessions and for the Daily Energetic Support. I love it!
Two 30-minute Sessions for $49.00 each ($98.00 total).

Four 30-minutes Sessions for 45.00 each ($180.00 total).


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I knew that I wanted to have a webinar on 12/12/12 but every time I started to design the class I was not content. Though it was definitely not flowing, I wrote what I thought I would do, but it didn’t feel right, even after re-re-re-writing it, so I didn’t share it with you. Then I had a dream…

I’m in a house with a group of people. They come to me one by one. I look into their eyes and “see” two things. The best way I can describe it is that there is a beautiful, innocent soul timidly looking at me from behind a box of “crap”. The box holds all the hurts, limitations and judgments the soul carries from lifetimes on Earth. They are afraid that if I see what’s in the box that I will reject them. But I don’t. I see that there is a box, but I know that it is not who they really are. I see the soul, and it is so precious that I fall in love in a moment. Then I touch the person’s forehead I feel a flow come through me and I say, “May you be blessed.” And the box melts away leaving only the blessed and beloved soul.

This happened over and over in my dream. When I woke up I could still feel that state from which I was able to bless the people. I went around and blessed my houseplants. I walked by a mirror on the door to my bedroom and caught my reflection. I looked into my eyes, saw past any self judgment to my own precious soul. With tears in my eyes, I touched my own forehead and said, “May you be blessed.” I felt a wash of cool energy flow down my body and felt peaceful, safe, balanced and excited. It was blissful! And I knew that this is what is happen with all of us. This is what the Transformation really is.

My friend suggested that I create the webinar to share this experience with you. And then the words just flowed!

I apologize for giving you such short notice. I hope that you can join us!


Learn more here…

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Right now Mercury  is retrograde (having an apparent backward motion) in Sagittarius until November 26th when it will station direct at 18° Scorpio and then move forward again.

When Mercury is retrograde we are supported with rethinking and reexamining at our thoughts and beliefs.

I have been working with a new frequency that is amazingly powerful at bringing limiting beliefs to the surface and clearing them. I am calling it Frequency Flow.

On November 11th I taught an online workshop using ImagiCreation’s Frequency Flow.

From Diana F. “Dearest Sarah,
Thank you so much for the powerful Belief Relief Teleseminar. 
Your frequency flow is one of a kind amazing totally 5th-dimensional tool! It instantly blew me away during the seminar!
And results of clearing didn’t wait long at all! I was amazed to see the changes in the areas of my life I worked on as soon as the very next day!
My gratitude and deep bow to you for the work you do!”

Available now is the mp3 recording of the Belief Relief Teleseminar as well as the following individual Frequency Flow Processes:

  1. General – whatever you choose to clear
  2. Ancestral DNA
  3. Spiritual Beliefs
  4. Value of Spiritual vs. Physical
  5. Physical Appearance
  6. Relationships

Here’s the link: http://imagi-creation.com/schedule-of-events-2/belief-relief-teleseminar/

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Bambi and Thumper

Awwwww… Aren’t they cute?

Check out the real Bambi and Thumper!

May you always have at least on really good friend.



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Fifteen minutes of frank talk about the true nature of love.

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